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Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College

Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College is the only independent forestry higher vocational college in Northwest my country, one of the 100 national demonstration higher vocational colleges, and a domestic first-class higher vocational college construction unit determined by the Gansu Provincial People’s Government .

The college was founded in 1956, was designated as a "national key secondary school" by the State Education Commission in 1994, and was named "National Excellent Secondary Forestry School" by the Ministry of Forestry in 1995. It was upgraded to a higher vocational college in 2001, and in 2007 The “excellent” result was obtained in the evaluation of the talent training work level of the colleges and universities. In the same year, it was designated as a national exemplary higher vocational college by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. It was approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, and in 2016 was designated by the provincial government as a domestic first-class higher vocational college construction unit. In recent years, the college has successively won the titles of "National Model Unit for Greening", "Advanced Unit for National Spiritual Civilization Construction", and "Advanced Unit for Vocational Education in Gansu Province".

Over the years, the construction and development of the college has always been closely linked to the destiny of the country and the nation. In the course of arduous and persistent running the school, it has gradually formed the fine tradition of "hard work, selfless dedication, and love for the school as at home". The school motto of “Strive to learn and keep on striving for self-improvement”, the college spirit of “seize opportunities, pioneer and innovate, and pursue excellence”, the academy atmosphere of “clean spirit and integrity”, “service-oriented, employment-oriented”, Take the development road of combining production, education and research" and the school philosophy of "innovation-driven, characteristic development, quality improvement, and service to the society".

The college currently covers an area of 550 acres, with a construction area of 226,800 square meters, and a total fixed asset value of 300 million yuan; a practice forest farm covering an area of 3,700 acres has been built in the Maiji Mountain Scenic Area, and a comprehensive practice area covering an area of 55 acres has been built on the campus. Training base. There are 87 on-campus internship training rooms with distinctive professional characteristics, and 183 off-campus training bases have been jointly built by the school and enterprise. The college has 9 secondary colleges, including forestry engineering, landscape engineering, environmental engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, information engineering, construction engineering, economic management, mechanical and electrical engineering, and transportation engineering, and 4 basic departments, ideological and political departments, sports departments, and continuing education departments. The teaching department has more than 8,600 full-time students and 48 majors. There are currently 315 full-time teachers, 22 professors, 97 associate professors, 154 "dual-professional" teachers, and 300 off-campus part-time teachers. 9 college-level teaching teams were built, and 6 teaching teams including forestry technology majors were rated as provincial-level teaching teams.

  The college strengthened the cultivation of production, education and research, and teachers have undertaken and completed more than 70 productive scientific research projects. Based on difficult industries, innovating higher vocational education in forestry, and relying on key forestry construction projects, four key majors and related professional groups including forestry technology, soil and water conservation, environmental monitoring and governance, and engineering measurement have been established, providing hard work for Gansu forestry, environmental protection, and soil and water conservation. The industry has trained and delivered a large number of highly skilled talents. Innovate the construction of characteristic majors, continuously optimize the professional structure, take the characteristic majors as the leader, and take the key construction majors of the national model school as the lead to strengthen the connotation construction of each major; the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Forestry Department signed an agreement to jointly build Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College. To win support for the college's professional construction, entrepreneurship and employment; build a vocational education overpass, and actively promote the integrated construction of secondary vocational, higher vocational, and undergraduate modern vocational education. The College of Landscape Engineering of Gansu Agricultural University was established in our college; led the establishment of Gansu Provincial Modern Forestry Vocational Education Group, relying on China (Northern) Modern Forestry Vocational Education Group and the National Higher Vocational "School-Enterprise Integration Alliance", give full play to the advantages of group running schools, promote professional talent training and job demand connection, talent training chain and industrial chain Fused together.

   explored and formed the "one, two, three, four, five" student education management model, highlighting the theme of "education-oriented, moral education first", and educate people in a full, all-round, and full-process. Give full play to the dual role of the Party and League to continuously improve students' self-education, self-management, and self-service capabilities. Adhere to the three-oriented principle, that is, based on quality, ability and development, and continuously improve students' social adaptability and employment and entrepreneurship capabilities. Build four platforms, namely, campus culture platform, technological innovation platform, mental health platform and social practice platform to continuously deepen the construction of campus culture and promote the coordinated development of students' cultural, psychological, professional and physical qualities. Strengthen the five constructions, namely, the construction of the counselor team, the construction of the student management system, the construction of the group and study organization, the construction of the learning activity base and the construction of the style of study, and constantly create a standardized and harmonious education environment. Enrollment and employment are increasing steadily, actively building vocational education "overpasses", and taking multiple measures to carry out enrollment and employment. The enrollment rates of freshmen in the past three years were 91.3%, 87.64%, and 89.65%; the employment rates of graduates were 92.75%, 93.09%, and 92.26%.

   "We have been working hard for Longyuan to be green." On the new journey, the college will take the "double first-class" construction as an opportunity to closely focus on the national ecological civilization construction, national ecological security barrier construction and regional economic and social development requirements, and unswervingly follow the road of connotation construction and characteristic development. Speed up the construction of domestic first-class higher vocational colleges, adapt to the needs of the province’s ecological environment and economic and social development, innovate talent training models, improve the quality of talent training, and improve the level of social services, so as to contribute to building a well-off society in an all-round way and building a happy and beautiful new Gansu New and greater contributions.