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Guangdong Xin'an Vocational and Technical College

Guangdong Xin'an Vocational and Technical College was established in 1998. It is a full-time private general higher education institution founded by the outstanding people’s educator Mr. Wang Pingshan and approved by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government (Yuefu Han [2000] No. 356). The college is dominated by full-time higher vocational education, with 9 departments and 21 majors, integrating international cooperation, continuing education, and social training. The current enrollment number is more than 4,300.

In January 2018, the college won the title of “Top 100 Private Education in China in 2017”; in addition, according to the results of the 2017 China University Reputation Index report based on big data technology and methods released by the China Education Big Data Research Institute, the college was listed in the “2017 China Top 100 Colleges in University Reputation Rankings".

   College is located in Nanshan District, the central area of Shenzhen, with a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The college is adjacent to the high-tech industrial zone in Nanshan District where famous enterprises gather. The industrial clusters and the strong demand for talents provide solid and powerful support for the school and the employment of students. College graduates enjoy the treatment of directly entering Shenzhen.

   The college has a strong faculty, a team of teachers with high quality, reasonable structure and willingness to contribute, as well as a team of experts who have worked in well-known companies and a team of "double-qualified" teachers. Teachers with senior professional titles accounted for 22.2% of the total number of full-time teachers, and teachers with a master's degree or above accounted for 50.6%.

Based in Shenzhen, facing Guangdong, the college takes full employment and high-quality employment as the foundation of talent training. The college’s graduates have always been well-adapted, professional skills, and comprehensive in the past two decades. It is well received and fully affirmed by employers. The employment rate of past graduates is over 98%, and the employment rate of most majors has reached 100%. In the past three years, more than 85% of graduates have been employed in Shenzhen.

   The college adheres to the school motto of "learning to be a man, laying a good foundation, cultivating expertise, strengthening practice, and serving the motherland" as the school motto, adheres to the school philosophy of "industry-university cooperation, industry-education integration", and strengthens in-depth cooperation with enterprises. The college has established school-enterprise partnerships with nearly a hundred companies including BGI, Huawei, Tencent, Kingdee Software, Hilton Hotel, Shenzhen China State Construction Southern Construction Group Co., Ltd. and other famous companies to provide students with internships, practical training and Employment has built a good platform. Since 2015, our institute has won more than 120 awards in various skill competitions at the national, provincial and municipal levels.

   The college is rigorous in academic research, excellent in teaching style, and growing in learning style. It pays attention to the connection between vocational education and academic education. It cooperates with South China Normal University, South China Agricultural University, Shenzhen University and other well-known domestic universities to provide students with a platform to upgrade their academic qualifications. The college also conducts foreign exchanges and cooperation with universities in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other countries. It has set up a "3+1 study abroad" study abroad class. After three years of study, you can go to the United Kingdom or the Netherlands to study for one year to obtain a foreign undergraduate degree. Certified by the Ministry of Education. "3+1 Study Abroad to Undergraduate" not only allows students to improve their academic qualifications, but also allows them to experience multiculturalism, broaden their horizons, and save a large amount of study abroad expenses.

  The college takes the rich and colorful campus culture as the carrier, combined with practical teaching, and strives to develop the comprehensive quality and comprehensive ability of students. The college holds all kinds of grand events such as "skills competition", "campus culture and art festival", "academic technology festival", "campus singer contest", "basketball game", "vocational education activity week", and "dormitory cultural festival" every year. In addition, there are more than 30 student clubs for students to exercise and improve their creativity, organization and communication skills, and build a rich platform for students to show themselves. The college encourages students to innovate and start their own businesses. Many graduates start their own companies when they are in school.