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Guangdong ATV Vocational College of Performing Arts

Founded in 2000, Guangdong ATV Vocational College for Performing Arts is a full-time general higher education institution approved by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, filed by the Ministry of Education, and included in the national unified enrollment plan. It is located in China’s most attractive and economically dynamic colleges. Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, a famous modern manufacturing city and a national civilized city. It is 25 kilometers away from the central area of Shenzhen, 33 kilometers away from Shenzhen North High-speed Railway Station, and 51 kilometers away from Shenzhen Airport. The transportation is convenient and the scenery is beautiful.

The college’s vision is to make students become first-class talents, teachers become educators, and schools become first-class universities. It aims to cultivate students' craftsmanship, and cultivate professional theories and skills that they should know and should know, so as to help students survive and innovate after graduation. The goal is to lay a solid foundation for development ability, be close to the market, grasp the development direction of the social industry, and set up majors: There are 6 secondary colleges-music and dance college, film school, art and design school, economic management school, information engineering school, Sino-Germany The School of Architecture and Technology has established musical performances, dance performances, musicals, theater performances, photography, choreography, hosting and broadcasting, photography and video technology, TV program production, decoration art design, film and television animation, clothing, makeup, environmental art design, digital Media design and production, jewelry and other art majors, and accounting, business management, human resource management and community management, e-commerce, information management, network technology, computer multimedia technology and other non-art majors.

  The college is close to vocational education, focusing on cultivating students' vocational skills, employability, and competitiveness. The college has a computer room, a three-dimensional animation production room, a film and television training studio, a film and television post-editing room, a recording studio, a multi-functional experimental theater, a training studio, a drama rehearsal hall, a dance rehearsal hall, a piano room, etc. . Promote the "dual certificate" teaching model that combines academic certificates and vocational qualification certificates, pay attention to practical teaching, and strengthen the training of hands-on ability.

The college implements 2+1 teaching, creates a teaching practice carrier and platform with project-driven means, and establishes or plans to establish a college song and dance troupe, singing band, drama troupe, and musical theater troupe for student training; film and television cultural production companies, micro-films , Internet TV series, Internet TV stations, radio stations; animation production companies, accounting firms, corporate consulting companies, e-commerce platforms, micro-business platforms, etc. School-enterprise cooperation with Shenzhen Poly Theater, Dongguan Yulan Theater, Shenzhen Chunyu Art Troupe, Dongguan Tangxia Songlei Musical Theater, Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprise units, in-depth training of students' hands-on skills.

Most of the college’s existing teachers are “dual-professional” teachers, and 35% of them have associate senior titles or above, mainly from the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing Film Academy, Communication University of China, Central Conservatory of Music, Xi’an Conservatory of Music, Wuhan Conservatory of Music , Beijing Dance Academy, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music, Russian NOVOSIBIRSK Dance Academy, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, etc., professors, engineers and artists. The college also plans to set up a college broker company to systematically package and promote teachers and students with professional skills, and train star teachers and star students.

  The college advocates the core value of love and implements love education. Propose to teach with love, to promote teaching with love, to learn with love, to promote learning with love, so that students can become talents, and make the college better; love students, love teachers, help colleagues, help partners, observe discipline and law, and morality first , Behave in a civilized manner; manage affairs with standards, manage people with systems, and administer the school strictly, to build a healthy, happy, friendly, cooperative, and united work atmosphere; there are no students who can’t teach well, only teachers who don’t like to teach students, there is no lack of learning Good knowledge, only students who do not like to learn, regard the college as a family business, and a career as a career, and the professional attitude of growing together; the value orientation that love must be fully invested.

Graduates of the college are active in various provinces and cities across the country, especially enterprises, institutions, and cultural and artistic units in the Pearl River Delta region. They are engaged in management, technology, art, design, etc. with their majors, and are active in the local economic, social and cultural development. contribute.

   In the new era, the teachers and students of the whole college are striving to expand the scale of running a school, highlight the characteristics of running a school, enhance the connotation of running a school, and improve the quality of talent training with a diligent, enterprising and active dedication attitude. At the same time, the college has established professional construction goals and development plans featuring music and dance, drama, film and television, art design, and media, with economic management and information engineering as the main subject. It is moving towards creating a high-level applied undergraduate college in South China. The goal of running a school is constantly advancing.