China college

Guangzhou South China Business Vocational College

15 years of school history

In 2005, approved by the People's Government of Guangdong Province and filed by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, an ordinary higher education institution with full-time enrollment qualifications has a history of 15 years.

3 colleges and universities, join forces

In August 2017, it was merged into Guangdong Nanbo Education Group. Relying on Nanbo Education Group's strong school-running strength and advantages, the school's scale and level of schooling have jumped to a new level. Nanbo Education Group has 3 universities in Guangdong, Guangdong University of Science and Technology (undergraduate), Guangzhou Nanyang Polytechnic Vocational College (college), Guangzhou South China Business Vocational College (college), strong cooperation, resource sharing, and talent training more competitive. The employment prospects are broader.

38 majors

The college currently offers 38 majors, with more than 6,300 students. The college vigorously introduces high-quality resources, promotes the internationalization of education, and conducts various cooperation with internationally renowned universities such as the School of Law and Business of the University of Newcastle in Australia, the Australian International Business School, and the National University of Malaysia.

297 off-campus practice bases

The college has 297 training and internship bases inside and outside the school, covering all the majors opened, and providing students with broad internship and employment channels.

42 student clubs

The college currently has 42 student clubs, which build a broad platform for students to display their talents and have won numerous awards in various skill competitions at all levels.

School positioning

Relying on the Guangzhou International Trade Center, with the purpose of Lide-Cultivating People, and the orientation of employment promotion, based in Guangdong, facing South China, serving the local area, serving the grassroots, cultivating high-quality and compound technical talents, and turning the college into a business characteristic First-class vocational colleges in the province with distinct and strong social service capabilities.

1. Quality-oriented

2. Skills are important

3. Innovation as a source

4. Features as the top

School spirit, truth-seeking and innovation, continuous self-improvement

Teach the style and serve as a model for others

Style of study, joy of learning, more thinking, unity of knowledge and action

School characteristics

(1) Persist in "Quality is supreme, virtue is prosperous", and create a "personality" characteristic in the ideology and morality of talent cultivation.

(2) Adhere to the principle of "communicating with the world and benefiting the people's livelihood", and creating a "business" characteristic in talent training professional skills.

Professional Construction

The college strengthens professional construction with the idea of "business main line, culture and trade simultaneously, and business and industry integration". The professional setting and the formulation of talent training programs have undergone rigorous and sufficient market research, and industry and enterprise experts are invited to participate in decision-making and demonstration. The design of the talent training program focuses on strengthening the cultivation of students' cultural literacy, health, physical and mental health, professionalism, general abilities for the post, and professional core abilities.

Teaching Reform

The college further promotes the reform of education and teaching, deepens school-enterprise cooperation, practices the integration of production and education, and actively implements the teaching model of "teaching and doing" integration and work-study integration, and strengthens the cultivation of students' practical ability, innovative thinking and innovative ability. Fully implement the "dual certificate" system of graduation certificates and vocational qualification certificates, and greatly improve students' entrepreneurial ability, employability and employment quality.

curriculum structure

The college implements the "student-centered" educational philosophy, and implements the fundamental task of "cultivating people through morality". The construction of the curriculum system adheres to the principle of educating people and promotes the simultaneous cultivation of students' morals and skills. Set up public basic courses, professional basic courses, professional core courses, professional development courses and elective courses, set up character shaping projects and comprehensive quality education projects, based on the cultivation of excellent professionals with comprehensive development of "ethics, intelligence, physical education and labor" and physical and mental health.


The college has a team of highly educated teachers, young teachers have basically achieved master's degree, and the number of teachers with senior professional titles has increased significantly. The college attaches great importance to the training of professional teachers’ "dual-teacher quality". Every year, a large number of professional teachers are sent to the company to practice, to train and study at famous universities at home and abroad, to introduce personnel with corporate work experience to enrich the teaching team, and to hire professional talents from industry and enterprises. Skilled craftsmen serve as part-time teachers, forming a team of excellent teachers with a reasonable structure.

Practical conditions

The college has invested heavily in strengthening the construction of the training center, continuously improving and optimizing practical teaching conditions, and forming a training pattern in which teaching, production, operation, and service complement each other and complement each other; the training center focuses on soft environment construction and refined management, and introduces corporate culture. A scientific and standardized management system has been formulated, and a training center with advanced management, distinctive features, and effective results has been created, which has created good conditions for improving the quality of talent training.

Employment vision

The college has established long-term internship, employment, order training, dual-subject training and other deep-level cooperative relations with hundreds of companies such as, Xinbang Logistics, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Xinbao Electrical Appliances. The graduates have a broad employment space; in recent years, they have graduated Employment satisfaction, on-the-job stability rate and employment quality have been continuously improved, and the professional counterpart rate has also increased steadily; most graduates are engaged in business management, administrative management and other positions, and their good comprehensive quality and professionalism have been highly recognized by employers. It demonstrates the good employment competitiveness of our graduates.