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Baise Vocational College

Baise Vocational College was founded in March 2006. It is organized, constructed and managed by the Baise Municipal People’s Government, and is under the guidance of the Education Department of the Autonomous Region in terms of business. The college is the only labor transfer training demonstration base in Guangxi recognized by the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council. It is a vocational education project training base for children from impoverished families in destitute villages in Dashishan District, Autonomous Region. It is a labor force training brand base of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of the Autonomous Region. It is in Baise City. The safety production training base is the Baise City Disabled Training Demonstration Base, the Baise City Micro-Business Incubation Park, and the Baise City Party Committee Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Training Base of the Communist Youth League. There is a national-level vocational skill appraisal office recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Since its establishment, the college has been awarded as "National Advanced School for Rural Adult Education", "Advanced Party Organization in Colleges and Universities in the Region", "Party Organization with Priority in the Region's Innovation and Priority to Enter the Party", "Safe and Civilized Campus in Colleges and Universities in the Region", and "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region" "Excellent Health School", "Advanced Unit for Poverty Alleviation Training in the District", "Advanced Unit in Baise City Performance Management", "Advanced Unit in Baise City Educational Work", "Excellent Unit in Baise City Health" and other honorary titles.

   The college campus covers an area of about 172 acres, has 16 on-campus training bases, 51 training laboratories, and a total area of 16031 square meters of training venues, which provides a solid guarantee for practical teaching and skills training.

   There are 237 faculty members in the school, among which 20 are full-time teachers with master's degree or above, 23 with associate professor or higher titles, 54 teachers with dual-teaching qualities, and 2 of them are included in the Guangxi Higher Education Funding Program for Excellent Talents. At the same time, the college also hired a group of skilled craftsmen from enterprises to serve as training courses.

  The college has 8 teaching departments (departments, centers), including the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Economics and Management, Department of Computer Engineering, Department of Basic Education, Department of Ideological and Political Teaching, and Skills Training Center. There are more than 3,000 full-time students in the school.

  The college focuses on engineering majors, supplemented by majors in finance and economics and other majors that meet the needs of local talents. With full-time higher vocational college education as the main body, it strives to build a diversified school system that combines secondary and higher vocational links, vocational skills training and appraisal. The formation of a multi-level school-running pattern that combines academic education and non-academic education, academic diplomas and vocational qualification certificates, and a combination of pre-employment education and post-employment training.

The college adheres to the school motto of "Bose Life with Virtue, Strength and Skills" and the school policy of "Serving as the purpose, taking employment as the orientation, and taking the development path of industry-university-research integration" to cultivate the first-line needs of production, construction, management and service. Targeting high-quality skilled professionals, build a "project-oriented, task-driven, school-enterprise cooperation, and work-study combination" professional talent training model.

  At the beginning of its establishment, the college took serving the local economy, poverty alleviation, and social training as its own responsibility. Since its establishment, it has completed more than 12,000 rural labor transfer training, 3,352 education training for poor children, 24815 safety production trainings at all levels and various types, and 9,774 occupational appraisals have been carried out, which has won praise from the society.

As the only public higher vocational college in Baise City, the college has received strong support from all walks of life, and has successively received national-level exemplary higher vocational colleges, Guangdong Panyu Vocational and Technical College, and Guangxi Construction Vocational College of Key Vocational Colleges in the Autonomous Region, and Guangxi Electric Power Vocational College. With the support of the College of Technology, Guangxi University and Guilin University of Electronic Technology have signed a cooperative education agreement with our college. The tower has built a link between special and undergraduate schools, shared high-quality school resources, and greatly improved the education and teaching level of our college. In addition, more than 20 large and medium-sized enterprises have signed school-enterprise cooperation agreements with our college to jointly cultivate high-quality and skilled professionals to meet the first-line needs of production, construction, management, and service, and create a training center for vocational education and labor transfer in Baise City. Demonstration bases have made our college graduates in short supply and have been well received by employers, providing strong talent support and intellectual support for the economic and social development of the Baise region. Wei Shouzeng and Huang Lanjiao, representatives of outstanding graduates of the college, were named "Top Ten People Touching Baise in 2011". Comrade Wei Shouzeng was also awarded the title of "National Model Land and Resources Institute" and won the 3rd National Moral Model Nomination Award.

   At the end of 2013, the college successfully passed the school qualification assessment organized by the Guangxi Department of Education commissioned by the Ministry of Education, achieving a historic breakthrough. The college will, as always, adhere to the service orientation of being based in Baise and serving the needs of the regional market, and strive to build a distinctive higher vocational college