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Lanzhou Vocational College of Foreign Languages

Lanzhou Vocational College of Foreign Languages was established in 1998. It is a full-time general higher vocational college approved by the Ministry of Education and enrolled nationwide. There are two campuses in Heping and Lanzhou New District. Heping Campus is located in the Heping Development Zone of Lanzhou City, covering an area of nearly 300 acres, with a building area of more than 135,000 square meters, more than 7,000 students, and more than 400 faculty members. The Heping campus has 8 teaching units, and now offers 44 majors and directions including preschool education, English education, logistics management, hotel management, accounting, nursing, computer application technology, high-speed railway passenger flight attendant, and air flight attendant. The new campus of the college is located in the fifth national-level new district, Lanzhou New District Vocational Education Park, covering an area of 1,350 acres and a planned construction area of more than 860,000 square meters. The new campus is mainly based on full-time higher vocational education undergraduate level, supplemented by adult education And vocational training will be completed and put into use in 2021. After the new campus is completed, it will become a full-time vocational university with complete functions, reasonable layout, first-class hardware, and a harmonious and beautiful environment.

The college always adheres to the socialist direction of running a school and the principle of educational public welfare, and always adheres to the connotative development path of higher vocational education, adhering to the "life vitality of a first-class university, derived from the inheritance of excellent culture, from the adherence to social responsibility, and from practicing education The value axiom of fairness and justice", based on morality and fostering people, with service development as the purpose, and employment promotion as the orientation, to adapt to the new economic normal and the need for the growth of technical and technical talents, and fully implement the "experts governing schools, managing schools, and talents." The school-running philosophy of “prospering the school and the quality of the school” and the school-running ideas of “designing majors in the market, setting courses in positions, focusing on practice and teaching, and focusing on entrepreneurship and education”, continue to promote "teaching, learning, doing, and competition". The reform of the integrated talent training model has formed a distinctive school-running characteristic of training “professional talents who understand foreign languages” and “professional foreign language talents”. In recent years, the college has continued to increase the construction of school conditions, the allocation of teaching resources is reasonable, and the teaching work has achieved outstanding results.

The college was rated as "Education Observation Base of China National Investigation and Research Center of Education Management Information Center of Ministry of Education" and "Authorized Practice Base of National Employability Internship Project". Won the honorary titles of Gansu Provincial Civil Affairs Department "Social Organization Standardization Construction 5A Unit", "Gansu Province First "Civilized Campus", "Gansu Province Campus Culture and Art Festival Advanced Collective" and other honorary titles. Teachers and students of our school participated in the "Eighth Foreign Education Club Cup" Excellent results have been achieved in various competitions such as the “National College Foreign Language Teaching Contest Gansu Division Finals”, “National College Student English Contest Gansu Division”, “Gansu Vocational Skills Competition” and other competitions. New tasks are given in the new era, and new starting points carry new missions. From promotion to realization , The college continues to improve the quality of teaching, pioneering and innovating, and is committed to building the college into a high-quality higher vocational college serving the western region and radiating the whole country.