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Xiamen Vocational College of Performing Arts

Xiamen Vocational College for Performing Arts started to be established in April 2002, approved by the Fujian Provincial People’s Government in February 2004, and officially established by the Ministry of Education. It implements specialist-level vocational education. It is a private comprehensive school with a history of running schools for more than ten years. Higher Vocational Colleges of Sexual Arts. The college was originally founded in Gulangyu for seven years. In November 2009, with the continuous expansion and development of the school's scale, the college moved to the Xiang'an campus as a whole. The college has now completed the first phase of land acquisition of 180 acres of land on the new campus. The first phase of the planning and design plan for the campus with a construction area of 160,000 square meters has also been approved by the Municipal Planning Bureau and is now in the construction phase.

The college implements the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. The dean of the college once said that the professor was the former deputy secretary of the party committee of Jimei University. Accumulated a wealth of experience in university management. At the same time, the college has a team of leaders who are united, forge ahead, full of pioneering spirit, and rich in education and teaching management experience. It is leading the faculty and staff of the college to push the education development of Xiamen Vocational College of Performing Arts to a new level.

The college now has 7 departments, including music department, dance department, science and art department, musical theatre department, choreography department, drama film and television department, economic management department, and public basic department. 14 higher vocational majors, including public affairs management, choreography, musical performance, e-commerce, film and television multimedia technology, aviation services, tourism services and management, Chinese and Western pastry crafts, financial management, and engineering supervision, covering more than 20 professional directions ; In 2011, two adult specialties of dance performance and music performance were also opened.

   There are nearly 1,000 students and more than 100 teachers, including experts and professors from Beijing Dance Academy, Central Conservatory of Music, Chinese Academy of Opera, Beijing Film Academy, Xiamen University, Jimei University and other prestigious universities. The high-level faculty, perfect teaching facilities, and beautiful campus environment have built a wide-caliber and thick-founded platform for students.

   Since the establishment of the college, our school has been cultivating market-required and comprehensively knowledgeable talents with artistic skills as the purpose of running a school. It is known for running schools with unique characteristics and has achieved remarkable results. In 2007, our college opened the province’s only musical theater major and in 2008, the creation and performance of the country’s first original campus musical "Behind the Window Singer" won high praise from all walks of life inside and outside the province, and this pioneering move was also awarded by the province. The Education Department was listed as the 2009 "Provincial Teaching Reform Experimental Project". In 2010, the scientific research project "Gulangyu 3D Simulation Tour Guide System" of Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau undertaken by the Department of Science and Art of the College adopted the project teaching method of combining production, study and research, and achieved good teaching effects and social results, and received unanimous praise from experts. . In the practice of running a school, the college has consciously continued to reform and innovate the training model of art vocational talents, and has embarked on a road of characteristic art education. In 2010, the college became one of the first five "characteristic schools" in the country for the case study of characteristic schools established by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. In 2011, the book "Popular Art", a case study of the college, was published and distributed nationwide by the China Science and Technology Press. Enthusiastic response. For more than ten years, teachers and students have continuously improved their comprehensive quality and professional level, and actively participated in various activities and competitions. Good news has been heard frequently. According to statistics, teachers and students of our school have been in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, East China, and even the country’s art competitions. China has won more than 200 awards in international competitions held in Hong Kong and Singapore. Among them, there are 8 national awards hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Education; 4 awards in six provinces and one city in East China; 14 provincial awards in Fujian. Dispatched by the Ministry of Education and the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles in 2004, the Art Troupe of Xiamen Vocational College for Performing Arts went to France and the Netherlands to participate in the International Folk Art Festival, which was highly praised and welcomed by friends from all over the world. In 2006, the Dance Department of the Academy participated in the 8th National School "Peach and Li Cup" In the dance competition, the participating programs won two third prizes, three outstanding performance awards and four outstanding repertoire awards. In 2007, he participated in the first dance competition for college students in six provinces and one city in East China. The group dance "Festival of Fire" and modern dance " "Never Stop" won the performance award and the second prize in the creation category respectively; in September 2008, a student from the Music Department of Grade 06, Tang Xiao won the second place in the "Piano Performance" category in the "Pearl River Piano" National College Music Education Major Basic Skills Competition; In 2009, the group dance "The Catcher in the Rye" won the gold medal in the dance competition of six provinces and one city in East China; in 2010, he participated in the 7th National "Lotus Cup" campus dance competition, and the group dance "Drunk Plum Garden" won the gold award for creation; held in Seoul, South Korea "Drunk Plum Garden" and "The Catcher in the Rye" won two Seoul International Gold Awards in the World Youth Dance Competition. In 2011, many students from the Department of Music won awards at the Singapore International Piano Competition, the Hong Kong International Piano Open, the "Charming China" International Art Festival, and the 6th Cross-Strait Youth Art Festival. From 2012 to 2014, teachers and students of our school participated in the Fujian University Student Art Festival and won many awards such as the Art Performance Award, the Excellent Creation Award, and the Art Work Award. In 2013, the music department teacher’s work "Sound Practicing Music" was shortlisted in the "Cross-Strait Modern Science and Technology Music Festival". Mr. Guo Gang won the second Fujian Province "Golden Bell Award" Vocal Competition Outstanding Singer; Mr. Chu Zhen won the third Xiamen Youth Youth First prize in the Bel Canto category of the Singer Competition; Yang Jian from the Department of Drama, Film and Television Acting, on behalf of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture, won the Drama Star Award in the 7th China Arts Festival hosted by the Ministry of Culture; the Department of Dance won the second prize in the Fujian Province "Lily Award" Professional Dance Competition Creation Bronze Award and Outstanding Organization Award; In recent years, our students have repeatedly won multiple awards in the Fujian Vocational Skills Competition. In 2014, Hong Ye Xingzi from our school won the National Vocational College The third prize of art professional skills (Chinese dance performance) in the higher vocational group of the skill competition. In July of the same year, Mr. Chu Zhen from the Music Department won the second prize in the "Fourth Peacock Cup National Vocal Music Competition for Higher Art Colleges". This tiring achievement demonstrates the education and teaching level of our college.

