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Guangdong Maoming Health Vocational College

Guangdong Maoming Health Vocational College was approved by the People's Government of Guangdong Province and reported to the Ministry of Education to establish a full-time public general higher education institution in March 2015. It is the first vocational college in Guangdong Province and the second vocational college in the country.

  The college is located on Anle Avenue in Shuidongwan New Town, Binhai New Area, Maoming. It is adjacent to Shenhai Expressway in the north, Shuidongwan in the south, facing the Baomao Expressway, and connected to the 325 National Highway in the east. It has convenient transportation and a pleasant environment.

   The municipal party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the construction of the college campus project and include it in the important issues of the 2014 municipal government work report and the 2014 municipal key construction projects. The overall planning of the project is more than 550 acres, the construction area is about 130,000 square meters, and the total investment is 550 million yuan. The first phase of construction covers 356 mu of land, 85,000 square meters of school buildings, and 31,200 square meters of outdoor sports grounds will be put into use within the year.

The college will become the first institution of higher learning in Guangdong Province that specializes in cultivating technical talents in the field of health services. It has obvious professional characteristics and broad development prospects. The college will actively adapt to the regional industrial structure according to the needs of the aging society for medical and health technical talents. The establishment focuses on professional marriage and professional directions, condenses professional characteristics, and strives to build a health industry vocational education brand. Strengthen professional construction and talent training in pharmaceuticals, health product marketing, elderly rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and gradually establish a batch of socially needed majors such as drug management and management, fitness sports and management, medical beauty technology, elderly care, and leisure services and management.

The college is based in Maoming, faces Guangdong, and radiates the whole country. It takes the power of morality as the foundation of the people, takes the development of the service area as the reference, and focuses on promoting employment. It strives to build a multi-level and multi-standard coexistence of higher vocational education and local health technical personnel Modern and new-type vocational colleges cultivate high-quality laborers and technical talents with innovative spirit for the society.