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Guizhou Health Vocational College

Guizhou Health Vocational College is the first public full-time general higher vocational college named "Health" in Southwestern China and the only public full-time higher vocational college named "Health". High-quality technical and skilled talents are dedicated to serving Healthy China. The number of students in the school exceeds 10,000, and the employment rate of 2020 graduates reaches 95%.

Modern school conditions

The college has an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation, close to the Hangrui Expressway Tongren North Station, Tongren Railway Station, and Tongren Phoenix Airport. The campus covers an area of more than 1,000 acres, with a building area of 320,000 m², with all kinds of education, teaching and living facilities, and first-class school conditions.

High-quality faculty

The college has a team of highly qualified and professional double-qualified teachers mainly composed of postgraduates. Since running the school, it has successively won the first prize of the "Guizhou Young Teachers Teaching Competition High Staff Science Group", the "Guizhou Vocational College Nursing Skills Competition Teacher Group Group First Prize", and the National Vocational College Nursing Skills Competition Teacher Group Group Third Prize. He has won more than 140 awards in various competitions.

Major health specialty

The college closely follows the economic and social development and the health needs of the people, and strives to create specialties with advantages and focuses on cultivating high-quality technical skills and talents that are urgently needed in the health industry. At present, there are nursing care, nursing (for the elderly), smart health and elderly care services and management, midwifery, pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy, production and processing of Chinese medicinal materials, rehabilitation treatment technology, health management, health information management, medical beauty technology, infant care 12 majors including education service and management.

Multi-channel employment and entrepreneurship

The college has established a four-in-one platform of "professional + industry + enterprise + base" to build a diversified school running model integrating production and education. It is a national "1+X" dementia elderly care and child care professional skill level certificate pilot approved by the Ministry of Education One of the academies is the training and export base of skilled talents in Suzhou High-tech Zone, and the training base of health and health talents in Tongren City. It is a professional skill level certification institution approved by the Guizhou Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security. It has health managers, public nutritionists, Fifteen vocational skill level certification qualifications including health care conditioners; establish cooperative relationships with many public hospitals, undergraduate colleges and well-known enterprises to provide students with multi-channel employment opportunities; build a creative space for college students, based on the layout of the big health industry Incubation of "Health on the Cloud" featured projects to build a broad platform for students to start their own businesses.

Comprehensive education system

The college always adheres to the party’s educational policy, implements the fundamental task of Lide’s cultivation of people, deeply promotes the whole-process, all-round, and all-staff “three comprehensive education”, and establishes “four in one, three combinations, and six sectors” ideological and political Education system, actively carry out the tree selection activities of "Wanyan Family Letters·Thinking about Education" and "Models Around You", open the "Yingyi Health" weekend ideological and political theater, and build a 1000m² ideological and political education base for college students, which is a new stage for the jointing and booting period. The growth of the era's great health talents waters the spiritual nourishment. The ideological and political education base was successively named by the Organization Department of Tongren Municipal Party Committee and the Educational Working Committee of the Municipal Party Committee as "Tongren City Party Member Cadre Education and Training Site Teaching Site" and "Tongren City School Ideological and Political Education Demonstration Base". It has established a health and smart elderly care training center integrating teaching, scientific research and training to provide elderly care skills training for rural and social surplus labor, and continuously improve the level of social services. It has established a maternal and child care center, built a maternal and child care teaching and research platform and training base, and actively set a benchmark for the maternal and child care industry. It has established an ethnic medicine research institute and a traditional Chinese medicinal material specimen center to display the characteristics of authentic medicinal materials, folk medical techniques, and ethnic medicine prescriptions in Wuling Mountain in a three-dimensional manner. A scientific research team is formed to focus on ethnic medicine and contribute to the construction of a "healthy China".