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Guangzhou Health Vocational and Technical College

Guangzhou Health Vocational and Technical College is a public health higher vocational college sponsored by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. Its school history can be traced back to 1902. It is a century-old school and the cradle of modern medical care. In the long-term process of running the school, the college has trained tens of thousands of high-quality health technical personnel for the society, and has made important contributions to the development of medical and health services.

   The college covers an area of 664.6 acres, with a school building area of about 130,000 square meters, divided into four campuses: Baiyun, Conghua, Tianhe, and Yuexiu. The college has a strong faculty. There are currently more than 7,700 students of various types. Nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, elderly service and management, medical imaging technology, stomatology, acupuncture and massage, Chinese medicine rehabilitation technology, There are 12 majors including medical cosmetology technology and stomatology technology, among which the nursing major is the exemplary construction major in Guangdong Province, the elderly service and management major is the first batch of second-class brand construction majors in Guangdong Province, and the clinical medicine major is the Guangzhou model major; pharmacy, Stomatology, medical laboratory technology and medical imaging technology are exemplary construction majors in Guangzhou.

The college has ten training (experimental) centers for nursing, geriatrics, clinical medicine, pharmacy, medical laboratory technology, stomatology, medical imaging technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, basic medicine, and public foundation, among which the nursing skills training center is Guangdong Provincial Higher Vocational Education Training Base, Guangzhou Higher Vocational Colleges Vocational Education Training Base, Midwifery Professional Training Base Obtained Guangdong Provincial Higher Vocational Education Quality Project Provincial Training Base Construction Project Approval, Elderly Service and Health Management Public The training center is the construction project of the public training center of higher vocational education in Guangdong Province. Students have a high level of skill, and have repeatedly achieved good results in various national, provincial, and municipal competitions. The passing rate of various qualification examinations and the employment rate of graduates are among the forefront of similar institutions.

The college is the Guangzhou Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Base, the 111th Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute of Guangzhou, the National Vocational Qualification TCM Industry Occupational Skills Appraisal Base, and the National Vocational Qualification Appraisal Institute Training Point and Designated by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. Test centers for colleges and universities, ISPN test centers, Ministry of Education National Medical English Test (METS) training centers and designated test centers; senior care workers, baby nurses, maternal and child health workers, health inspectors, etc. The appraisal of 12 types of work and other textual research have provided due services for local economic and social development.

In order to adapt to the development of health technology talents, the college attaches great importance to foreign exchanges and cooperation, and has established good cooperative relations with overseas institutions such as Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, etc., and has built a platform for students to practice, study and employment abroad, and provide students with Provide broad space for development.