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Ningde Vocational and Technical College

Ningde Vocational and Technical College is the only higher vocational college in East Fujian sponsored by the People’s Government of Ningde City, approved by the Fujian Provincial People’s Government and established in 2005 and filed by the Ministry of Education. At the end of 2011, it passed the evaluation of the talent training work of the Ministry of Education. At the end of 2015, he was successively awarded the honorary title of "The Twelfth Civilized School of Fujian Province", and was selected as the "Fujian Province Demonstrative Modern Higher Vocational College Construction Project". The earliest predecessor schools of the college are the provincial Fu'an Agricultural Vocational School founded in 1934 and the Fu'an Normal School founded in 1939. It has 82 years of profound school-running history, talented people and far-reaching influence. In 1935, the old principal Zhang Tianfu, a leader in the tea industry, wrote the school motto "Seek Truth from Facts and Practice by Yourself", which established the school's philosophy and spirit of governance. He has trained and produced Wu Zhenduo, the father of tea, Guo Jichun, a national tea tree breeding expert, Jin Chi, a Chinese voice singer, and paper-cutting artist Zheng Pingfang, the winner of the "Hundred Flowers Award", the highest award for Chinese arts and crafts, and Xu Xun, Zheng Zhaoqin, and Lin Naiquan, who have made outstanding achievements in contemporary science and education. A large number of experts and scholars, leading cadres and educators at all levels, etc., have come out in large numbers and have far-reaching influence.

The college is located in Fu'an City, Fujian Province, which was listed as a coastal open city by the State Council in 1993 (the former Ningde District Administrative Office, one of the top ten GDP counties and cities in Fujian Province, and the first GDP of Ningde City), known as the "China Electric Appliance City" ", "China's Small and Medium-sized Motor Export Base", "The Second Largest Private Ship Repairing Base in China", "The Hometown of Chinese Tea", "The Hometown of Southern Grapes", "The Hometown of Green Bamboo in China", "The Birthplace of China's Health Massager ”, “Ecological Port Industrial City”, located in the center of East Fujian, the core area of Sandu'ao region, with superior geographic location, convenient water and land transportation, rich tourism resources, unique cultural landscape, obvious industrial characteristics, and unique economy Vigorous. The college covers an area of 520 acres. There are 7 teaching units including the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Biotechnology, the Department of Culture and Media, the Department of Information Technology and Engineering, the Department of Financial Management, the Department of Public Basics, and the Department of Adult Education. 38 full-time majors and 21 adult education majors that are urgently needed in the fields of equipment manufacturing, cultural education, modern agriculture, and emerging economies and societies have been opened.

The school adheres to the principle of fostering people by virtue, service development as the purpose, employment promotion, integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, integration of work and learning, and the unity of knowledge and action; Haixi, serving the regional economic construction and social development, has gradually formed a higher vocational education in the eastern Fujian region of "work-oriented, relying on regional industries, service transformation and upgrading, integration of industry and education, strong morality and strong technology, four parks in one" feature. Adhering to the school-running spirit of "seeking truth from facts and doing it by yourself", adhere to the ideology of educating people with moral education first and ability first, and adhere to the teaching philosophy of "doing middle school and doing middle school", which integrates factory and school, and combines work with learning. The teaching mode of “strengthening skills training”, focusing on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, promotes each student to become a talent; the college currently has two majors (machinery manufacturing and automation, tea planting and tea processing) that support the “Professional Service Industry Development Capacity Building Project” supported by the central government. 7 provincial-level higher vocational education demonstration majors (machinery manufacturing and automation, electrical and electrical technology, numerical control technology, visual communication design and production, computer application technology, computer network technology, tea planting and tea processing); there are 3 provincial-level boutiques Courses, 9 school-level high-quality courses, many teachers edited or associate editors of the national colleges and universities "Eleventh Five-Year" planning textbooks, edited and participated in the editing of 4 Fujian Province higher vocational planning textbooks, 4 school-enterprise cooperation development courses, Compile 7 textbooks, and cooperate in the preparation of more than 20 handouts and practical training guide books. A large number of high-quality technical and technical talents with excellent professional ethics and professional skills, strong entrepreneurial and sustainable development capabilities, and capable of meeting the first-line needs of production, construction, management and service have been trained.

