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Guangdong Country Garden Vocational College

Guangdong Country Garden Vocational College is sponsored by the Guangdong Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation founded by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd. Mr. Yang Guoqiang and Vice Chairman Ms. Yang Huiyan. It is approved by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is supervised by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province. A full-time general higher education school of charitable nature.

  The college originated from Chairman Yang Guoqiang's Chinese educational dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Following the successful establishment of the charitable Guohua Memorial Middle School, he resolutely registered and established the Guangdong Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation. With the foundation as the main body, he founded the Guangdong Country Garden Vocational College. High-quality technical and skilled elite talents serve the current economic and social development; on the other hand, I hope that Guangdong Country Garden Vocational College will be held to change the society’s view of higher vocational education with its elite training and high-level employment, so as to make more intelligent and talented people. Potential students like to study in higher vocational education, promote the development of higher vocational education, and improve the structure of higher education in China.

The college is located at No. 2, University East Road, Dongcheng Street, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City, with a beautiful environment. The campus covers a total area of 300 acres, with a building area of 189,000 square meters. The learning and living facilities are advanced and complete. The first phase of the project has a construction area of about 87,000 square meters. Meter. In 2014, the college enrolled 300 students and opened 4 majors: hotel management, property management, engineering cost, and construction engineering technology. In 2015, it enrolled 371 students and added the majors of architectural decoration engineering technology and garden engineering technology, a total of 6 majors. It is expected that within ten years, the college will offer majors in construction, mechanical and electrical, real estate, management and other professional groups.

At the beginning of the establishment of the college, the college has established a clear idea of running a school: adhere to the philosophy of "character-oriented, cultivating elites, benevolent, and return to society" as the school-running philosophy and to run a domestic first-class and internationally renowned higher vocational college. Overall goal: Based on the industrial structure transformation of Qingyuan and Guangdong, as well as the demand for technical and skilled talents, relying on the leading industries and advantageous resources of Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd. to carry out professional layout and construction, and to use Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd.'s internal strong and stable internship training place As a backing, with the talent training model of "school-enterprise integration, production-education linkage, integration of work and education, and integration of work and study", students can adapt to the front-line needs of modern production, construction, management, and service, and cultivate "good for people and good for society". "High-quality technical and skilled talents."

   The college attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff, and has introduced talents with rich teaching experience and corporate practical experience from well-known colleges and universities across the country as professional leaders and teaching backbones. According to the characteristics of vocational education, each profession has formed a teacher team composed of professional leaders, young and middle-aged backbone teachers, and enterprise engineers with first-line practical experience. Among them, teachers with senior professional titles account for 35.89%, and teachers with master's degree and above Accounted for 69.23%. At the same time, the college closely relied on Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd. to establish a "school-enterprise joint education council" with deep participation by both schools and enterprises, forming a school-enterprise joint education and collaborative education mechanism, and to follow the school's educational positioning and development Top-level design such as scale, decision-making and planning, so that the company can deeply participate in the specific work of talent training, professional construction, etc.; clarify the responsibilities of the school and the enterprise in the whole process of educating people, and establish the nature of the college's "dual main body" education , And under the overall coordination of the "School-Enterprise Joint Education Council", steadily and orderly promote the cultivation of a "dual-teacher" teaching team, and promote students' "integration of work and learning" on the basis of teachers' "integration of work and teaching" "To improve the ability and level of talent training.

  The school's mission is to "run a charity college, help poor students, cultivate elites, and serve the society". The college is committed to "blocking the intergenerational transmission chain of poverty" and implements all-free, free tuition, teaching materials, board and lodging fees for students from poor families, and provides round-trip travel expenses during winter and summer vacations and year-round clothing, bedding, and all school supplies. Daily necessities, etc., enable the aided students "one person to become a talent, and the whole family out of poverty." Approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, the college implemented an independent admission method based on the college entrance examination in 2014 and 2015, establishing the "students' college entrance examination scores, students' usual academic performance or professional skills course certificate grade scores and college interview scores." "" comprehensive evaluation system, explore the establishment of a scientific talent evaluation and selection mechanism, and cultivate "good for people and good for the society" high-quality technical and technical elite talents who make good use of fine skills.

   The college will deepen reforms on the basis of following the teaching rules of higher vocational education, be determined to innovate, cultivate characteristics, and strive to be first-class.

   One is to establish a mentor education mechanism. All teachers and management cadres of the college must become mentors to about 10 students while doing a good job of teaching and management. Student tutors are elders in student life, ideological leaders, teachers in learning, and caring people in emotions. They effectively carry out the work of "instructing thought, heart, learning, and behavior" for students. The tutor system education mechanism has promoted the realization of the college's full education, all-round education, and full-process education model.

