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Guangdong Information Engineering Vocational College

Guangdong Information Engineering Vocational College was established in February 2012. It is a full-time general higher education institution under the authority of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education and approved by the People's Government of Guangdong Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. The school code is 14427. After six years, the college has developed into a higher vocational college with a certain scale of running a school, clear positioning and training goals, distinctive characteristics and pursuit of running a school, and sustainable development. There are currently nearly 5,000 students in the school. There are three departments, two departments and one college, namely, the Department of Economics and Management, the Department of Information Technology, the Department of Engineering Technology, the Department of Public Courses, the Department of Ideological and Political Theory Courses, and the College of Continuing Education. 36 majors including manufacturing and automation and e-commerce. The college occupies an area of 600 acres and the planned land, with a total fixed asset value of 350 million yuan.

   School-enterprise integration, work-learning alternation. Based on the Pearl River Delta, the college radiates the entire province and even South China, and cultivates innovative, applied high-skilled professionals for local economic and social development. The college unswervingly follows the path of modern vocational education and sets up majors closely in line with the market; reforms and innovates education and teaching, strengthens dual teacher training, and strengthens dual certificate teaching; attaches importance to practical teaching links and attaches importance to employment and entrepreneurship guidance. Make full use of the geographical advantages of Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, integrate the school, government and enterprises, and establish strategic partnerships with nearly 100 well-known companies such as Vipshop, Midea Home Furnishing, Dali Garden, and Tailing Elevator. More than 40 off-campus training courses have been established. The internship and employment base cultivates students’ practical and practical ability, and the employment rate and job satisfaction of graduates are high, and they are “easy to go, use, keep, and do well”.

   Leading morals, fostering people, and cultivating people as the foundation. The college adheres to the socialist direction of running schools, attaches importance to the teaching of ideological and political theory, and attaches importance to the construction of the instructor team. It holds a science and technology art festival and sports culture festival every year to create a civilized, green and harmonious campus culture, and focus on the development of national defense and patriotism education. Traditional cultural education and legal discipline education to train builders and successors of the cause of socialism. The campus has a beautiful environment and a clean atmosphere. It is a good place for reading and learning.

  Return to public welfare and feed back the society. The college adheres to the public welfare nature of education, runs schools in accordance with the law, and provides education that satisfies the people and students. Under the guidance of the Guangdong Nanyue Charity Foundation, the Guangxin Nanyue Charity Special Fund and the Guangxin Nanyue Volunteer Service Team were established. Establish the school-running concept of "Public Welfare +", pool social resources to increase education investment, improve school-running conditions, and cultivate high-quality talents to serve the society. At the same time, let public welfare become the campus ecology and an important means for universities to generate talents.

  筚路blue wisp, never forget the original intention. During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the college ushered in the best opportunity for development. Consolidating the foundation, paying close attention to management, forging the team, and planning for the future have become the top priorities of the college's work. The people of Guangxin are motivated and motivated. They are marching on the fast lane of vocational education. The college's various undertakings are in full swing and flourishing.

   The tide is flat and broad on both sides, and the wind is hanging with a sail.