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Foshan Vocational and Technical College

Foshan Vocational and Technical College was officially established in June 2000. It is a full-time public higher education institution approved and established by the People's Government of Guangdong Province and organized and supervised by the People's Government of Foshan City. The school is a model higher vocational college in Guangdong Province, a first-class higher vocational college construction unit in Guangdong Province, a headquarters unit of Foshan Vocational Education Base, a leading unit of Foshan Vocational Education School-Enterprise Cooperation Alliance, and a leading unit of Foshan Vocational Education Association.

The school is located in the hinterland of Sanshui National Industrial Park, with a total area of 962 acres and a building area of 235,000 square meters. The total government investment is 1.18 billion yuan. There are nearly 10,000 full-time students. There are 6 secondary colleges including the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of Electronic Information, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Business Administration, the School of Finance and Management, and the School of Marxism. There are 2 national-level public training centers, 1 national-level virtual simulation training center, 11 provincial-level training bases, 14 provincial-level off-campus practical teaching bases, and the total value of teaching equipment is 150 million yuan.

The school adheres to the school motto of "Self-cultivation and technical innovation", adheres to the development strategy of "administering the school by virtue, strengthening the school with talents, establishing the school with quality, and rejuvenating the school with characteristics". The school-running concept of "linkage" is geared to key industries in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Foshan region, closely matching Guangdong's innovation-driven development strategy, intelligent manufacturing development planning and regional industrial structure adjustment needs, serving advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, and high-tech industries. In accordance with the professional construction principle of “new industries lead new professions, strong professions support strong industries”, the Hemodern service industry has adjusted and optimized the professional structure, formed 10 professional groups, and highlighted “equipment manufacturing”, “intelligent control”, and “photoelectric technology”. , "Automobile technology" and "Information Technology" professional groups have formed a professional layout focusing on engineering and coordinated development of culture, management, economics and art. There are currently 37 majors (directions), including 4 national backbone majors, 5 provincial key majors, and 9 provincial brand majors. The school strives to build six nationally leading high-level majors such as "Electrical Automation Technology" and "Photovoltaic Engineering Technology", which are in line with international standards, and give full play to the demonstration and leading role of high-level majors, and promote the overall professional construction level of the school.

The school fully implements the reform of the talent training model of "school-enterprise dual element, work-study integration", and vigorously builds the Foshan Vocational Education School-Enterprise Cooperation Alliance, the Park School-Enterprise Cooperative Education Alliance, and the Guangdong Province Cooperative Education Platform—Foshan Mechanical Equipment Industry Political School The enterprise-bank collaborative education base, innovating the "three-reliance, three-coordination, and three-precision" classified and precise social service model, formed a collaborative training of students relying on leading companies such as FAW-Volkswagen, Qingdao Haier, and Changan Ford, and relying on Foshan Kohler, Sanshui Synthetic Other key enterprises coordinated to carry out training, scientific and technological services, etc., relying on the production-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation model of small, medium and micro enterprises such as Norbert Robotics, Nanhai Additive Manufacturing Accelerator, etc. The scientific and technological service path of “precise docking and precise transformation of results and technologies”.

The school actively implements the strategy of strengthening the school with talents, focusing on the construction of teacher ethics and teaching style, and implements the four major projects of the high-level professional leading talents leading project, the double-teacher quality improvement project of full-time teachers, the double-hundred project for the cultivation of key teachers and the project for skilled craftsmen to enter the campus. "; Continuously optimize the structure of the teaching staff and improve the overall level of the teaching staff. Excellent education and teaching achievements continue to emerge, winning more than 60 national awards, 1 second prize of national teaching achievement award, 3 national professional teaching resources, 26 national competition awards, 1 IEET professional certification; provincial awards There are more than 430 items, 65 items of quality engineering projects above the provincial level have been obtained, and 58 items of provincial key platform and scientific research projects have been approved.

The school has achieved good results in improving the quality of talent training. The total number of awards for students participating in the National Vocational College Skills Competition remains in the top 30 in the country, and they have won 26 national awards and 196 provincial awards; and 4 foreign (overseas) skills competitions won. Zhang Zhanyao, a 2016 graduate, was awarded the “Top Ten Entrepreneur Heroes for College Students in 2017” by the School Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Secretariat of the All-China Federation of Students. School graduates are widely welcomed by the society. In 2019, the admission rate of the first choice for general college entrance examination literature and science has reached 100%. The employment rate of graduates is gratifying. The initial employment rate of our school's 2017-2019 graduates has remained above 97.5%, ranking among the best in the province's higher vocational colleges, and the final employment rate is above 99.5% each year.

The school continuously strengthens international exchanges and cooperation, actively expands foreign cooperation networks, and establishes cooperative relations with many high-level universities and colleges abroad; actively introduces high-quality education resources from abroad and strengthens the internationalization of the teaching team; successfully introduces advanced concepts of German vocational education , In cooperation with Foshan Sino-German Industrial Service Zone, established Foshan Vocational and Technical College Sino-German Vocational and Technical Training College, which has become one of the six key brands in Guangdong Province, and is the first to establish a robot with a world-renowned company-the German KUKA Group Application Technology and Training Center. The school and the French Clermont Business School signed the Sino-French International Management Undergraduate 2+2 Project, realizing the mutual recognition of credits for international class projects.

The school will continue to adhere to the main line of "cooperative school running, cooperative education, cooperative employment, and cooperative development", and in accordance with the requirements of cultivating the spirit of craftsmen, cultivate a large number of high-quality technical and technical personnel who are well received by the society, and strive to build a distinctive, domestic first-class , Internationally renowned higher vocational and technical colleges.

Updated in May 2020