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Guangdong Vocational College of Dance and Drama

Guangdong Vocational College of Dance and Drama is a public full-time art higher vocational college. It was established with the approval of the People's Government of Guangdong Province in February 2012. It is filed by the Ministry of Education and is directly under the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province. Its predecessors were the Guangdong Cantonese Opera School established in 1958 and the Guangdong Dance School established in 1959.

The establishment of the    Academy complements the shortcomings of stage art education in our province and fills the gaps in the higher vocational education of drama, dance performance, and stage art in our province. Since its establishment, the college has accelerated its transformation and development under the leadership of the Provincial Department of Culture and the guidance of the Provincial Department of Education. The construction of the campus is changing with each passing day, the faculty is gradually growing, the professional construction is booming, and the education and teaching are thriving.

  The college has three campuses in Foshan, Guangzhou Tianhe and Yuexiu, covering an area of more than 300 acres and a building area of more than 100,000 square meters. The campus follows the concept of "Lingnan landscape, cultural campus, complete functions, suitable for dynamic and static", and consists of four functional areas: teaching area, living area, cultural and sports area, and popular science area. There are theater and dance training grounds, piano rooms, training concert halls, large and small theaters, national standard dance comprehensive halls, art design training rooms and computer rooms, psychological consulting laboratories, libraries and other standard teaching and teaching auxiliary venues. facility.

   Through internal training and external introduction, the college has accelerated the construction of a team of high-quality professional teachers with sufficient numbers, excellent quality, reasonable structure, distinctive characteristics, and combination of professional and concurrent. There are more than 300 teachers with bachelor's degree and above, including more than 200 teachers with postgraduate degree, senior professional title, and dual-qualified teachers. A group of nationally renowned professors and artists are specially invited to teach.

  The college takes the road of running a school with characteristics. Establish a school-running idea of "centering on the stage and cultivating talents"; build a "three-in-one", that is, "a secondary school and a junior college, stage performance and stage technology, small stage and large stage". Nearly 20 majors have been opened in the Department of Drama, Dance, Music, Art Design, Social Culture, and Cultural Creativity. Among them, Cantonese opera performance is the first batch of national cultural inheritance and innovation demonstration majors in vocational colleges, dance performance is the central financial support for the professional construction of higher vocational colleges and the national cultural inheritance and innovation demonstration majors of vocational colleges, and the stage art is our province. only.

The college deepens the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and implements the talent training model of combining work with learning and internships. The professional setting, curriculum content, teaching methods and production practice are connected; adhere to creative transformation and innovative development, and strive to promote teaching, research, and teaching research The transformation and application of the results; the establishment of the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Education and Research Center and the Lingnan Dance Research Center, and vigorously promote the excellent traditional culture of Lingnan.

  The college pays attention to the construction of campus culture. The name of the academy inscribed by the master of Chinese studies, Mr. Jao Tsung-yi, permeates the master’s century-old feelings, and has become a spiritual wealth that inspires teachers and students to devote themselves to studying and pursuing excellence; the six-character school motto "Only truth, only righteousness, and beautiful", reshapes the teaching style, study style and school spirit; The college faculty and staff oaths and student oaths guide and regulate the thoughts and behaviors of teachers and students; numerous club activities, cultural and sports activities are rich and show a colorful campus life.

  The college vigorously exerts the service function of colleges and universities, and actively explores the inclusiveness and openness of vocational education. Relying on high-quality school-running resources, provide the society with multi-level, multi-form, high-quality, high-efficiency, high-quality, and international continuing education and training, and organize and participate in various forms of cultural benefits and social service activities. Play an active role in Taiwan and international cultural and artistic exchange activities.

   Contemporary Cantonese wield the rushing Pearl River with an open mind and wrote a magnificent new epic of modernization. In the new journey of building a culturally powerful country and a culturally powerful province, Guangdong Vocational College of Dance and Drama is rising like a new star. She will keep the pulse of the times, rely on superior resources, carry forward the spirit of Guangdong, based in Lingnan, facing the whole country, integrating Chinese and Western, and serving the society. The three-tone nine-tone sings the prosperous harmony, and the long-sleeved dance dances out of the splendid time!