  The college has a team of teachers with reasonable structure and excellent quality. There are nearly 300 faculty members in the college, and 41% of full-time faculty members have doctoral and master degrees. There are 5 professors and researchers, 31% of full-time teachers with associate professor and above titles, 1 doctoral tutor, 1 expert enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, 2 famous teachers in Fujian colleges and universities, and one hundred professional leaders from Fujian colleges and universities 3 people, 2 national agricultural vocational education teaching teachers, 1 2014 Fujian Province 2nd "Qinghai Cup-Huang Yanpei Vocational Education" Outstanding Teacher Award, Fujian Province 2015 Outstanding Professional Leaders of Higher Education Institutions Visited Overseas Studies 2 There are 1 outstanding young scientific research talents cultivation plan for universities in Fujian Province, 2 provincial-level outstanding teachers, 31 school-level professional leaders, 33 key teachers, and 3 school-level outstanding teaching teams; 78%, also hired a large number of professional and technical personnel and skilled craftsmen from the production line of industry enterprises to come to the school to serve as part-time teachers or practical teaching instructors. A "dual professional" with a higher professional theoretical level and rich teaching and practical experience has been established. Teachers.

   The school has complete experimental training facilities and advanced equipment. There are currently 2 national-level higher vocational education training bases (electric and electrical training bases, tea production and processing technology training bases) supported by the central government, 1 provincial-level vocational education training base, and 2 provincial-level higher vocational education Production training bases, etc.; 66 experimental training rooms on campus, integrating teaching, training, vocational skills identification, scientific research and technology development services, with a real teaching environment. The school actively promotes the integration of work and learning. At present, it has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with more than 90 companies, established 93 off-campus training bases, and built three types of close cooperation to build off-campus training bases: First, the school cooperates to build production, education and research Bases, such as the establishment of off-campus production, education and research bases for tea, horticulture and other agricultural majors in cooperation with the Provincial Tea Research Institute and the Ningde Agricultural Research Institute; the second is the alliance between schools and enterprises to build talent training bases, such as the cooperation with Ningde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Far East Motor Co., Ltd., Xiamen Huaxiangyuan Tea Co., Ltd., Quanmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Heneng Logistics Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huibo Robot Technology Co., Ltd. and many other companies cooperate to implement "order-based" talent training; third is the school-enterprise linkage Internship bases are jointly established in Fu’an Yuxing Machinery Co., Ltd., Fujian Song Metal Industry Co., Ltd., Fuding Pinpinxiang Tea Company, Fujian Junyong Tianxiang Tea Co., Ltd., Fujian Qingtuo Group, Fu’an Normal School Affiliated Primary School, Large enterprises such as Fu'an No. 2 Experimental Kindergarten and Zeyou Home Appliances Co., Ltd. have established off-campus training bases to provide students with internship platforms. Actively explore and implement connotative constructions such as the reform of the new model of "dual system" talent training, promote the innovation of regional vocational education groups and modern apprenticeship pilot models, improve the integration of industry and education, school-enterprise collaborative education mechanisms, and establish regional public training Center, establish a military-civilian integration military-civilian talent training base; guided by students' employment and entrepreneurship ability, integrate vocational skills and professionalism into the talent training program, and incorporate employment and entrepreneurship education into the school quality annual report and graduate employment quality annual report. Comprehensively enhance students' employability and development ability.

The main goal of the college is to cultivate development, compound and innovative high-quality technical skills talents required for industrial transformation and upgrading and enterprise technological innovation. It strives for survival by contribution, support by service, development by characteristics, and emphasis on education and teaching reforms. And innovation. Actively explore the reform of talent training model such as "work-study alternation, class certificate integration, three-stage progressive, school-enterprise co-education", and has achieved remarkable results in talent training, integrating theoretical teaching with job skills, practical teaching and work The integration of process and typical work tasks, the integration of learning situations with new knowledge, new technology, and new technology in frontier fields, the integration of learning activities and professional ethics development, has been awarded the second prize of the Fujian Provincial Higher Vocational College Skills Competition for many consecutive years .

  The college attaches great importance to technological development and social services. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 30 science, education and research projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, provinces and cities, including 1 provincial third prize for scientific and technological progress, 1 second prize of municipal scientific and technological progress, 4 third prizes, and 1 municipal social science outstanding achievement award. item. Actively carry out various activities such as social training and community service. In recent years, it has trained more than 5,000 talents for tea, electrical and mechanical industries, and enterprises, and has made positive contributions to the economic development of East Fujian.

The college vigorously promotes the "dual certificate" system, carries out corresponding vocational qualification certifications for all majors, and issues national, industry or enterprise qualification certificates, forming a one-stop education of "enrollment, professional teaching, vocational qualification training and appraisal, and employment recommendation" service system. In recent years, the acquisition rate of graduates' vocational qualification certificates ("double certificates") has reached 100%, ranking among the top vocational colleges in the province.