Our school has been working hard to explore the establishment of a flexible and open continuing education system in the field of diversified art education that adapts to the development of modern society. In 2010, our school established the Xiamen Vocational College of Performing Arts Continuing Education College, and cooperated with Jimei University and Jilin College of Arts to provide correspondence education for upgrading to undergraduate. ; In 2011, approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Fujian Provincial Department of Education, the Fujian Correspondence Station of Beijing Dance Academy was listed in our college. The current undergraduate majors include dance choreography, dance performance, musical theater direction, international standard dance direction, stage design and public utility management. Wait for 6 professional directions. In order to meet the needs of social candidates, the School of Continuing Education and Beijing Dance Academy have also established a high school cooperation model that starts from high school and goes directly to undergraduate. In addition, it has established a base for children's dance examinations with the Chinese Dancers Association and the Provincial Dancers Association. In recent years, it has provided social training services for more than 3,000 person-times each year. At the same time, it has also trained a large number of high-quality dance teachers with Chinese dance teacher qualification certificates. These teachers sow the seeds of art and spread the fragrance of art in their respective posts at the grassroots level, and cultivated a large number of outstanding students for the examination of children's dance. Our school is also the first to offer a national "quality education dance class" among college students, which will help students adapt to the new needs of education reform and cross-strait art exchanges after graduation.

   In order to implement the spirit of the State Council and the Ministry of Education on accelerating the development of modern vocational education, deepen the integration of industry and academia, school-enterprise cooperation, and strengthen school-enterprise collaborative education. Our school earnestly and actively carried out school-enterprise cooperation, and successively established school-enterprise cooperation relations with more than 20 enterprises and institutions including Xiamen Song and Dance Theater, Xiamen Gulangyu Concert Hall, Xiamen Minnan Tourism and Cultural Industry Co., Ltd., and Xiamen Damuge Animation Co., Ltd. More than 20 off-campus training bases have been built, laying a solid foundation for our college's practical education.

Our school attaches great importance to the cultural and artistic exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan. Since signing the "Agreement on Long-term Cooperation between Gaofeng Digital Content College and Xiamen Vocational College for Performing Arts" signed with Taiwan Gaofeng Digital Content College in 2010, we have used Xiamen’s location advantages to invite Taiwan every year. Famous artists and art groups come to our school to give lectures and academic exchanges. They are: Professor Cai Peizhi, founder of the Taiwan Jazz and Piano Association, and dance artist Liao Moxi; Taiwanese dancer Zhou Jinzhong, famous Taiwanese music producer Lu Guoliang, Taiwan Yuanting Folk Dance Troupe; Professor Hong Zaitian, PhD in Music Education in Taiwan; Famous in Taiwan Professor Lin Shuiyong, music art director and percussionist, etc. In 2014, three students (Ye Jiahui, Ren Zilin, Gao Fanqing) sent by our school to Taiwan Dahua University of Science and Technology for exchange study won the bronze medal in the International Innovation and Invention Poster Competition.

  Our college regards reform and innovation as the driving force of the college's career development, and reforms teaching content, teaching methods and teaching methods. For more than ten years, the original school-running model has been continuously adjusted. On the one hand, it adheres to the development of the school’s characteristic disciplines with art professional education; on the other hand, in order to increase the school’s vitality and enhance the school’s viability, and at the same time respond to the state and the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee. With regard to the government’s new requirements for “actively creating a national information consumption model city” and building a “beautiful Xiamen”, our institute has expanded information and media majors and new majors in tourism, hotel management, economic management, and construction on the basis of the original majors. , In order to meet the demand for talents in the Haixi Economic Zone and Xiamen Special Economic Zone.

Facing the new era of educational reform and development, our college will redouble its efforts, keep pace with the times, and accelerate the construction of the college’s connotation under the leadership and support of superiors and all walks of life, so that the characteristics of Xiamen Vocational College of Performing Arts will be more distinctive, and the quality of education and teaching Continuous improvement will contribute to the great development and prosperity of the culture of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone, the take-off of the Haixi and the construction of spiritual civilization.