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Quanzhou Huaguang Vocational College

Quanzhou Huaguang Vocational College is located in the cultural capital of East Asia, the starting point of the "Maritime Silk Road", an international garden city, the capital of Chinese brands, the country's best charming coastal city, and the famous hometown of overseas Chinese-Quanzhou. It is a cultural and artistic atmosphere. The garden-style institutions of higher learning.

  The school now covers an area of 730 acres, with a construction area of nearly 200,000 square meters. The school has 8 secondary colleges, including the School of Photography, the School of Sports Technology, the School of Art and Design, the School of Construction and Engineering, the School of Business, the School of Health and Elderly Industry, the School of Wedding Industry Management, and the School of Education. , Provincial vocational skills appraisal station and training base inside and outside the school. The scale of enrollment continues to be stable, and the quality of the source of students continues to improve. The school has signed a talent cooperation agreement with enterprises and institutions. The employment rate of graduates has reached more than 98% for five consecutive years. The employment rate of specialty professions such as photography, shoes and clothing is 100%. The quality of talent training is well received by the society. Highly praised. In June 2016, it successfully passed the second round of evaluation of the talent training work of the Ministry of Education. In 2017, it actively created a model modern vocational college in Fujian Province, which is a university supported by Quanzhou City.

The school has been rated as the "Fujian Civilized School" for three consecutive years, and has successively won the "Advanced Unit of Vocational Education in Fujian Province", "National Demonstration Unit for Scientific Research and Education", "China's Famous Photography School", "National Top 100 Photographic Enterprises", " "National Art Education Newcomer Award", "National Photography Industry Management Achievement Award" and other honorary titles.

   In accordance with the school motto of "Respect, Dedication, Fine Art, and Innovation", the school follows the law of higher education development and the law of training and growth of technical and technical talents, and strives to improve the quality of talent training.

The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of "oriented to industry and serving the local area", closely connecting with leading and emerging industries such as Quanzhou Haisi culture, light industrial textiles, e-commerce, and insisting on "optimization (traditional majors), cultivation (emerging majors), clusters (coordinated development) )" professional development ideas, optimize the professional layout, focus on professional adjustment, restructure the professional system, enhance the professional connotation, consolidate the professional foundation, and highlight the professional characteristics. Construct a coordinated professional system and an open professional school platform with the ability to gather various resources, supported by provincial-level boutiques, demonstrations, and key majors, to form photography and camera technology, footwear design and technology, clothing design, interior design technology, electronics Professional groups such as business and construction engineering technology. Actively explore the establishment of a "school-enterprise dual-main body" talent training system, and build a "Huaguang Maker Space" to provide students with an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

  The school has successively established cooperative relations with more than 20 universities in Taiwan, South Korea and other countries (territories). In 2017, it continued to cooperate with Thonburi University in Bangkok, Thailand to set up the Overseas Education College to recruit undergraduate and master students from China to study in Thailand. Actively carry out the "school-school-enterprise" joint training of technical and technical talents in Fujian and Taiwan. In recent years, the school has hosted a number of international competitions and academic seminars: the International Photojournalism Summit Forum, the first cross-strait college student photography contest, the Huaguang Cup Cross-Strait College Photography Season The external reputation of the school.

  The college keeps on pioneering and innovating, and forging ahead actively, it is struggling to apply for the application-oriented local undergraduate colleges with distinctive characteristics.