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Guizhou College of Engineering Applied Technology

Guizhou College of Engineering Applied Technology was founded in 1938, and has gone through the periods of Guizhou Provincial Bijie Normal School, Bijie Normal School, Bijie Normal College, etc. In 1993, the Ministry of Education named Bijie Teachers College. In March 2005, Bijie Teachers College and Bijie Education College merged to form Bijie College, which became a full-time general undergraduate college. In May 2014, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Bijie College was renamed Guizhou Institute of Engineering and Technology.

School Department of the Ministry of Education’s “Partner Support for Higher Education Institutions in the Western Region” counterpart support project universities, national innovation and entrepreneurship typical experience universities, national one hundred production-education integration applied project construction universities, Ministry of Education “Scientific Work Ability Improvement Plan (Ten Thousand Million Project) )" The first batch of project pilot colleges, national defense education characteristic schools, national professional and technical personnel continuing education bases, Guizhou province transformation and development pilot colleges, Guizhou province comprehensive education reform pilot colleges, and Guizhou province innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration colleges.

The school covers an area of 1,300 acres, with a total value of more than 129 million teaching and research equipment, 1.04 million paper books, 1.1 million e-books, and 16 electronic resource platforms for Chinese and foreign language data. The school has 14 teaching colleges and 52 undergraduate majors. The disciplines cover 9 disciplines including engineering, science, education, literature, management, and art. There are 870 faculty members and a team of high-quality talents represented by national outstanding teachers, provincial management experts, provincial academic leaders, provincial teaching teachers, provincial outstanding teachers, municipal management experts, professors, doctors, etc. . There are more than 12,000 full-time undergraduate and junior college students from 16 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country, recruiting international students from more than 10 countries.

The school currently has 1 provincial-level regional first-class construction and cultivation discipline, 1 provincial-level characteristic key discipline, 3 provincial-level key disciplines, 4 provincial-level key supporting disciplines, 4 provincial-level first-class undergraduate professional construction points, and provincial-level characteristic majors 1, 6 provincial-level comprehensive reform majors, 2 provincial-level quality courses; 1 Guizhou provincial key laboratory, 1 academician workstation, 4 provincial-level university characteristic key laboratories, and provincial-level 2011 collaborative innovation center 1 One, 4 provincial engineering centers, 1 provincial humanities and social sciences demonstration base, 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national off-campus practice education base for college students, 2 provincial production, education and research bases, and provincial college student innovation Platforms such as 3 entrepreneurship training centers, 1 provincial-level crowd-creation space, 1 university science and technology park, and Bijie Human Resources Industrial Park Gui Engineering Park; approved by the Ministry of Education for 1 new engineering construction project and 5 outstanding talent training program projects , 7 provincial-level first-class university construction plan projects (including cultivation), more than 70 provincial-level undergraduate teaching quality engineering reform projects; 5 provincial-level scientific and technological innovation talent teams, 2 provincial-level teaching teams; 7 provincial-level teaching achievement awards There are 25 provincial scientific research achievement awards; the computer science and technology majors and the Chinese language and literature majors won the third place in the undergraduate professional evaluation of undergraduate universities in Guizhou Province. In the past three years, the school has undertaken nearly 100 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects.

Facing the future, Guizhou Institute of Engineering Application Technology adheres to the school spirit of "hard work and continuous improvement", adheres to the foundation of education and education, and aims to cultivate first-line engineers and first-line teachers who serve the needs of industrialization and urbanization construction and the needs of basic education. Goal, based on Bijie, serving Guizhou, and facing the whole country, continuously deepen the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation, deepen teaching reform, improve teaching quality and school running level, and strive to build a high-level applied technology university with distinctive characteristics, in order to achieve the synchronization and comprehensiveness of Guizhou and the whole country Build a well-off society and make greater contributions