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Guizhou Vocational College of Industry and Trade

Guizhou Vocational College of Industry and Trade is a full-time new modern higher education institution approved by the Guizhou Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. Adhering to the school motto of “Put what you have learned and serve the motherland”, the school has set up four major industries, namely, “Equipment Manufacturing”, “Modern Business”, and “Modern Service”. The graduate school has established a total of 23 majors with precision, and has built a high-quality "dual-professional" faculty with an international perspective.

The school is located on the coast of Caohai, the city of hundreds of birds and the city of sunshine. It covers an area of more than 750 acres, with a building area of about 220,000 square meters and a collection of nearly 300,000 books. A university student activity center, a radio and television center, a graphic information center, a sports center, a national art center, and an academic lecture hall have been built. Service teaching, supporting construction: construction engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, vehicle service engineering, computer, accounting training, logistics training, art training, flight attendant, high-speed rail crew and other experimental training bases.

The school implements the "people-oriented" thinking of running a school, adheres to the modern education and management model of "individualized teaching in accordance with aptitude, strict love and humanized management", attaches great importance to practical teaching, actively expands employment channels for students, and cooperates with large and medium-sized enterprises and some businesses in and outside the province. The unit has established a school-enterprise integration order training relationship, and has cultivated a batch of skilled craftsmen who are adaptable to the development of the enterprise and the "stars of industry and trade" who love their jobs and demonstrate their distinctive education characteristics and excellent teaching quality. , Cultivating true talents, strict management, excellent employment" good praise.

Caohai is also known as Nanhaizi and Baxianhai. Caohai is one of the largest natural plateau freshwater lakes in Guizhou, China's first-class important wetland, national AAAA-level scenic spot, the largest karst structural lake in my country, and one of the eight bird sanctuaries. One of the world's top ten lake bird watching areas, known as the "Pearl of the Plateau". It is rich in biological resources, with 1941 species of biological species and 228 species of birds. Aquatic plants cover 4 types of submerged plants, emergent plants, floating leaf plants, and floating plants, with a coverage of more than 80%. Therefore, Caohai is known as the "Pearl of Plateau", "Bird's Paradise", "Underwater Forest", "Species Gene Bank" and "Open-air Museum". It is the beautiful back garden of Guizhou Institute of Industry and Trade.