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Lanzhou Institute of Technology

Lanzhou Institute of Technology is a full-time general undergraduate college in Gansu Province. The predecessor of the school was the Bailey Technical School established in 1942 by Louis Alley, an international friend of New Zealand. In 1958, it was transformed into the Gansu Mechanical Manufacturing School for secondary professional education. Five secondary technical schools merged to form Gansu Provincial Industrial School, which was renamed Lanzhou Industrial School in 1974, and renamed Lanzhou Technical College in 1989. In 2012, approved by the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Gansu Province, it was transformed into Lanzhou Institute of Technology.

   The school covers an area of 1,692.29 acres, the school building area is 298,200 square meters, the total value of fixed assets is 615 million yuan, the total value of teaching equipment is 118 million yuan, and the collection of books is 811,400. At present, there are 9681 general full-time undergraduate and junior college students, and more than 3000 various adult undergraduate and junior college students.

  The school has a team of teachers with reasonable structure and excellent quality. There are 677 faculty members and 565 full-time teachers; 292 are teachers with senior titles, including 74 professors. There are 435 teachers with a master's degree or above, including 80 doctors. Among the teachers are 1 expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, 1 national teaching teacher, 1 national teaching team, 5 provincial teaching teachers, 1 provincial outstanding expert, 2 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education teaching teachers, and provincial teaching 3 teams, 1 provincial leading talent, 13 provincial "gardener awards", 1 provincial May 1st Labor Medal winner, 25 provincial university young teachers' success award winners, 3 provincial teachers' morality pacesetters, provincial "technical experts" "2 people.

The school has the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the School of Electrical Engineering, the School of Civil Engineering, the School of Software Engineering, the School of Electronic Information Engineering, the School of Materials Engineering, the School of Automotive Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Art and Design, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Marxism), and the School of Foreign Languages There are 15 teaching units including colleges, basic disciplines, physical education, engineering training centers, and continuing education colleges. There are currently 29 general undergraduate majors and 14 junior college majors. Established a professional system supported by professional clusters such as equipment manufacturing industry, construction industry, information technology industry, modern service industry, cultural industry, etc., serving Gansu's equipment manufacturing industry as the main body, docking with local emerging industries and having outstanding advantages. The majors cover engineering , Management, Economics, Literature, Art and other 5 university disciplines.

  The school always insists on teaching as the center and actively promotes the construction of quality projects. Focusing on transformational development and enhancement of connotation, a series of reforms and explorations have been carried out in applied talent training model, curriculum system, teaching content and methods, practical teaching, textbook construction, etc., and relatively fruitful school-running results have been achieved. Won 1 National Teaching Achievement Second Prize, 2 Provincial Teaching Achievement First Prizes, 14 Second Prizes, 43 Department-level Teaching Achievement Awards; 3 national quality courses, 29 provincial quality courses, There are 6 provincial-level quality resource sharing courses, 59 school-level quality courses, and 3 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship education MOCs. Three centers, namely the Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, the Electrical Engineering and Automation Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and the Automobile Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, were rated as "Gansu Provincial Higher Education Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center" by the Provincial Department of Education.

  The school actively carries out scientific research and strives to improve the level of academic research. 360 projects have been approved for various topics, including 11 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 2 National Social Science Foundation projects, 1 provincial university new think tank, and 68 provincial and ministerial science and technology projects. It has won 121 awards such as the Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, the Provincial Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, the Provincial Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, the Provincial University Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Provincial University Social Science Achievement Award, among which 7 are the Gansu Province Science and Technology Progress Award. A total of 146 patents and software copyrights have been obtained. School teachers have published more than 3,700 academic papers, 350 of which have been included by SCI, EI, and ISTP.

