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Peili Vocational College is located in Shandan County, Gansu Province, an ancient silk road town in the middle of the Qianli Hexi Corridor. The college is a public full-time general higher vocational school approved by the People's Government of Gansu Province and filed by the Ministry of Education.

The Baili Vocational College was rooted in the Baili Technical School founded in 1942 by the great internationalist fighter and famous New Zealand social activist Louis Alley in Shuangshipu, Fengxian County, Shaanxi Province. In 1944, the school moved to Shandan County, Gansu Province, during which time, The school's internal structure, affiliation, and name have changed many times. In August 2016, the establishment of the college started on the basis of Shandan Peili School in Gansu Province. In May 2020, the college passed the record of the Ministry of Education and was named Peili Vocational College.

The college covers an area of 961 acres. Adhere to high-start planning and high-standard construction, and the overall layout of "one axis, one center, eight functional areas", has built an international cultural exchange center, learning plaza, training teaching building, student apartment building, teacher apartment building, student dining room, and standard sports field. And various supporting projects, the building area is 169,000 square meters, integrating modernization, digitalization, and ecologicalization. The design concept is advanced, the layout is scientific and reasonable, the facilities are advanced and perfect, the environment is fresh and elegant, and the cultural characteristics are distinctive.

The college focuses on full-time college-level academic education, and vigorously develops vocational skills training and international cooperation in running schools. In accordance with the principle of "prominent advantages, distinctive features, service areas, and international cooperation", combined with industrial structure adjustment, key industry development, poverty alleviation and "One Belt One Road" construction, establish a professional dynamic adjustment mechanism, and gradually build modern agriculture, engineering technology, and intelligent technology. , International Economics and Trade, Cultural Tourism, and Health Management 6 characteristic professional groups, forming a discipline professional layout oriented to market, service demand, structure optimization, and coordinated development.

The college implements the integration of middle and higher vocational education, and currently has 222 faculty members, including 174 full-time teachers, 52 associate senior teachers, 46 "dual professional" teachers, and 31 teachers with postgraduate and master's degrees . Appointed National Excellent Teacher, Secretary General of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Professional Committee of the National Mechanical Vocational Education and Teaching Guidance Committee, Guangdong Province "Dual Teacher" Teacher Studio and National Skills Master Studio Host Xu Yansheng and Gansu Province Excellent Experts and Special Government Allowances 51 professors and experts, including the author, are specially-appointed part-time visiting professors of the college. There are 2 provincial-level famous teacher studios and 2 municipal-level famous teacher studios. There are 5 large experimental training bases, 55 laboratories and training workshops in the school, and the assets of teaching and scientific research equipment are worth 51 million yuan. Equipped with 150,000 books. Built 14 off-campus internship training bases.

The important speech and spirit of instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection of Shandan Peili School pointed out the direction, provided compliance and strengthened confidence for the construction and development of Peili Vocational College. The college will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implement the party’s educational policy, highlight politics, internationality, openness, and integration, and promote Alley’s vocational education thought of "hands and brains, creating analysis" In accordance with the spirit of internationalism, to adapt to the new situation of the “Belt and Road” construction and the new requirements of regional economic development, based in Gansu, facing the west, focusing on rural revitalization, poverty alleviation, industrial development, optimizing the professional layout structure, and promoting the education chain, talent chain and industrial chain Integrate the innovation chain organically, build a trinity talent training model of "modern craftsman spirit + professional ability + international vision", vigorously carry out "order" training, actively promote school-enterprise cooperation, work-study integration, and integration of production and education to achieve talent training and job requirements. Sewing butt joints, and strive to "recruit students as recruits, and enter the enterprise when entering the school." Aiming at the “Belt and Road”, expand employment channels, and build a platform for students to go overseas for employment. Give full play to the advantages of the "Peili" brand, establish and deepen the cooperative relationship with friendly organizations, colleges and enterprises in countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" and New Zealand, the United Kingdom and other countries, introduce international advanced vocational education concepts and high-quality educational resources, and actively develop Teachers and students exchange learning, technology development, and project cooperation to build the college into a base for training and output of technical talents, a base for achievement transformation and technology research and development, and a demonstration base for international exchanges and scientific and technological cooperation.