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Zhuhai City Vocational and Technical College

Zhuhai City Vocational and Technical College is a full-time public higher vocational college organized by the Zhuhai Municipal People's Government in 2004, and a model higher vocational college in Guangdong Province. The school has successively won the “China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Award”, “Top 50 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Schools in Higher Vocational Colleges”, “Top 50 Higher Vocational Colleges in International Influence”, and the first batch of German AHK cooperation “Sino-German cooperative schools” in Guangdong Province. The title has made a positive contribution to the cultivation of high-quality technical and technical talents for regional economic and social development.

The school covers an area of about 330,000 square meters and has complete infrastructure. It has established various experimental training rooms and function rooms with good conditions and advanced facilities. The total value of teaching and research equipment is more than 96 million, and the books and materials are about 480,000 volumes. At present, there are more than 15,000 students of various types, including more than 7,700 full-time higher vocational and technical college students, and about 8,000 students in various types of part-time education.

The school has 7 secondary colleges (Marxism College, Artificial Intelligence College, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College, Economics and Management College, Tourism Management College, Humanities College, Continuing Education College). In 2021, there will be 29 full-time higher vocational enrollment majors. At present, the school majors directly connect with Zhuhai's high-end industries, and the proportion of engineering majors exceeds 50%. The school has won 4 Guangdong Higher Education Teaching Achievement Awards, 2 national teaching resource bases for hosting and participating in, 2 key central financial support majors, 1 provincial key major, 3 key construction majors, and provincial brand (Class 2) Build 4 majors, 3 provincial-level collaborative innovation centers, 8 provincial-level training bases, 3 provincial-level public training centers, 7 provincial-level off-campus practice bases for college students, and smart tourism training bases selected by the National Tourism Administration Tourism vocational education school-enterprise cooperation demonstration base, CNC technology professional construction provincial Guangdong-German cooperation Zhuhai vocational education and talent training base.

The school is the second batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units of the Ministry of Education. It successfully passed the inspection in 2019. There are 8 provincial-level modern apprenticeship pilot majors and 11 cooperative enterprises. The major of electronic information engineering technology and electrical automation technology became the majors of Guangdong Province that passed the international certification of IEET engineering and science and technology education. The major of big data technology and application was selected as the co-hosting unit for the construction of the candidate database of the national professional resource database, and the major of logistics management was selected in 2017 The top 50 logistics professional competitiveness rankings of China's vocational colleges. The school has 14 provincial-level quality (online) open courses, 33 provincial-level quality engineering projects, and 53 school-level curriculum ideological and political projects. In the 2018 National Vocational College Skills Competition Award-winning rankings tied for 26 in the country. The 2020 graduates have obtained 1,887 vocational skills certificates, with a certification rate of 93.28%. Two engineering professional groups, numerical control technology professional group and big data technology and application professional group were approved for the construction of the first batch of high-level professional groups in Guangdong Province.

The school has 356 full-time teachers, 80% of whom have a master's degree or above, of which 80 are doctoral (including current students). Senior titles accounted for 31.17%. Three of the teachers were elected to the Higher Vocational Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, 19 were elected to the Higher Vocational Teaching Steering Committee of Guangdong Province, and 12 teachers served as members of the Higher Vocational Professional (Curriculum) Committee of Guangdong Province. It has 4 provincial-level teaching teams, 1 provincial-level teaching teacher, 1 provincial-level professional leading talent training object, 1 outstanding young teacher training object in provincial higher education institutions, 6 high-level skilled part-time teachers in provincial higher vocational colleges, 1 Zhuhai Distinguished Scholar and 5 Zhuhai High-level Talents.

The school takes the initiative to adapt to the economic and social development of Zhuhai, and clearly puts forward the school-running philosophy of "loving students and advocating education, combining morality and technology, integrating production and education, and serving Zhuhai", accurately connecting Zhuhai's industries, and building majors on the industrial chain and the demand chain superior. Developed various forms of cooperation with 193 companies including Gree Electric, Microsoft, Sany Heavy Industry, Zhuhai Port Holding Group, Huafa Group, Changlong, etc., and established the "Gree Pearl Industry College" in cooperation with Gree Electric, and cooperated with Zhuhai Port Holding Group The "Zhuhai Port Enterprise University" was built together.

The school adheres to open education and has established friendly cooperative relations with more than 35 high-level colleges and educational institutions in 16 countries and regions. In recent years, the school has carried out joint training, professional curriculum construction, and technical skills training projects with universities and educational institutions such as the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, the University of Arkansas in the United States, the University of Victoria in Australia, the University of Saint Mary in Canada, and the City University of Macau. The school actively serves the "Belt and Road" initiative, cooperates with the Malaysian International Cultural Exchange Center and Keller University in Thailand, actively carries out short-term study tours for students, foreign aid training for teachers, and academic qualification improvement projects, explores the joint construction of "Belt and Road" industrial colleges, and continues to support Chinese The Proficiency Test Center (HSK) conducts the Chinese language test and the dissemination of Chinese culture.