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Gansu Vocational and Technical College of Nonferrous Metallurgy

Gansu Nonferrous Metallurgy Vocational and Technical College is a full-time public higher vocational and technical college jointly funded by Jinchang Municipal People's Government and Jinchuan Group Company. The predecessor of the college was the adult college of Jinchuan Group Corporation, which was filed by the original color company and affiliated to Jinchuan Group Corporation Workers College (founded in 1984, with approval number [1984] Jiaocheng Zi No. 033) and the first batch of "standardization" in Gansu Province "Secondary Normal School"-Jinchang Normal School (founded in 1984, approval number Gan Teacher Zi [1984] No. 314), approved by the People's Government of Gansu Province and filed by the Ministry of Education in July 2010, the two schools were merged and transformed into Gansu Nonferrous Metals Metallurgical Vocational and Technical College. The college has been rated as a national-level economical public institution demonstration unit, Gansu Normal School for National Unity and Progress, Jinchang City "Circular Economy Talent Training Base" and "Talent Special Zone Construction" pilot unit. The "Zijin Home Maker Space" of the college was recognized as the "Provincial Maker Space in Gansu Province" by 8 departments including the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. It is one of the only 2 Maker Spaces in the province's higher vocational colleges.

The college adheres to the school-running philosophy of "learning from excellence, making outstanding achievements" and the school motto of "learning endlessly and doing good", condensing and forming the school spirit of "benefiting virtues, seeking truth and innovation", "intellectual education, love for students" The teaching style of "school" and the style of study of "seeking knowledge, eloquence, thoughtfulness and dedication". The college follows the tenet of “establishing a school with employment, building a strong school with characteristics, cooperating to build a school, and serving the society”. It is market-oriented, based in Jinchang, radiating the whole province, and facing the whole country, focusing on cultivating technical talents with high professional quality and practical operation ability. .

The college is located in the Vocational Education City of Jinchang City, Gansu Province. It covers an area of 506 acres. It has now built a comprehensive building, a metallurgical teaching building, an electromechanical teaching building, a library, a student restaurant, a logistics service building, a stadium, and 2 training buildings. There are 151,300 square meters of infrastructure such as student apartments, and a green area of nearly 180,000 square meters. A total of 550 million yuan has been invested (including 60 million yuan invested by Jinchuan Group).

The college now has 6 teaching units, including the Department of Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering, the Department of Architecture and Information Engineering, the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Education, the Department of Economics and Management, and the Department of Public Fundamentals. With a coordinated development of majors in mining, selection and metallurgy, chemical engineering, electromechanical, construction, gardening, education, economic management, new energy and other categories, the college has 8 major categories with a total of 33 majors: applied chemical technology, safety Health and environmental protection, fine chemical technology, food nutrition and hygiene, hotel management, mine geology, construction engineering technology, construction engineering management, mine surveying, garden engineering technology, engineering cost, welding technology and automation, mechatronics technology, electrical automation technology , Mine electromechanical technology, CNC technology, automobile inspection and maintenance technology, e-commerce, Internet of Things application technology, metal and non-metallic mining technology, mineral processing technology, metal materials and heat treatment technology, non-ferrous metallurgy technology, photovoltaic power generation technology and application, Metal pressure processing, casting technology, industrial robot technology, surveying and mapping engineering technology, accounting, tourism management, community management and services, preschool education, early childhood development and health management. It has built 52 off-campus training bases, 10 on-campus training bases, 42 experimental training rooms, internship training and teaching and research equipment with a total asset value of 41.575 million yuan, including CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, single-slot flotation machines, More than 600 large and medium-sized instruments and equipment such as high-voltage separators, atomic absorption spectrometers, infrared spectrometers, high-performance liquid chromatographs, laser particle size analyzers, electric drives and electric control training devices, various small instruments, work cards and measuring tools There are nearly a thousand sets of training supplies, which are at the leading level among similar universities in the province.

   There are 188 faculty members in the college, including 160 faculty members (1 professor, 24 associate professors, 62 lecturers, and 47 masters), and 21 external part-time teachers. Teachers have published 145 papers in SCI, EI and other domestic and foreign journals, edited and published 33 textbooks, applied for 3 national patents, and approved 36 scientific research projects, including 1 at the national level, 16 at the provincial (departmental) level, and municipal 19 items above the national level, 6 scientific research achievement awards at or above the department (city) level, including 3 provincial teaching achievement awards, 1 provincial innovation achievement award, 1 municipal science and technology progress award, and 1 municipal innovation achievement award Project, presided over 1 provincial-level excellent course and 12 excellent courses at the construction institute level. The college currently has 3,017 students, including: 561 in the resource environment and safety category, 519 in the resource power and materials category, 549 in the civil engineering and construction category, 987 in the equipment manufacturing category, and 401 in the biology and chemical engineering category. The college encourages teachers and students to participate in vocational skills competitions at all levels. Teachers and students participate in national and provincial vocational skills competitions to achieve excellent results. Among them: organize students to participate in national vocational skills competitions 8 times and win 1 group first prize and second prize 1 1 prize, 2 third prizes, 5 individual first prizes, 10 second prizes, 30 third prizes, 11 instructor prizes; participated in industry and provincial vocational skill competitions 20 times and won the group first prize 1 There are 1 second prize, 1 second prize, 6 third prizes, 8 personal first prizes, 12 second prizes, 52 third prizes, and 12 instructor awards.

  The college has the Eighth National Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute of Jinchang City, which serves internally for students from the School of Metallurgy and the Municipal Polytechnic to obtain professional qualification certificates, and externally provides professional skills appraisal training for the society. At present, vocational skill appraisal can be carried out for 37 types of jobs in the chemical, mechanical, electronic and other industries, which can meet the vocational skill appraisal needs of the college's 27 majors. 17 sessions of various vocational skills appraisal training examinations have been organized successively, and a total of 3586 students and more than 1,000 social candidates have completed vocational qualification training and examinations. The passing rate of obtaining certificates has reached over 85%, and the rate of obtaining dual certificates of college graduates has reached 93%.

The college adheres to the higher vocational education model of joint construction of local enterprises and the integration of colleges and enterprises. It relies on Jinchang’s leading international and domestic advantages in mineral mining, non-ferrous metallurgy, energy chemical industry, equipment manufacturing and other industries. 52 large and medium-sized enterprises including Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd., Zijin Mining Co., Ltd., and Baye Construction Group Co., Ltd. have signed a college-enterprise cooperation agreement, established a student internship training base, and created superior internship training and employment conditions for students. Vigorously promote the integration of production, education and research. Signed orders with 14 companies including Jinchuan Group Company, Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Tianye Group, Xinjiang Tianshan Aluminum Co., Ltd., Gansu Huachen New Materials Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Ordos Metallurgical Group, Qinghai Lenghubindi Potash Co., Ltd. The training agreement has accumulatively trained 1377 students (including 340 students from the 2014 class of 762 orders, 610 from the 2015 class of 893 students from the class of 2015, and 423 students from the 2016 class of 1062). The employment rate of 2016 graduates of the college was 95.2%, the initial employment rate of the college in 2017 reached 85.38%, and the initial employment rate of the college in 2018 reached 76.55%, ranking second among 45 colleges and universities in the province.

  The college is rising like a morning sun, full of youthful vigor and burst of vigor. The college will definitely provide more high-quality services for the growth of talents of Guangzhou University with advanced education concepts, brand-new management models, first-class facilities and equipment, and a sound employment system, and cultivate more high-skilled and practical talents for the economic development of Gansu and the whole country.