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Gansu Health Vocational College

Gansu Health Vocational College is a public full-time general higher education institution approved by the Gansu Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college is affiliated to the Gansu Provincial Department of Education, and its predecessor was the Gansu Provincial Health School founded in 1956. The college is the first batch of national demonstrative training bases for nursing professional skills in short supply, the first batch of national vocational colleges’ health service demonstration majors, a member of the National Health Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee and a chairman unit of the Nursing Sub-Committee, Chinese Medicine The executive deputy director and secretary-general unit of the National Health Vocational Education Research Association, the executive director unit of the Teaching Working Committee of the Chinese Vocational Education Association, and the secretary-general unit of the Gansu Provincial Health Vocational Education Group.

The college currently covers an area of 1,100 acres (1,050 acres on the Lanzhou New District Vocational Education Park campus, and 50 acres on the Wulipu campus). It has complete supporting facilities for teaching, living, and sports. It has advanced equipment, distance teaching systems and multimedia to meet the needs of professional teaching. Teaching system, the experimental training room covers an area of 100,000 square meters.

   425 faculty members, including 270 full-time teachers; 5 professors, 101 associate professors, 121 lecturers; 84 masters and 2 doctors.

The college currently has more than 11,800 full-time students, and has 11 higher vocational courses in clinical medicine, stomatology, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy, medical imaging technology, medical laboratory technology, and stomatology technology. Professionals, forming a relatively complete medical and health higher vocational education professional group. Among them, nursing, foreign-related nursing, midwifery, medical imaging technology, stomatology technology and other majors have been rated as provincial-level demonstration majors, and medical laboratory technology and pharmacy majors have been rated as provincial-level backbone majors. The college cooperates with Peking University, Lanzhou University, and Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It offers undergraduate adult education for nursing, medical imaging, medical laboratory, stomatology, etc., forming a diversified coexistence of junior college and undergraduate, and general education and adult education. School model.

  The college provides continuing education and remote medical education services for health technicians in primary medical and health institutions in Gansu Province. It is an important training base for medical and health technical talents, medical scientific research bases, medical information exchange bases, and continuing medical education bases for health technicians in the province. The college follows the guiding ideology of “medical ethics first, skills-based, serving the growth of teachers, and serving the people’s health”. It focuses on talent training, takes discipline construction as the leader, and takes position requirements as the guidance. It strives to innovate and deepen the schooling mechanism. Education and teaching reform, continuously improve the quality of teaching, and vigorously cultivate high-quality skilled talents required by the medical and health industry.

In the future, Gansu Health Vocational College will continue to emancipate the mind, keep pace with the times, adhere to the main line of improving the quality of talent training, improving the overall level of professional construction, and improving the comprehensive strength of the college, focusing on connotation construction; following the "diligence, self-improvement, virtue and knowledge" The school motto is to create high-level health vocational colleges with distinctive characteristics and excellent quality; to cultivate people who are hard-working and self-reliant by virtue and knowledgeable teachers; and strive to make more outstanding contributions to the development of health services.

  Introduction to Gansu Provincial Health School

Gansu Provincial Health School is located at No. 60 Donggang West Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou. Neighbors are the first batch of national key secondary health schools, the first batch of national secondary vocational education reform and development demonstration school project construction schools, and the national demonstration training base for nursing professional skills in short supply.

   1. The long history of running a school. The school originated from the "Lanzhou Nursing School in Gansu Province" established in 1956. It was renamed as "Lanzhou Health School in Gansu Province" in June 1962. In 1969, the Gansu Provincial Revolutionary Committee decided to abolish the "Lanzhou Health School in Gansu Province". Moved to Dingxi in 2009 and founded the "Dingxi District Health School". In May 1973, the "Lanzhou Nursing School of Gansu Province" was restored on the original Lanzhou school site. In June 1984, it was renamed "Gansu Provincial Health School" with the approval of the provincial government.

  2. Excellent teaching staff. The school now has 18 functional sections and 10 teaching and research sections. There are 230 faculty members, including 140 full-time teachers; 51 associate professors, 62 lecturers; 61 masters and 1 doctor.

   3. Scientific professional setting. The school now has five provincial-level demonstration majors (nursing, foreign-related nursing, midwifery, medical imaging technology, dental technology restoration), and two provincial-level backbone majors (medical laboratory technology, pharmacy). There are currently 6657 ordinary full-time students in the school. people.