The school actively promotes the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, has completed a number of breakthrough practical innovation projects in mechanical equipment and new materials, and has developed metallurgical conveying equipment and metallurgical casting molds, two leading product series in the domestic market. , And achieved good economic and social benefits. "Gansu Machinery Equipment Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Center" was approved as the provincial "2011 Collaborative Innovation Center". "Gansu Province Resources and Environment Information Engineering Laboratory" and "Gansu Province Distributed Hydropower Research Center" are provincial engineering laboratories. "Green Cutting Technology and Its Application Laboratory" and "E-commerce Operation Laboratory" are the provincial key laboratories of colleges and universities. The "Gansu New-type Urbanization Research Center for Industry Nurturing Agriculture Development" is listed as a key cultivation base for humanities and social sciences in colleges and universities in the province.

  The school has an engineering training center, which can meet the needs of students for comprehensive training in vehicles, milling, planing, grinding, tongs, welding, casting, and CNC machining. There are 75 on-campus laboratories and practical training bases, including mechanical measurement, robotics, PLC, automatic control, mold stamping, flexible manufacturing practice, and integrated automation of power systems. In 2017, it was successfully selected as a partner institution of the Ministry of Education-ZTE ICT Industry-Education Integration Innovation Base Project. A total of 114 schools were established in agreement with Gansu Provincial Construction Investment (Holding) Group Corporation, Dane Times Technology Company, Zhejiang Geely Group, Xindao Technology Company, Gansu Wanwei Information Technology Company, Gansu Power Investment Jinchang Power Generation Co., Ltd. and other enterprises Enterprise cooperation base. Set up 1 national vocational skill appraisal office and 8 vocational skill training points.

The school adheres to open education and actively develops international exchanges and cooperation. It has successively signed cooperative education agreements with more than 20 universities and scientific research institutions in Cuba, Slovenia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malaysia, Ukraine and other countries and regions. Good communication and cooperation relations. Actively carry out the exchange and study of school-based and junior college students abroad (border), and have sent many students to study in the United States, Germany, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and other countries. After our school was identified as the first batch of pilot institutions for transformation and development by the province, the school actively carried out key teachers and teaching management personnel to foreign universities to carry out teacher training, academic exchanges and other activities. Many teachers and management cadres participated in the Ministry of Education and related industries. Overseas training, seminars and academic exchanges organized by the association. Nearly a hundred foreign experts and scholars were invited to the school to exchange lectures. Initiate the establishment and join the "Belt and Road" university strategic alliance to serve the economic and social development of countries and regions along the "Belt and Road".

   The school attaches great importance to the training of students' skills, and the quality of talent training has been continuously improved. In various discipline skill competitions such as the National University Student Mathematical Modeling, the National University Student Electronic Design Competition, the "Challenge Cup" Academic Paper and Technology Production Competition, and the University English Competition, our students have won 115 national awards, of which, There are 19 national first prizes, 63 second prizes, 73 third prizes, 17 excellence awards, and 1,190 provincial awards. In the survey of the province’s college graduates conducted by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, our school’s graduates have been widely welcomed by employers and society for their "solid basic knowledge, strong hands-on ability, high comprehensive quality, and good adaptability". With unanimous praise from all walks of life, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 90%.

In the process of more than 70 years of construction and development, the school has adhered to the school motto of "creating things, enlightening wisdom and seeking truth", and vigorously promoting the school spirit of "tenacity and tenacity, simple and selfless, tolerant and innovative, and harmonious forge ahead." Significant achievements have been made in training, scientific research, and social services, providing strong intellectual support and talent guarantee for regional economic and social development. The school has been awarded many honorary titles such as "National Vocational Education Advanced Unit", "National Civilized Unit", "Provincial Civilized Unit Model" by the Ministry of Education, the Central Civilization Committee, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the Gansu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China.

In the next few years, the school will hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and earnestly follow the laws of higher education development and the laws of running higher schools, and uphold" Follow the industry, revolve around the enterprise, dislocate and seek survival, apply the general idea of seeking development", earnestly implement the strategy of establishing a school by quality, strengthening the school with science and technology, and rejuvenating the school with talents, focusing on making up for shortcomings, grasping content, promoting transformation, and working together. Germany and forge ahead, strive to create a university of applied technology with distinctive characteristics, outstanding advantages, and important influence in the province, and make new and greater contributions to the local economic and social development!