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Guangdong Construction Vocational and Technical College

Guangdong Construction Vocational and Technical College is the only public construction higher vocational college in the province. It is the main base for training high-quality technical and skilled personnel in the construction industry and the cradle of "modern Luban".

   For 39 years since running the school, the college has taken root in the land of southern Guangdong, served the "Belt and Road", trained and trained more than 150,000 high-quality technical and technical talents, and made positive contributions to the construction industry and economic and social development of Guangdong Province.

  The predecessor of the college is the Guangdong Provincial Construction Engineering Technical School established in 1979; the Guangdong Provincial Construction Engineering School established in 1986; in May 2001, it was approved by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education, and was upgraded to a higher vocational college. In April 2006, the college was officially transferred to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education from the head of Guangdong Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

   currently has three campuses, covering an area of 800 acres, and more than 7,700 full-time vocational students. The Qingyuan New Campus, located in the provincial vocational education base, is under construction and is expected to be delivered for use next fall. After completion, the new campus of Qingyuan will become a cultural campus, a green campus, and a smart campus like an architectural textbook.

  Strong school dream: the school is well-known in the society, strong in running a school, students grow and become talents, teachers and students are happy and happy

  Strong school goal: well-known in China, leading in the industry, serving Guangdong, going international

  Orientation for running a school: "The Cradle of Modern Luban"

   School running philosophy: Lide to cultivate people, integration of engineering and learning, innovation and development, and running schools with characteristics.

   School-running characteristics: architectural leadership, integration of production and education, practical entrepreneurship, and diversified collaboration.

  Development path: capacity expansion and quality improvement, integration of production and education, reform and innovation

   Action Plan: Build a new school, increase the scale, strengthen the connotation, and promote harmony

   School-running strategy: adhere to the leadership of the party, adhere to morality and foster people, adhere to the quality of the school, adhere to the establishment of the school with talents, adhere to the innovation and strength of the school, adhere to the characteristic and excellent school, adhere to the rule of law, adhere to the diligent and thrifty school

   School-enterprise cooperation is further promoted, and the integration of production and education has achieved remarkable results

   Based on the "construction industry", the college has explored and constructed a distinctive talent training model of "relying on industry, combining work and learning". Give full play to the advantages of relying on the construction industry enterprises to form the "four cooperation and four total" model of "school-enterprise interaction" (cooperative education, cooperative education, cooperative employment, cooperative development) (shared talents, process management, results sharing, responsibility Share).

Our school maintains close cooperation with more than 300 industry enterprises, and jointly established the Guangdong Provincial Construction Vocational Education Group, forming an effective school-enterprise cooperation system and mechanism, and extensively and deeply in modern apprenticeship pilots, employee training, technology research and development, etc. To cooperate locally.

  Our college is the second batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units nationwide. There are currently 6 majors that carry out independent enrollment of modern apprenticeships, and 3 majors are national pilot majors. Co-built 3 modern apprenticeship colleges with enterprises-Guangjian Zhongtian College, Guangjian Xingye College, Guangjian Swell College. The "Lingnan Construction Technology Vocational Education Industry and Education Innovation Base" project was included in the national "13th Five-Year" vocational education industry and education integration development project plan. After the completion of the project, it will become the province and even the whole country for talent training, scientific research and development, and service industries. An integrated construction industry-education integration national innovation demonstration base.

   There are many highlights in teaching reform, and fruitful results in quality engineering

   The "Teaching Quality Project" has been fully implemented, and professional construction and curriculum construction have achieved results. Relying on the construction industry, it actively serves the strategic emerging industries and modern service industries in Guangdong Province, and has established a professional layout with the construction majors as the main body, and the coordinated development of mechanical and electrical, municipal, environmental protection, art design, electronic information, finance and other majors. Continuously deepen the reform of the talent training model, implement the modern apprenticeship pilot program, the "3+2" pilot program for the connection of middle and higher vocational education, the pilot program for cultivating talents in three or two stages between higher vocational education and undergraduate education, and the integrated reform of middle and higher vocational education, and carry out project-based work process Curriculum design promotes precision education.

