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Jieyang Vocational and Technical College

Founded in 1999, the college is the only public full-time higher education institution in Jieyang City. It is located in the Osmanthus Garden Scenic Area, Zifeng Mountain, Rongcheng District, Jieyang City, with convenient transportation. Zifeng Muduo, Zhong Ling is beautiful, handsome and handsome. In the 16 years since the establishment of the school, under the correct leadership of the Provincial Department of Education and the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, all the faculty members have fully implemented the Party’s education policy, adhered to the service as the purpose and employment-oriented, and trained all industries in Jieyang City and the whole province. With more than 20,000 high-quality skilled talents, it has become a regional higher vocational college with distinctive characteristics and certain influence.

The college now has 10 colleges: e-commerce entrepreneurship college, ideological and political theory teaching department, normal education department, foreign language department, information engineering department, mechanical and electrical engineering department, biological engineering department, chemical engineering department, art and physical education department, and economic management department. The department (department) has more than 7,700 full-time students. Thirteen graduates have been trained, and the employment rate is above 98%. Graduates are generally welcomed by employers. Our school has distinctive specialties. In 2015, there were 35 enrollment majors, including 13 teacher-training majors and 22 non-teaching majors, recruiting students from 8 provinces (autonomous regions) including Guangdong. There are many majors and well-known domestic enterprises to jointly run schools, and graduates can have priority in employment in enterprises. There are 3 provincial training bases and 2 provincial quality courses. 2 majors of gem identification and processing technology, mold design and manufacturing are listed as provincial key training majors by the Provincial Department of Education, English education, electrical automation technology 2 Two majors were supported by the central financial support, and two projects including solid pharmaceutical preparation GMP simulation workshop and e-commerce professional training and entrepreneurial incubation were supported by the central financial award.

  The faculty structure of the college is reasonable and the quality is excellent. There are currently 386 faculty members, including 7 with senior professional titles, 89 with associate senior titles, and 136 teachers with master's degree or above. Hongwen encourages teaching, forge ahead, high teaching level. The college library has a collection of 780,000 books, including 360,000 e-books; nearly 1,000 kinds of newspapers and periodicals. There are 102 experimental training rooms and 3 entrepreneurship bases in the school, and off-campus training and entrepreneurship bases are set up in the Pearl River Delta and Eastern Guangdong. The school has a national vocational skills appraisal institute, a high-tech examination station, and a Mandarin training and testing station, providing more than 20 vocational skills appraisal work types of junior, middle and high-level appraisal and qualification certification services, providing convenient services for student training and examination.

The college has passed the evaluation and return visits of the talent training work of higher vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education, and has been successively rated as "Guangdong Province Advanced Primary Party Organization", "Guangdong Province Civilized Unit" and "2008-2010 Comprehensive Management of Public Security in Universities and Colleges in Guangdong Province" "Excellent School", was awarded "National Demonstration Unit for Saving Public Institutions", "Advanced Demonstration Base for Popularization of Social Science in Guangdong Province", "National Education Network Demonstration Unit" and "National Management Qualification International Double Certification Authorized Training Center", etc.

In recent years, the college has concentrated its efforts, worked hard, worked hard, seized opportunities, and accelerated its development. It took the goal of becoming a “leader of vocational education in eastern Guangdong and a provincial exemplary higher vocational college” as the school’s goal, striving to improve the “regional To make the college a high ground for cultivating high-quality skilled talents, and the employment prospects of graduates. broad.