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Lanzhou Modern Vocational College

Lanzhou Modern Vocational College is a college-level general higher vocational school approved by the Gan Zhenghan [2016] No. 31 document approved by the Gansu Provincial People’s Government on February 25, 2016. It mainly implements full-time general higher vocational education. Organized and managed by the Municipal People's Government.

Lanzhou Modern Vocational College is an integration of 10 municipal public secondary vocational schools including Lanzhou Women’s Technical Secondary School, Lanzhou Technical Technical Secondary School, Lanzhou Tourism Technical Secondary School, Lanzhou Commercial School, Lanzhou Urban Construction School, Lanzhou Horticulture School, Lanzhou Health School, etc. One of the higher vocational and technical colleges, currently has 1,421 faculty members and 24,737 students.

Lanzhou Modern Vocational College is located in the southeast of the Vocational Education Park of Lanzhou New District, with Fuxi Road in the east, Wei16 Road in the south, Shanti Park in the west, and Wei26 Road in the north. It is 1.002 million square meters. It is the higher vocational and technical college with the largest single area in the vocational education park of Lanzhou New District.

  Professional Settings

   Lanzhou Modern Vocational College now has 16 higher vocational (specialties) majors including e-commerce, logistics management, numerical control technology, automobile inspection and maintenance technology, construction engineering technology, tourism management, garden technology, and nursing.

   teaching management

Lanzhou Modern Vocational College will set up majors in accordance with the industrial layout of Lanzhou New District and the needs of local economic and social development, highlight school-running characteristics, standardize school-running behavior, strengthen the construction of faculty, training bases and infrastructure, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of running a school; cultivate innovative talents Actively promote the reform of the integrated training of secondary and higher vocational education, and give full play to the role of leading the healthy development of local secondary vocational education; continue to innovate the school-enterprise cooperation mode of running schools, accelerate the construction of a production-education integration mechanism, and gradually expand the scale of school running. It is planned to be full-time by 2020 The number of college students in the school reaches 8,000.

The Lanzhou Municipal People’s Government will strengthen the leadership and management of the college, increase investment, and actively improve the conditions for running schools to ensure that the conditions and quality of education specified by the Ministry of Education are met; the establishment of Lanzhou Modern Vocational College should be used as an opportunity to guide local secondary vocational schools Improve the quality of running schools and promote the coordinated development of secondary and higher vocational education.

Gansu Department of Education earnestly completed the registration work of Lanzhou Modern Vocational College to the Ministry of Education; guided the development planning of the college, professional setting and teacher team building, etc., regularly checked the education and teaching quality of the college, and qualified the first graduates of higher vocational education. Evaluation; guide the reform and development of secondary and higher vocational education in Lanzhou City, and provide technical and technical personnel support for the construction and development of the Lanzhou-Belarusian Economic Circle.