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Guangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology

Guangxi Vocational College of Science and Technology is a comprehensive full-time general university approved by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and registered by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. Included in the national unified enrollment plan, enrolling students nationwide.

  The college is located in Nanning Airport Economic Development Zone, Guangxi, adjacent to Nanning International Airport, facing the border between China and Vietnam, and directly connected to the North Sea. It has convenient transportation and elegant environment. It is an ideal place for studying and studying. The college covers an area of 826 acres and is integrated with landscape gardens. The ecological garden-style campus embodies the characteristics of a modern science and technology campus and an ecological and humanistic campus.

  The college has a profound academic background, which provides a cornerstone for cultivating knowledge-skilled talents with the potential for sustainable development. With the aim of revitalizing the school through scientific research and strengthening the school through science and technology, relying on the advantages of engineering construction, electronic research and development, information services, energy development and other disciplines, it integrates science, education, science and technology, and scientific research. Adapting to the development trend of socio-economic globalization and informatization, serving the whole country and the Pearl River Delta, Guangxi Beibu Gulf High-tech Economic Zone, China-ASEAN Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, China-ASEAN Youth Industrial Park and Guangxi high-tech industry services, training theory, practice and Innovative talent combining innovation. The college has a sound education and teaching management system and excellent teachers to ensure the quality of education and teaching, and perfect teaching hardware facilities to ensure the development of high-skilled teaching and training. Based on market demand, pay attention to the training process, adhere to the education policy of "one specialization, multiple abilities, innovative education", focus on improving the core competitiveness of students, build an employment platform for school-enterprise cooperation and order training, and create employment in the science and technology industry supporting the development of the college Channels, production, learning, and research interaction, adhere to open cooperation and training, and ensure smooth channels for talent output.

The college now has six departments, including the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Construction Engineering, the Department of Management Engineering, and the Department of Energy Engineering, with more than 30 popular majors and training directions. It is professionally oriented on energy development, engineering construction, and scientific research and development. The settings cover Liberal arts, science, engineering, economic management and other disciplines aim to create first-class disciplines, keep up with the forefront of world technology development, revitalize my country's new technology industry, and gradually lead the growth and healthy development of vocational education.