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Guizhou Food Engineering Vocational College

Guizhou Food Engineering Vocational College was founded in 1953 and is in charge of the Guizhou Provincial Grain and Material Reserve Bureau of the Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission. The purpose of running the school is to focus on Guizhou’s “three major strategies” and “five business cards”, adhere to the integration of “government, industry, education, and agriculture”, take root in Guizhou, serve the grain, oil and food industry, and help poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. The college is a 4★ level school in the national food industry vocational colleges and ranked 15th in professional competitiveness. It is a full-time public general higher vocational college. The college focuses on general higher vocational education, and also organizes secondary vocational education, adult higher education, national vocational skills training and appraisal.

There are 3 campuses, covering an area of 614 acres, including 514 acres in Qingzhen Vocational Education City Rural Sorrow Campus, 70 acres in Guiyang North Campus, and 30 acres in South Campus, with a campus area of 255,000 square meters. The Xiangshou Campus of Qingzhen Vocational Education City is adjacent to the picturesque Guizhou scenic spot Hongfeng Lake, the north campus is accompanied by the scenic Guiyang Denggao Yunshan Forest Park, and the south campus is located on the edge of the scenic Guiyang Riverside Park, with beautiful campus scenery , The environment is pleasant.

The college currently has 11 teaching courses including Marxism College, Qiancai College, Brewing College, Jinsha Liquor College, Food Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Mechanical and Electrical and Construction Engineering, Finance and Economics Department, Culture and Art Department, Basic Department, and Secondary School Department. The unit has two scientific research institutions, Qiancai Research Institute and Rural Revitalization Research Institute, with a total of 36 majors, including 24 majors in higher vocational education (food quality and safety, brewing technology, green food production and inspection, cooking technology and nutrition, nutrition Catering, health management, food processing technology, grain and oil storage and testing technology, food biotechnology, logistics management, accounting, e-commerce, financial management, marketing, Internet of Things application technology, big data technology and application, digital media art design, machinery Manufacturing and automation (food machinery direction), construction engineering technology, engineering cost, new energy vehicle technology training, dance performance, music performance, fine arts), 12 majors in secondary vocational schools (grain and oil storage and transportation and inspection technology, accounting computerization, Logistics service and management, architectural engineering construction, e-commerce, computer graphic design, digital media technology application, architectural decoration, Internet of Things application technology, preschool education, folk music and dance, automobile use and maintenance), with a national secondary vocational demonstration major There are 5 and 4 provincial-level secondary vocational demonstration majors.

The college has a team of teachers with excellent quality, reasonable structure, and a combination of professional and part-time students to meet the needs of higher vocational education. There are 300 faculty members, including 183 full-time and part-time teachers, 38.8% with senior titles, 26% with master's degrees, and 48.1% with double-qualified teachers. There are 1 national teaching teacher, 5 national outstanding teachers and outstanding educators, and 4 provincial outstanding teachers.

The school adheres to the school motto of "the unity of knowledge and action, double ethics and skills", the style of study of "diligence, hard work, careful thinking and dedication", and the teaching style of "moral care, fine skills and good teaching", and strive to cultivate high quality with humanistic spirit and craftsman spirit. Skilled talents. There are currently 6,200 full-time students in school. Students have participated in the National Vocational College Skills Competition and won more than 200 awards at the provincial and ministerial level. Over the past 67 years since its establishment, the school has trained and transported nearly 80,000 graduates of all levels and types for the society. More than 80% of them have become the province’s grain, oil and food frontiers. , Permanent talents with talents, have made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Guizhou. Many graduates have grown into leading cadres or business and technical backbones of government departments and enterprises and institutions, and some have become entrepreneurs, and a number of labor models at all levels have emerged, of which two have been selected as "Guizhou Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs". In recent years, the college’s employment rate has stabilized above 98%, and the employer’s satisfaction rate has been above 97%.

The college adheres to the development concept of integration of government, industry, education and agriculture, and has successively cooperated with Qingzhen Municipal People’s Government, Xingren Municipal People’s Government, Guizhou Qiancai Chushan Catering Management Co., Ltd., Guizhou Wohan Catering Management Co., Ltd., Guizhou Provincial Grain Reserve Management Corporation, and the Central Government. More than 120 governments, enterprises and institutions, including the direct-owned warehouse of Guiyang, have established cooperative relations, and have established 38 training rooms and more than 40 off-campus training bases. Cooperate with East China University of Science and Technology, Guizhou University, Guizhou Normal University and other universities to offer correspondence courses and self-study exams. In addition to the "3+2" cooperation with colleges and universities in Guizhou Province, our college will also broaden the channels for cooperation with foreign universities and actively carry out "2+1" joint training for higher vocational colleges, "3+1" college promotion, and "3+ 2" International cooperation in running schools such as professional promotion and master's degree, cultivate students' international vision, and actively improve the international level of running schools. At the same time, it is also a vocational skill training and vocational qualification appraisal unit determined by the National Food and Material Reserve Bureau, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Department of Education, and the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security. Long-term and short-term training, with an annual training appraisal number of more than 3,000 person-times, training and appraising a large number of skilled talents for enterprises, which are well received by the society.

After 67 years of construction and development, it has become the first batch of national key construction demonstration secondary schools, the first batch of national key technical secondary schools, the national vocational education 100 (A) schools, the China Integrity School, and the national one hundred "engineering schools" "Integrated, part-work and part-study" pilot school, national-level computer application and software professional training base, ministerial-level key technical secondary school, provincial-level key technical secondary school, affiliated unit and director unit of Guizhou Province Computer and Network Technology Vocational Education Group , The first batch of characteristic cultural schools in Guizhou Province. The college is also a training base for teachers of vocational education in Guizhou Province, a training unit for computerized accounting in Guizhou Province, a training center for comprehensive computer application ability for civil servants in Guizhou Province, and a national computer information high-tech examination center; successively won the National Vocational Education Advanced Unit and the National Food System Advanced Group , National Mass Sports Advanced Unit, Guizhou Province Civilized Unit, Guiyang City Civilized Unit, Guizhou Province Moral Education Advanced Unit, Guizhou Province Sports Hygiene Advanced Unit, etc. more than 100 honorary titles.

The college is closely focusing on the "three major strategies" and "five business cards", insisting on taking root in Guizhou, serving the grain, oil and food industry, and striving to build a high-level, distinctive, high-quality vocational college with the satisfaction of the people and the happiness of teachers and students.