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Guangzhou Vocational College of Engineering and Technology

Guangzhou Vocational College of Engineering and Technology is a general university in Guangzhou approved by the People's Government of Guangdong Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It was founded in 1964.

With advanced educational concepts, unique ideas for running schools, excellent teaching staff, elegant campus environment, and distinctive higher vocational characteristics, the college is committed to cultivating modern competitiveness, comprehensive professional capabilities, and comprehensive quality, which can adapt to the 21st century economy. The development of high-quality technical skills talents. As a public university with a history of more than 50 years, in recent years, it has laid a solid foundation in continuous reform, transcendence and development, accumulated rich experience, and gradually formed a four-element equal emphasis on knowledge, character, talent and skills. School style. Responding to competition with unique ideas and novel approaches, seeking breakthroughs, achieving leapfrog development, forming a strong pattern of "ten thousand schools, billion yuan in assets", and achieving good economic and social benefits.

The college now has 8 departments (faculties), including the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Information Engineering, the Department of Petrochemical Engineering, the Department of Finance and Management, the Department of Foreign Languages and Business, the College of Food and Tourism Management, the College of Art and Design, and the College of Continuing Education. The number of vocational students is nearly 8,000. In addition to three affiliated secondary vocational schools and a training center, the establishment of higher vocational education as the main body, secondary vocational education as the two wings, and skills training as the expansion platform, the number of students in the school exceeds 16,000, and the annual training exceeds 30,000. Vocational education group of people.

   The college runs schools closely to the needs of economic and social development in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta, implements professional development and innovation in talent training models, and cultivates "educated and capable" high-quality technical and technical talents. The overall employment rate of graduates ranks among the top three colleges and universities in the province for six consecutive years. Graduates are widely praised by employers for their good looks, comprehensive qualities and excellent abilities. The satisfaction rate of employers is 100%. The excellent and good rate reached 96.61%. The initial employment rate in 2017 was 98.81%, which was higher than the province's average initial employment rate of 3.71% for college graduates, and ranked first in the province's general college graduates' initial employment rate.

   School running philosophy

Adhere to the school motto of "establishing quality, learning, crafting, and cultivating one's body", and "being educated and capable" to complete the career development and happy life of students; to guide the training of talents based on the principles of fair education and respect for the main body. Focus on differentiated education and personalized training, and implement education fairness to every student.

  Training objectives

   Based in Guangzhou, facing Guangdong, radiating the whole country, directly serving the economic and social construction of the Pearl River Delta region, and cultivating high-quality technical and technical talents required by the first line of production, construction, service and management.

  curriculum structure

The college is guided by student employment and career development, and constructs a curriculum system in accordance with the vertical logic of basic quality and ability courses, professional quality and ability courses, professional technical core courses (specialized courses), and professional extension and expansion courses. The first class and the second class, the physical class and the aerial class are combined to provide students with a wide-calibre, thick foundation, and professional learning framework.

  teaching methods

The college implements teaching methods and means integrating “teaching, learning, doing, and fostering”, and comprehensively implements the “three certificates” system composed of graduation certificates, vocational qualification certificates, and student work practice certificates and an enterprise internship system. Doing in the middle, "cultivating" in teaching, learning and doing, strengthen and implement the cultivation of students' quality and ability.


The college attaches great importance to the construction of a "dual-teacher" quality teacher team, sends a large number of professional teachers to domestic and foreign companies to practice, selects and introduces personnel with corporate work and professional technical work experience to enrich the teaching team, and hires professional talents and skilled craftsmen from industry companies to serve as part-time jobs The teaching work has formed a team of full-time and part-time teachers with sufficient numbers, reasonable structure and excellent quality.

   Campus Management

The college adheres to the management philosophy of "rules as masters, data speaks", creates a trinity management system of "quality, safety, and environment", implements a model of student self-management and self-service, and pays attention to employer satisfaction, student satisfaction, and faculty satisfaction , Continuously improve the quality and efficiency of education and teaching, administrative logistics management.

  Information Campus

The CRP (Campus Resource Planning, or "Campus Resource Planning") system independently developed by the college for 10 years, covers campus learning, work, life, and off-campus internship management, providing faculty and students with a space for communication without time and space barriers, and Realize information sharing among schools, employers and parents of students through computer networks.

  Student professional practice club

The professional practice club established by the college is a professional practice platform for students “self-education, self-management, and self-service” corresponding to social occupations and linking talent training. The office space and facilities are complete, and the professional and curriculum-based management is implemented. It is a career in the school for students. An important position for practicing and implementing students' comprehensive vocational ability training.

   main results

  ●Presided over the development and construction of data collection and management platform for talent training in more than 1,280 vocational colleges across the country

  ●The first batch of educational informatization pilot schools approved by the Ministry of Education

  ●The first batch of "Experimental Schools for Digital Campus Construction of Vocational Colleges" in the country

  ●The achievements of campus informatization construction have been selected into the "Annual Report on Higher Vocational Education in China" by the Ministry of Education for two consecutive years, and have been included in its case library by the world-renowned Intel Corporation

  ●The total score of the National Higher Vocational College Skills Competition is the second place in the province

  ●The first prize of the National Virtual Simulation Software Competition (there are only three universities in the province)

  ●The CRP system is a national leader. Since 2010, recommended by the Ministry of Education, it has been promoted and applied in more than 60 higher vocational colleges across the country, with a wide range of influence

  ●Approved for trial operation of Guangdong Demonstrative Software College

  ●The first "AAAA-level Standardized Good Practice" accredited college in Guangdong Province

  ●Owns 7 majors in the first and second categories of Guangdong Province

  ●The "Petrochemical Cooperative Education Center" project was successfully selected into the Provincial Cooperative Education Platform

  ●Business English major was established as the 2016 provincial higher vocational education professional teaching resource library

  ●Five majors were successfully selected as the construction unit of the Special Professional College of Guangzhou Higher Vocational Colleges

  ●The vocational education cooperation project in the field of industrial robots of the Ministry of Education was approved.

  Future Conception-"One Group, Three Modernizations"

The college firmly grasps the general trend of the development of modern vocational education, and actively builds a vocational and employee education group based on the development idea of "one group and three modernizations". Take the road of differentiation, specialization, and branding, and explore the development model of a new round of vocational education under the background of building a modern vocational education system.