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Moutai College

Moutai College was established on May 23, 2017, approved by the Ministry of Education, and sponsored by China Kweichow Moutai Distillery (Group) Co., Ltd. to sponsor a full-time general undergraduate college. It focuses on full-time applied general undergraduate education and develops in a timely manner. Postgraduate education is the first undergraduate university in my country to cultivate applied talents around the wine industry chain.

The college is located in the southern new city of Renhuai City, Guizhou Province with beautiful scenery. It covers an area of 1076.2 acres and has a building area of 295,000 square meters. There are 790,000 books, 2 experimental teaching centers, 22 internship training bases within the group company, and 12 outside the group company. The college is actively promoting the construction of academician workstations and master studios.

   With brewing majors as the core, a disciplinary system with engineering as the mainstay and coordinated development of multiple disciplines has been gradually formed. There are 7 teaching departments, including the Department of Brewing Engineering, Department of Food Science and Engineering, Department of Resources and Environment, Department of Brewing Engineering Automation, Department of Business Administration, Department of Tourism Management, and Department of Public Basic Teaching, internship training center, library information center 2 teaching auxiliary institutions. There are 9 undergraduate majors in wine engineering (liquor direction), grape and wine engineering, food quality and safety, resource recycling science and engineering, marketing, automation, e-commerce, hotel management, environmental science and engineering, etc. The first undergraduate degree was achieved in 2017 Enrollment includes 586 full-time undergraduate students and 228 continuing education students.

   has a team of teachers with high academic qualifications, high professional titles and rich teaching experience. Among the faculty, there are 19 professors, 16 associate professors; 15 doctors and 93 masters; 36 specially-appointed professors.

   College "centers on the professional development of the wine industry chain and the talent training model of the integration of production and education" to cultivate applied innovative talents. Facing the future, adhering to the development concept of “based on Moutai, serving the wine industry, serving the country, and going to the world”, we will strive to build an exemplary application-oriented undergraduate college with industry characteristics and contribute to the promotion of economic and social development.