   4. Good conditions for running a school. The school covers an area of 155 acres (50 acres for the main campus and 105 acres for the east campus), with a total construction area of 86,000 square meters, with advanced teaching equipment, remote teaching systems and multimedia teaching systems, and more than 50 professional laboratories of various types , The total value of teaching equipment is nearly 30 million yuan, and the library has 200,000 books (including 60,000 e-books).

   5. Excellent internship conditions. There are more than 60 internship bases, including Lanzhou University First and Second Hospital, Provincial People's Hospital, Provincial Second and Third People's Hospital, Lanzhou General Hospital of Lanzhou Military Region, Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Affiliated Hospital of Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. There are many Class-A hospitals outside the province, including Beijing Tongren Hospital, Chaoyang Hospital, Peking University People's Hospital, Peking University Shenzhen Central Hospital, Peking University Cancer Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital and many other Class-A hospitals.

   6. Multi-certificate training direction. The school is a national certification test center for the National Nurses (Practicing Nurses) Qualification Examination, the National English Test (PETS), the National Medical English Proficiency Test (METS), the National Computer Application Technology Certificate Test (NIT), and the Putonghua Test. The school is in Regularly organize and carry out a colorful second class every Saturday morning, open nurse qualification examination, PETS, METS, NIT, Mandarin and other national exam tutorial classes and music, painting, calligraphy, philately, physical etiquette, dance, ball games and other interests Specialty training courses.

   7. Multi-level school-running form. The school is currently the Lanzhou Learning Center of Peking University Medical Network Education (nursing and pharmacology majors and junior college upgrades), Lanzhou University Adult Education Provincial Health School Teaching Center (Stomatology, Medical Laboratory Professional Specialty), College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Adult Education Provincial Health School Teaching Center ( Stomatology, medical laboratory, imaging technology specialty), and Northwest University for Nationalities and Lanzhou City Self-Examination Office jointly run the "dual certificate class" for self-examination of nursing major, which provides multiple channels for students to continue their studies.

   8. Strong teaching and research capabilities. The school is a member unit of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health Health Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee and the director unit of the Secondary Vocational Education and Teaching Research Association. It is the executive deputy director and secretary-general of the National Health Vocational Education (Secondary Medical Education) Research Association of the Chinese Medical Education Association The unit is a member of the Standing Committee of the Teaching Management Working Committee of the Chinese Vocational Education Association, the deputy director unit of the Medical Care Professional Committee of the Teaching Working Committee, the director unit of the Gansu Provincial Health Vocational Education Scientific Research Office, and the lead unit of the Gansu Provincial Health Vocational Education Group; More than 40 teachers hold academic part-time positions in the Education and Teaching Research Association and the society above the provincial level. 9 teachers are the directors and deputy directors of the Gansu Provincial Secondary Medical Education Research Association. In the lead school formulated by the Vocational Education Nursing Specialty Teaching Plan and Syllabus, 25 teachers participated in the compilation of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" textbooks of the Ministry of Secondary Health and Vocational Education and Health, of which 5 teachers were editors in chief and 6 teachers As the associate editor; the school teachers have published more than 200 papers in national academic journals in the past five years; the national journal "Health Vocational Education", the school undertakes the specific editing, publishing and distribution work. This journal is a comprehensive medical journal in China. The only one among the educational journals to be selected as the "Double-effect Journal of Chinese Periodicals Phalanx".

   9. Good social reputation. Since the establishment of the school, the school has trained more than 30,000 medical and health professionals for the society, and the "Nightingale" award winner Wang Yali, "Moving Gansu·2012 Top Ten Longyuan Proud Sons", has emerged. A large number of outstanding graduates represented by Dan Zhengcao, winner of "National Excellent Rural Doctor", have made outstanding contributions to the medical and health industry in Gansu and even the whole country. The school has successively won the national advanced unit of social practice activities, the first batch of national secondary vocational education and moral education work experimental bases, the national health system advanced unit of ideological and political work, the national medical and health system advanced collective, the national psychological education 100 school engineering research base, and the nation's creation of harmony Advanced unit of campus, advanced collective of the province's education system, advanced collective of the province's self-study examination, advanced unit of the province's vocational education, Gansu province, college and technical school student volunteers, summer culture, science, technology and health "three rural areas" social practice activities advanced collective, Gansu Province Advanced units for employment in secondary vocational schools, advanced units for moral education in secondary vocational schools in Gansu Province, and the March 8th Red Flag Collective of Gansu Province, have a good social reputation and popularity.