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Guiyang Preschool Teachers College

The predecessor of Guiyang Preschool Teachers College was Guiyang Preschool Teachers School. It was established in 1984 and was the first professional school to train and train preschool teachers in Guizhou Province. In 2012, approved by the provincial government, it was officially upgraded to Guiyang Preschool Teachers College. The school takes "humanization, refinement, and internationalization" as the direction, and cultivates high-quality technical and technical talents with "good character, benevolence and music education, one specialization and multiple abilities".

The school has a beautiful environment, covering an area of 474 acres (of which Qingzhen campus is 453 acres, and Zhonglie Street campus is 21 acres), with a planned total construction area of 141,000 square meters and a green area rate of 37%; it has a training building, a piano building, a dance building, and art Complete teaching and living facilities such as buildings, concert halls, studios, gymnasiums, standardized stadiums, etc.

As of October 2019, the school has 381 faculty members. There are 286 full-time teachers, including 9 professors and 45 associate professors. The number of associate professors and above accounts for 19.29% of the full-time teachers, 112 lecturers, accounting for 39.65% of the full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are 2 national-level Mandarin testers, 1 national-level expert database expert, 2 provincial special-level teachers, 1 outstanding teacher in Guizhou Province, 4 provincial-level vocational teachers, 1 provincial-level teacher ethics pacesetter, and provincial There are 5 experts in the training expert database, 5 members of the provincial five-year college teaching steering committee, 3 members of the provincial model kindergarten evaluation expert group, and 23 provincial-level Mandarin testers. 1 Guiyang outstanding principal, 1 Guiyang top ten teacher ethics pacesetter, 5 Guiyang outstanding teachers, 1 Guiyang outstanding educator, 10 municipal-level young and middle-aged backbone teachers, 4 municipal-level young and middle-aged scientific and technological backbones Many teaching backbones have served in national, provincial and municipal academic organizations, and have important influence in the field of preschool education in Guizhou.

In order to ensure the international level of education and teaching, 9 foreign teachers from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and other countries are hired all the year round to serve as teaching tasks in the school, of which 33% of foreign teachers are responsible for professional teaching tasks, and 67% of foreign teachers are responsible for language teaching tasks; at the same time, The number of teachers with experience of working abroad, studying abroad, and training reaches 3,944 per day, and their role in professional construction, teacher training, technological innovation and social services has been effectively brought into play.

The school is the Guizhou Preschool Teacher Development Center, the Guizhou Preschool Teacher Training Center, the chairman unit of the Guizhou Preschool Education Research Association, the 0-3 year old early education and research training base in Guizhou Province, the Chinese-Chinese bilingual service base, and the number one in Guizhou Province. National Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute, Guizhou Preschool Education and Vocational Education Group Lead Unit, Guiyang Preschool Education and Vocational Education Group Lead Unit, Guiyang Secondary Vocational Education Preschool Education Professional Industry Steering Committee Lead Unit, Guizhou Province Kindergarten Adaptive Development Course Research and Development Lead Unit , The first batch of national language model schools, the third batch of outstanding organizers of national green school creation activities, international ecological schools, Guiyang ethnic education model schools. In 2016, the "China-Cambodia Preschool Teacher Training Center" was established. In 2017, the "Guizhou-New Zealand Preschool Education and Training Center Hamilton Office" and "Nanjing University of Technology-Guiyang Preschool Teachers College Children's Business Research Center" were established. In 2018, "China-ASEAN Early Childhood Teacher Development Center", "One Belt One Road" Vocational Education and Training Alliance, "North America-Guiyang Preschool Teachers College Montessori Research Center" and "AMS Montessori International Teacher Certification Point" successively settled my school.