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Guangdong Vocational College of Arts and Science

Guangdong Vocational College of Arts and Science is a full-time general higher education institution approved by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is affiliated to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education. The college’s application for upgrading to undergraduate has been included in the "Guangdong Provincial Higher Education Institutions" The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan. In October 2017, the college's promotion work passed the on-site assessment of the expert group of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, and was reviewed and approved by the provincial higher education committee set up expert committee, and the college's promotion materials were reported to the Ministry of Education.

The college is located in Zhanjiang, one of China’s first batch of coastal port cities open to the outside world, China’s outstanding tourist city, and the emerging technology and industrial city of Beibu Gulf, on the coast of the South China Sea. It is a city with a rich culture, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. The water, land and air transportation network is directly connected to all parts of the country. It is an ideal place for students to study and realize their dreams.

The 1,000-acre ecological garden-style campus is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The environment is elegant, with perennial trees lined with trees, and the fragrance of flowers in all seasons. The mighty General Mountain and the pretty Sunyue Lake embellish the campus splendidly and colorfully. The college covers an area of 1,590 acres with a construction area of more than 400,000 square meters. It has modern teaching buildings, libraries, administrative buildings, high-standard student apartments, university demonstrative catering centers, art galleries, tennis courts, badminton halls, and table tennis halls. , Indoor and outdoor basketball courts, volleyball courts, gyms, etc. The training center of the college has a building area of 102,000 square meters, with five-in-one functions of teaching, training, scientific research, social service, and production. There are 234 off-campus training and internship bases, covering all the majors opened. The infrastructure is built according to the scale of running a school with 20,000 people, providing students with a comfortable learning and living environment. In order to support the college's upgrading to a vocational undergraduate college, the National Development and Reform Commission allocated funds for the construction of special training facilities for our college. The college is building an advanced "Guangdong Oak Sports Center" with "Lao Lishi Diving Hall" and so on.

The college adheres to the school-running philosophy of "ecological arts and sciences, humanities arts and sciences, characteristic arts and sciences, and brand arts and sciences". There are 12,650 students and 815 faculty members, including 673 full-time teachers and 409 "double-qualified" teachers. Teachers with senior professional titles such as full professors and associate professors accounted for 34.41%, and teachers with doctoral and master's degrees accounted for 57.81%. More than 30 famous experts and professors were hired as distinguished professors and subject leaders of the college; more than 50 well-known experts were introduced , Professors are the leaders of various professional courses; experts and scholars at home and abroad are invited to the school every year to give lectures and exchanges, so that education and teaching are full of vitality, so that students can expand their horizons and enhance cultural integrity. A large number of outstanding young teachers have grown rapidly, and they have been awarded the titles of National Outstanding Teachers, Nanyue Outstanding Teachers, and Nanyue Outstanding Educators for a total of 16 people.

The college attaches great importance to teaching, research and scientific research, and has set up "Western Guangdong Regional Economic Development Research Center", "Lingnan Cultural Research Center", "Lianjiang Electronic and Electrical R&D Center", "Guangdong Arts and Science Development Research Center", and "Minglong Tea Research Institute". Lingnan Lianjiang Red Orange Research Institute, “Architectural Design Research Institute”, “Guangdong Doctoral Workstation”, etc., and formulated relevant policies to provide financial support and rewards for teachers to obtain teaching, research, scientific research projects and results. In recent years, teachers in our college have presided over or participated in 37 provincial-level projects. Teachers and students have published 361 academic papers in various journals at all levels, compiled 36 kinds of textbooks, and applied for 132 national invention patents and utility model patents. Among them, more than a dozen "solar LED billboards" and "energy-saving printer devices" have been Enterprise transformation applications. Students participated in the national and provincial vocational college skills competitions and won more than 200 awards.

The college adheres to the employment-oriented principle and is committed to promoting school-enterprise cooperation. It has built 6 school-run factories and a large number of off-campus training bases. It cultivates students with solid professional basic knowledge, strong practical skills, high overall quality, and a spirit of dedication and innovation. Especially in terms of organization and management ability, coordination and communication ability and language expression ability, it is well received by employers. In recent years, the employment rate has reached more than 98%.

The college has always insisted on "all-environmental education", creating an ecological campus with artistic conception of gardens, planted with more than 3,000 kinds of precious plants from all over the world, totaling more than 200,000. A colorful and beautiful campus landscape.

The college is committed to cultivating a healthy, harmonious and progressive campus culture. It holds a large-scale campus culture and art festival every year. 43 student associations actively carry out a series of campus cultural activities with distinctive themes and characteristics, so that students can be grateful, be good at sharing, and learn to develop. . The "Lion Dance Team" of the college has participated in large-scale social activities for many times; every year our students team up to participate in the "Hong Kong International Martial Arts Festival", "Zhanjiang International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament", "Zhuhai National Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament" and achieved good results; organize students to participate in the "Guangdong Provincial Games" Volunteers in large-scale events such as "ASEAN Expo", "China International Ocean Expo", and "Red Orange Tourism and Culture Festival" have broadened students' horizons and improved their awareness and comprehensive quality of serving the society.

In accordance with the relevant regulations of the State Council, the Provincial Department of Education and the college, our school has established a complete student funding system through national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships, national grants, and national student loans (including credit student loans at the source of students and state grants on campus). Student loans), subsidies for minority college students in ethnic minority areas, Nanyue Disabled Education Project, Educational Grants for Retired Soldiers, College Scholarships, Tuition Compensation, Student Loan Reimbursement, Work-study Programs, Tuition Reduction and Exemption Students provide financial assistance to ensure that a student is not allowed to drop out of school due to poverty. The college also established the "Lao Lishi Scholarship" (up to 50,000 yuan) to commend and reward students who have outstanding performance in character and learning, innovation and entrepreneurship, international exchanges and vocational skill competitions at all levels.

Since 2006, the college has been awarded as "National Civilized Unit", "Advanced Unit for Military-civilian Construction of Socialist Spiritual Civilization", "Province Model Unit for Patriotic Support of the Army", "Guangdong Province Civilized Unit", "Guangdong Province Advanced Unit for Military-civilian Construction" , "Safe and Civilized Campus", "Garden-style Unit" and other honors. Leaders at all levels and experts in the education field have visited the school many times and have appreciated the college’s environment and talent training characteristics. A large number of graduates with both ability and political integrity are widely praised by the society. Students, parents, and society give high praise to the college.

On July 10, 2016, Comrade Hu Chunhua, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, visited the college when he was Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee. He fully affirmed the construction and development of the college and believed that the college’s orientation and development direction are correct The construction is high-grade and great; the professional development of the college is mainly based on science and engineering, which provides a guarantee for the transportation of a large number of science and engineering talents urgently needed for the construction of Guangdong Province; the college recruits students across the country, which is conducive to exchanges and learning between students from different regions , To better cultivate talents for all parts of the country.

At present, the college has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the “19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China”, the spirit of the National Education Conference, and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during the inspection of Guangdong. It is guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, with high morale, science and pragmatism. The attitude of "promoting construction with application, promoting reform with application, promoting management with application, combining application with construction, focusing on construction", comprehensively improve the level of education and teaching and the quality of talent training, so as to build a distinctive undergraduate career Colleges and universities are striving for their goals and are committed to running universities that satisfy the people!