   With the continuous improvement of the school's running level and the quality of talent training, the school's social recognition and influence have been greatly improved. The college was selected as a member unit of the National Joint Conference of Principals of Higher Vocational and Technical Colleges, and is the deputy director unit of the National Mechanical Vocational Education Material Engineering Teaching Guidance Committee, the vice chairman unit of the Education Evaluation and Research Branch of the Fujian Higher Education Association, and the executive director of the Fujian Vocational and Technical Education Association The governing unit, the vice chairman unit of Fujian Foundry Industry Association, the vice chairman unit of Fujian Tea Society, the standing director unit of Fujian Shipbuilding Engineering Society and other important industry societies. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has reached more than 98%, and employers’ satisfaction with graduates has reached more than 95%. In the evaluation of the employment of graduates in the province, the evaluation team has won unanimous praise from the experts of the evaluation team. In 2011, the employment work was rated as excellent grade. The college’s innovation and entrepreneurship education is among the top universities in the province. Every year, a relatively large proportion of graduates are approved by the provincial government to obtain the “college graduates’ independent entrepreneurship certificate”. "Fujian University Graduates Entrepreneurship Training Base", "Fujian University Graduates Entrepreneurship Incubation Base" and other titles, at the same time "Ningde City University Student Entrepreneurship Park" settled in the college.

After years of hard work and hard work, the college has achieved remarkable results in various undertakings, and won full affirmation and wide appreciation from all walks of life. Provincial "May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee", Fujian Provincial Social Practice Activity Advanced Unit, Fujian University Campus Culture Construction Achievement Third Prize, Fujian Province "Advanced Unit for Recruitment Work", Ningde City "Advanced Unit for Recruitment Work", "Ningde City Safe Campus ”, “Ningde City Safety Pioneer Unit” and other titles. At the end of 2011, it passed the evaluation of higher vocational and technical personnel training by the Ministry of Education. At the end of 2015, it was selected as the construction institute of 13 “Fujian Province Demonstrative Modern Higher Vocational College Construction Project”. One of the schools; in 2014, the project of “connecting with the leading industrial clusters in East Fujian, innovating and practicing the regional higher vocational electromechanical professional talent training system” won the second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award and the first prize of the Fujian Higher Vocational Education Teaching Achievement Award , 1 second prize each.

   In order to help and motivate students to become talents, in addition to establishing national scholarships and inspirational scholarships, the college has also formulated various measures such as “rewarding excellent students” and “poverty alleviation” to reward outstanding students and support students from poor families. Ningde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Far East Electric Group (Ningde) Co., Ltd., Quanmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Heneng Logistics Co., Ltd. and other companies have set up scholarships and motivational development funds in the college to subsidize students who have targeted employment in the company. In 2011, the College Student Financial Aid Management Center was awarded the "Advanced Unit of Student Aid in Fujian Province".

The college also cooperates with Fujian Normal University, Jimei University, Minnan Normal University, Minjiang College, Fujian Institute of Engineering, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and other undergraduate universities to jointly conduct professional and undergraduate bridging exams. Students will participate in bridging studies during their studies and obtain undergraduate diplomas from self-study exams. And a bachelor’s degree, the state recognizes academic qualifications, enjoys the same treatment as national education, or passes the college entrance examination organized by Fujian Province upon graduation to enter an undergraduate institution for further study. The college actively expands foreign cooperation and exchanges, and has established strategic partnerships with Taiwan Yishou University and Taipei Marine Technology College. The two sides exchanged teachers and students to carry out visits, exchanges and other activities.

At present, the college is under the strong leadership of the school’s party and government team, and in accordance with the "Provincial Demonstrative Modern Higher Vocational College Construction Plan of Ningde Vocational and Technical College", it adheres to the foundation of morality and development, the purpose of service development, and the promotion of employment. , Integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, integration of work and learning, integration of knowledge and action, deepening the construction of connotation, advancing education and teaching reform, innovating talent training models, and gradually forming "work-oriented, relying on regional industries, service transformation and upgrading, integration of industry and education, The characteristics of higher vocational education in the eastern Fujian region, which is based on virtues, strong technology, and four parks, have built the school into an exemplary Fujian Province with a deep integration of schools and enterprises, distinctive characteristics of running schools in the eastern Fujian region, and strong sustainable development and radiation driving capabilities. Modern higher vocational colleges have made new contributions and achievements for the construction of the "Six New Great Ningde" and the economic and social development of the West Bank.

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