   There are currently 32 enrollment majors, involving 8 higher vocational majors and 14 second-level categories. It is the most comprehensive higher vocational college in Guangdong Province that offers construction majors. There are 2 construction majors supported by the central government, 1 provincial-level model major, 5 provincial-level key majors, 1 provincial-level first-category brand major, and 3 provincial-level second-category brand majors. 9 provincial-level quality resource sharing courses, 1 national education guidance committee quality course, 1 provincial-level collaborative education base, 2 training base construction projects supported by the central finance, and 3 provincial-level financial training base construction projects There are 6 off-campus practice teaching bases for provincial college students.

   Strong faculty and reasonable ratio

   Vigorously implement the project of strengthening teachers, formulate the "Academy Talent Introduction and Management Measures", focusing on the introduction of high-level talents. Actively cultivate high-level professional leaders and professional backbone teachers to promote the improvement of the overall quality of professional teachers. There are 320 full-time teachers, 108 with senior professional titles, 190 with postgraduate degree or degree (including 18 doctors), 80% of teachers with "dual teacher" quality, 3 provincial-level teaching teams, 1 national technical expert At the same time, more than 200 skilled technicians from the production line have been hired as part-time teachers. We hired 6 famous masters of traditional architecture in Guangdong Province as our guest professors, established a master studio to inherit and promote traditional architectural skills.

   In recent years, teachers' teaching and research level has been continuously improved. There are 1 national and provincial natural science fund projects each, 22 various vertical science and technology projects, 48 teaching and scientific research projects above the provincial level, 40 teaching committee projects at all levels, and 60 other research projects in progress. Won 1 first prize, 1 second prize of Provincial Education and Teaching Achievement, and 1 second prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award.

   Intensive development of international cooperation and services "One Belt One Road" strives to be the vanguard

  The International College was established first in a higher vocational college. It has built a platform for serving the construction of the “Belt and Road”, and has effectively promoted the training of high-quality technical and technical talents with international vision, international standards, and international qualifications.

Our institute was identified by the Ministry of Education as the first batch of schools for the construction of vocational education services along the “Belt and Road”, and jointly launched a vocational education project in Zambia with China Nonferrous Metals Mining Group, successfully completed the training of scaffolders and welders, and cultivated much-needed high-quality for the locals. Technical skills talents. The pilot work was praised by the Ministry of Education and China Nonferrous Metals Mining Group.

   Our school has also carried out high-level exchange of visits, teacher training, teacher-student exchanges, cooperation in running schools and other cooperation projects with overseas institutions of higher learning and educational institutions such as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Poland, Finland, and Taiwan.

  The benefit of running a school is enhanced and the society has a good reputation

  The college always regards the establishment of morality as the fundamental task, attaches importance to the ideological and political education and quality education of college students, pays attention to cultivating students' practical and creative abilities, and promotes the healthy and coordinated development of students' morality, intelligence, physical beauty, and many aspects. In the past three years, students have won more than 150 provincial and above awards in various scientific, technological, academic, cultural and artistic competitions. Won the second prize of the group in the construction engineering drawing competition of the higher vocational group of the National Vocational College Skills Competition.

  The rate of freshmen enrolling in the journal and the employment rate of graduates have maintained a good development trend. In recent years, the registration rate of admitted freshmen has exceeded 80%. The total employment rate of graduates is above 98%, which is higher than the average employment rate of the province. Won the title of "Guangdong Province University Graduate Employment Advanced Group".

  Our institute is the main training base supported by the construction industry in our province, and is the only institution authorized to carry out construction site professional training in the province. Since its establishment, the school has provided training services for more than 150,000 people including legal representatives of enterprises, first-level project managers, laid-off workers, and migrant workers. Cooperate with the Hong Kong Development Council and the Construction Industry Council to carry out vocational skills training and pre-job training for construction workers in Hong Kong.

  The social influence of the college is constantly increasing. Now it is the chairman unit of the National Modern Apprenticeship Steering Committee; the chairman unit of the Guangdong Higher Vocational Education Construction and Real Estate Teaching Steering Committee; the chairman unit of the Guangdong Modern Apprenticeship Steering Committee; the member of the Guangdong Chinese Vocational Education Association.

  Development Vision

   By 2020, the number of students in higher vocational schools will be no less than 15,000, and the connotation construction will reach the level of provincial first-class schools. Comprehensively establish a production-education integration mechanism that is compatible with the development of the construction industry and regional economy in our province. The quality of personnel training continues to improve, and the level of service industry and regional economic and social development has been significantly improved. "International" construction higher vocational college.