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Guizhou Civil Aviation Vocational College

Guizhou Civil Aviation Vocational College is a private higher vocational school approved by the People's Government of Guizhou Province, filed by the Ministry of Education, and included in the national plan for unified enrollment. The college is located in Leping Town (aviation town), Pingba District, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, close to Airport Avenue and Guan'an Avenue, and a general aviation airport is planned to be built next to it.

Purpose of the school: adhere to the socialist direction of running a school, fully implement the education policy of the party and the country, base in Guizhou, serve Guizhou, and face the whole country, comprehensively promote quality education, and cultivate high-quality technical and skilled personnel that meet the needs of the development of civil aviation industry and the development of information industry .

The college plans to use 533 acres of land, with a total investment of 800 million yuan, and the construction will be implemented in two phases. The college has teaching buildings, training buildings, comprehensive buildings, student dormitories, canteens, gymnasiums, sports fields, underground parking lots, etc.

The college implements two-level management, including the School of Air Transport (Civil Aviation Management Department), the School of Network and Big Data (Huawei ICT Network Engineering Department), and the Basic Teaching Department. The majors offered include: flight attendant, aircraft mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, civil aviation safety technology management, aviation logistics, drone application technology, airport operation, big data technology and application, computer network technology, software technology, digital media application technology, accounting (electronics) Computing direction) and other majors. To adapt to economic and social development, the college will add new majors around aviation services, airport management, and value-added industries.

The college has a team of teachers with strong comprehensive qualities, a reasonable academic structure, a reasonable structure of professional title training, and a reasonable age structure.

The college has various training rooms, including flight attendant and security inspection teaching, aircraft mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance teaching, ICT network engineering teaching, basic teaching and other training centers, and a large-scale Huawei ICT training room in the education field of Guizhou.

The college has cooperated with Guizhou Duohua Aviation Co., Ltd., Guizhou Hangtai Ground Service Co., Ltd., Jiuyuan Aviation Co., Ltd., Yunnan Energy Investment General Aviation Co., Ltd. and many other companies to build off-campus training bases.

The development goal of the college: build a civil aviation vocational education as the mainstay, and cooperate with Huawei to cultivate information technology and technical talents urgently needed by the civil aviation industry. A new type of higher vocational college that has better conditions for running schools and has a certain influence inside and outside the province.