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Zhanjiang Preschool Teachers College

Zhanjiang Preschool Teachers College is a public full-time general college. It is located in Zhanjiang, the economic center of western Guangdong and Beibu Gulf, and the beautiful bay city. Zhanjiang Preschool Teachers College is the first batch of preschool teachers' colleges established in Guangdong Province that was approved by the People's Government of Guangdong Province in February 2016 and filed by the Ministry of Education in April 2016. The school has a tentative scale of 7,300 students. The school was established on the basis of the former Zhanjiang Education College and the former Zhanjiang Preschool Normal School. The former Zhanjiang Education College has more than 30 years of professional teacher education history. The former Zhanjiang Preschool Normal School is the only preschool normal school in western Guangdong, with 90 Many years of history of secondary normal education. As a provincial base for kindergarten principal training and a provincial base for kindergarten teacher training, the school has successively won the provincial civilized unit, the provincial general education system advanced collective, the provincial "Ninth National Games" outstanding youth volunteer service collective, the provincial primary and secondary continuing education advanced unit, Titles such as the pacesetters of civilized units in Zhanjiang.

   The school is located in Zhanjiang Education Base, Leihu Avenue, Ma Zhang District, Zhanjiang City. It covers an area of 592 acres. The first phase of the building area is 145,198 square meters, the total value of teaching and laboratory equipment is 38.94 million yuan, and the collection of paper books is 519,450. The school has 108 multi-functional experimental training rooms, 5 affiliated kindergartens, and 50 education and teaching practice training bases. The school has 361 full-time teachers and 40 external teachers, of which 102 are associate senior and above professional and technical positions, and 146 have master or doctoral degrees. In 2016, the school opened four majors: art education, language education, English education, and mathematics education. In the future, according to the needs of education and social and economic development, the majors will be gradually added.

   The school adheres to the direction of socialist education, based in Zhanjiang, facing Guangdong, radiating around the Beibu Gulf, and serving pre-school education. At the beginning of the establishment of the school, it focused on training high-quality pre-school teachers, and at the same time cultivating elementary education teachers and high-quality applied talents with innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability required for economic and social development, and strive to build a high-level and distinctive normal school.