   The second is to implement paramilitary management. The college guarantees that students will have no less than one class of military training a day, cultivate students' strong will, perseverance, and prohibitive style. On the one hand, professional physical education based on the needs of students’ professional positions is integrated into the military training process. Military training is used as the carrier to not only complete the physical education content prescribed by the country, but also standardize professional physical education under the framework of military training. The integrated teaching of physical education and moral education realizes the moral education function of professional sports; on the other hand, on the basis of the integration of paramilitary management, military training and professional sports, the establishment of a "one-day life system" for students to make students nervous and orderly , Lively and upward living atmosphere grows up healthily.

   Three is to take the curriculum reform as the starting point, carry out in-depth education and teaching reform, establish a talent training mechanism of "school-enterprise integration, industry-education linkage, integration of work and education, and integration of work and study", and innovate talent training models. Relying on Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd., it realizes "work-learning alternation" and "integration of work-education" in a real environment. First, the construction engineering technology, engineering cost, architectural decoration engineering technology, and garden engineering technology majors of the architectural professional group rely on the second phase of the Guangdong Country Garden Vocational College, and fully implement the education and teaching reform based on the construction process and project orientation. The five-in-one education and teaching system of building, teaching, learning, research and management; adopting the project teaching reform plan of “on-site project guidance, work task-driven, school-enterprise dual-teacher guidance, and close integration of engineering and learning” to improve the quality of professional talent training and meet The company's job requirements for talents. Second, the hotel management and property management majors cooperate with the Phoenix hotel chain and property service company of Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd. to carry out the "order-based" talent training model based on "hotel classroom" and "corporate classroom", and establish corporate classrooms. Students are taught in the enterprise, and the professional core courses are taught by the enterprise teachers on the spot. The students learn by doing, and the theoretical teaching and practical operation are integrated. A complete integration of theory and practice is realized. A new way of collaborative education based on the foundation. The third is to combine paramilitary management with corporate practical teaching, seek a "compatibility" model between the two, and develop students' good character and technical skills simultaneously, and cultivate frontline leading talents for the company that meets the needs of job abilities.

  Fourth is to deepen the education and teaching reform of ideological and political theory courses and public English courses, and form a "big ideological and political" teaching system, as well as an English application ability training model based on students' autonomous learning conditions. Since its establishment, the college has further deepened the education and teaching reform of the "big ideological and political" course that integrates ideological and political theory courses and Chinese studies. While ensuring that the ideological and political theory courses and content are not reduced, it has implemented an incremental teaching policy, that is, integrated into Chinese studies. Education, forming a "big ideological and political" education and teaching mode, and improving the educational and teaching effect of ideological and political courses. Comprehensively establish an English learning mechanism with students as the main body, teachers participating in tutoring and answering questions, using the "human-computer interaction system" as a platform, and focusing on strengthening students' oral English and professional English application ability training, and stop the traditional English learning mechanism. Instilling English classroom teaching in the sense of improving the effect of English teaching.

   The fifth is to promote the innovation of the college’s management system and establish a scientific, standardized, efficient, and clear internal operating mechanism for rewards and punishments. In a flexible and efficient management method, the college implements the integration of the faculty and management team on the basis of one person with multiple positions, and implements flat management. The college management department is divided into "three departments, one room, and one center", that is, comprehensive affairs. Department, Teaching and Research Affairs Department, Student Affairs Department, Performance Inspection Office, Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Education Exchange Center; there is no department, and the schooling of various majors and professional groups is directly responsible to the college. Through one person with multiple posts, the administrative efficiency and the efficiency of running a school are improved, and the operating cost of the college is saved. The Comprehensive Affairs Department is responsible for and coordinating the party and government, daily affairs management, logistics, finance, personnel, foreign affairs, publicity, network information construction and other work, and it is in charge of the logistics, finance and personnel mechanism of Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd. The Teaching and Research Affairs Department coordinates and coordinates the teaching, scientific research, library and other business tasks of the whole college. The Student Affairs Department is responsible for the overall management of students, integrating student moral education, enrollment and employment, paramilitary management, daily assessment system, etiquette supervision, and student integrity file records. The Industry-University-Research Cooperation and Education Exchange Center is fully responsible for the docking between the college and Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd., and promotes the coordination of school-enterprise joint running of schools on the basis of school-enterprise integration. At the same time, the college separates the traditional performance appraisal work from the personnel work, establishes a performance inspection office, and establishes an independent performance inspection system. It changes the traditional performance evaluation and management after the fact into a pre-event, especially during-event process. Management, upgrade the performance appraisal and management from the concept to the regular and daily work of the college, and further enhance the operational efficiency of the college.

   In short, the college will have great love in mind, fulfill its mission, and strive to educate people and serve the society.