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Guangxi Water Conservancy and Electric Power Vocational and Technical College

Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Water Conservancy and Electric Power is located in Nanning, the capital of China's Green City, the National Civilized City, and the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is mainly engaged in engineering majors such as water conservancy, electric power, electromechanical, construction, computer and information, and humanities majors such as economics and management. An organically integrated and innovative higher vocational college.

   College was founded in 1956 and was originally named Nanning Water Conservancy School. In 1970, it was renamed Guangxi Hydropower School. In 2002, it was upgraded to Guangxi Vocational and Technical College of Water Conservancy and Electric Power. The college is a national key higher vocational college, a national water conservancy higher vocational education model college, a Guangxi model higher vocational college, and a Guangxi vocational education demonstrative higher vocational college.

   There are 619 faculty members and 398 full-time teachers, including 121 senior titles, accounting for 30.4% of the faculty. There are 1 academician consultant of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 22 professors, 8 doctors, and 2 autonomous regional-level excellent teaching teams. There are 8 departments, 2 teaching departments, and 68 higher vocational majors and directions. There are currently 12,174 full-time students and 3,940 adult education students in the school. The college has 14 autonomous regional-level quality courses, 12 high-quality majors, 9 characteristic majors, and 10 national and Guangxi vocational education demonstration training bases. In 2000, the Ministry of Labor approved the establishment of a hydropower vocational skill appraisal station in the water conservancy industry. In October 2003, it was designated as a three-level safety training organization by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Work Safety Supervision and Administration Bureau. The national vocational skill appraisal institute was established in December 2004. In 2007 In May, the college was designated by the Southern Regulatory Bureau of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission as a site for electrical work permits, theoretical examinations and practical examinations.

   The college covers a total area of about 1100.13 acres, divided into two campuses, Changhou and Lijian, with a total construction area of 348,653 square meters. The campus has a beautiful environment, a strong professional atmosphere and advanced educational facilities. The Guangxi Water Conservancy and Electricity Vocational Education Group was established by uniting 100 enterprises and institutions and related colleges and universities to ensure the integration of work and study and the in-depth and orderly progress of school-enterprise cooperation; long-term and stable cooperation with more than 500 enterprises and institutions to provide employment for graduates A broad stage. The employment rate of graduates has always been above 95%, and has been awarded the title of "Advanced Unit for the Employment of College Graduates in the District" for many years.

For more than half a century, more than 70,000 high-skilled talents have come out of the college and are active in the country's major rivers, north and south, and in and outside the power plant. Most of them have become the backbone of the industry, and some have become well-known. Experts and leading cadres. Therefore, the college is hailed as "the cradle of hydropower talents" by the society.

   The highest kind is like water, constantly striving for self-improvement. At present, Guangxi Institute of Hydropower is striving for the great goal of building a first-class national exemplary high vocational school with distinctive characteristics in China!