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Minjiang Teachers College

Minjiang Teachers College is a full-time public general college sponsored by the Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government. It is an old school with a century-old teacher-running tradition. Its history can be traced back to the Quanmin Teachers College founded by Chen Baochen in 1903. Known as the "source of the Fujian teacher". In the long years of a century, the school has undergone several changes and changes, and many well-known people of lofty ideals, experts and scholars at home and abroad have emerged, such as Lin Mohan, Deng Tuo, Weng Liangyu, Bing Xin, Lu Yin, Hu Yepin, etc., and tens of thousands of hard work. People's teachers in the field of basic education.

Since the 21st century, the school has undergone three major reforms. In April 2004, the former Fuzhou Education Institute, Fuzhou Normal School, Fuzhou Educational Science Research Institute, Fuzhou General Education Research Office and Fuzhou Adult Education Research Office were integrated. With high-quality resources, the new Fuzhou Education College was established; in May 2013, after being filed by the Ministry of Education and approved by the provincial government, it was renamed and restructured into Minjiang Teachers College. In April 2016, the Fuzhou Municipal People's Government officially placed Fuzhou Industrial School and Fuzhou Art School under the management of Minjiang Teachers College, and the school's school scale was further expanded.

  The school currently has four campuses: Qishan Campus, Guanglufang Campus, Cangshan Campus, and Sugarcane Campus. Covering an area of 568.4 acres (including the 178 acres of educational land that has been included in the planning on the west side of the Qishan campus), the building area is 175,000 square meters, and there are 8 on-campus training bases for teachers' professional skills and computer application technology, and 143 training rooms As well as more than 80 off-campus training bases, there are modern education facilities such as a fully functional campus network and distance education information network, as well as an innovation and entrepreneurship park for college students-a creative space. The total value of existing teaching equipment is 43,619,900 yuan, 321,100 paper books, and 314,000 e-books. The school has 1 affiliated experimental primary school, 1 affiliated experimental kindergarten, 2 instructive affiliated high schools, and 4 affiliated primary schools under the direct management.

   The school currently has 409 faculty members and nearly 5,000 full-time students. There are 198 full-time teachers and 58 teaching and research staff. There are 122 senior professional technical positions, including 5 senior professional technical positions and 117 deputy senior professional technical positions; among the full-time teachers, there are 6 teachers with doctoral degree and 92 teachers with master's degree, accounting for 50 of the total number of full-time teachers. %; In the professional basic courses and professional courses, there are 121 "dual-teacher quality" teachers, accounting for 61.1% of the total number of full-time teachers; 61 first-line part-time teachers from the enterprise industry; 1 person included in the Fujian Provincial University Outstanding Young Scientific Research Talent Cultivation Plan. In the past two years, teachers have presided over or participated in 6 national-level projects, 34 provincial-level projects, 35 municipal-level projects, and published 90 papers on humanities and social sciences, and published 7 monographs.

The school has “eight departments and two departments”, namely, the Department of Elementary Education, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Computer, Department of Preschool Education, Department of Art, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (in preparation), Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (in preparation), and The Basic Department and the Teaching and Research Department of Ideological and Political Theory Courses offer 23 majors. Among them, elementary education and psychological counseling are the provincial demonstration majors of higher vocational education in Fujian Province; the tour guide major and the Internet of Things application technology major are the pilot majors of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in colleges and universities in Fujian Province; the opera performance (Min Opera) of the Art Department (Fuzhou Art School) ) Majors are national cultural heritage and innovation demonstration majors in vocational colleges across the country.

The school attaches great importance to the reform and research of modern vocational education. There are currently 2 modern apprenticeship pilot projects in Fujian Province: "Network professional training based on modern apprenticeship" in the Department of Computer Science and "Modern Apprenticeship Construction for Social Work Professionals in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences" "; Two applied liberal arts research centers in Fujian Province: Adolescent Mental Health Education Research Center, Basic Education Calligraphy Teaching Research Center. At the same time, two school journals such as "Innovative Education Forum" and "Fuzhou Education Research" were established to research, discuss, and publicize vocational education and Fuzhou basic education.

  The school adheres to scientific development, realizes the coordination of government, school and enterprise, and cooperates in educating people. In March 2016, the school established its first board of directors. Yang Yimin, then deputy secretary of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, served as the chairman. The main leaders of Fuzhou county (city) and district governments and relevant municipal departments, as well as some outstanding alumni, and well-known enterprise representatives served as directors. The first board of directors consists of 33 members. In addition, it has successively carried out strategic cooperation with the China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone Management Committee of Fuzhou Area; jointly organized social work majors with the Gulou District Government; and established Fujian Newland Technology Group, Fujian Xingwang Ruijie Co., Ltd., Beida Jade Bird Co., Ltd. and other well-known Enterprises have carried out cooperative education, and the cooperative education has achieved fruitful results.

The school also has the Fuzhou Education Research Institute, which undertakes the teaching research, teaching guidance and teaching services of basic education (including special education) and early childhood education in Fuzhou, and undertakes the training, training, and education administration of more than 60,000 teachers in the city. Tasks such as cadre training, education and scientific research. In 2016, the school was also selected as a provincial-level training task undertaking organization for the Rural Principal's Assistance Project and Rural Teacher Quality Improvement Project, and made due contributions to promoting the improvement of the quality of the rural basic education teaching staff in our province. In the past two years, in various national and provincial teacher teaching competitions, teaching skills competitions, and high-quality course evaluations, teachers selected and sent by our school in Fuzhou have won more than 50 first prizes in the country and more than 130 first prizes in the province. . The school has realized the four-in-one development of basic education teachers of "cultivation, training, teaching and research, and scientific research", which is unique among similar institutions in the country.

  The school adheres to the school motto of nurturing abundance and compassion, adheres to the school-running philosophy of "all for the development and future of students", and aims to build a professional and humanistic comprehensive quality education platform for students. The employment rate of graduates remains above 90%, among which the employment rate of teachers ranks in the forefront of similar institutions in the province, and the employment rate of non-teachers remains above 98%. The graduates have high social satisfaction and the school’s reputation is high.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the school will actively serve the development strategies of "Fuzhou New Area", "One Belt and One Road", "Free Trade Zone Construction", "Made in China 2025", "Internet +" and other development strategies, based in Fujian, facing the whole country, and serving the foundation Education, serving economic and social development, training high-level elementary education, pre-school education teachers, and high-quality technical and technical talents adapted to regional economic development, further enhancing comprehensive school-running strength, improving the ability to serve economic and social development, and striving to build a distinctive feature and rich connotation , Regional model higher vocational colleges with standardized management.