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Guizhou Vocational and Technical College of Industry

Guizhou Industry Polytechnic College (Guizhou Industry Polytechnic College) is a public higher vocational college directly under the Provincial Department of Education. Approved as "National-level Key Technical Secondary School", "Guizhou Provincial Model Higher Vocational College", "Guizhou Provincial High-quality Higher Vocational College", and awarded as "Excellent" in the evaluation of the ideological and political education work of colleges and universities in Guizhou Province for many times. In 2021, it was approved as Guizhou Province high-level higher vocational schools and professional construction plan construction unit, Guizhou Province "Three Alls Education" reform pilot unit. It has condensed the school motto spirit of "cultivating morality, making fine craftsmanship", "building a school with quality, building a school with talents, building a school with characteristics, and promoting a school with industry" and "loyalty and firmness, sunshine and self-confidence, agility, physical health, and unity." The 24-character character of "collaboration and bloody responsibility".

The college has two campuses, Guanshanhu campus and Qingzhen campus, covering an area of more than 900 acres. There are currently 15,200 students in the school, 330 full-time teachers, including 225 senior titles, 169 masters and doctorates, 1 expert enjoying special allowances from the State Council, provincial management, and special allowances from the provincial government, and national teacher ethics construction There are 1 expert on the steering committee, 2 national famous teachers of petroleum and chemical education, 2 "thousand" level talents in the provincial "Hundred-Ten Thousand Project", and 3 provincial-level vocational teachers. Now there are 30 majors and more than 100 professional training rooms, including 3 national-level training bases and 3 provincial-level open training bases. The average equipment value per student exceeds RMB 7,000 per student. Mechanical manufacturing and automation (intelligent manufacturing) two provincial-level high-level professional groups as the lead, electrical automation technology, construction engineering technology, industrial and commercial enterprise management three school-level key professional groups as the support of the professional group education system, basically covering the ten Large industrial industry.

The college continues to deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, inter-school cooperation, and international cooperation. It maintains long-term and stable cooperative relations with many large domestic companies such as Sinopec, Zhejiang Geely Group, Guizhou Phosphate Group, etc., and builds innovation and entrepreneurship bases with Zhejiang University. Build a Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Competition and Training Center. The college has been designated as the "Continuing Education Base for Professional and Technical Personnel in Guizhou Province", "Guizhou Province Hazardous Chemical Safety Technical Training Center", "Guizhou Province Vocational Education Base for Veterans" and "Guizhou Province Bicycle Training Base" by relevant provincial departments. Carry out training work.