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Zhangzhou Vocational College of Technology

Zhangzhou Vocational College of Technology is located in the historical and cultural city of Zhangzhou, a 30-minute drive from downtown Xiamen. It is a full-time general higher education institution approved by the People's Government of Fujian Province and evaluated by the Ministry of Education.


   The teaching area, living area, and factory-school integrated teaching area of the college occupies more than 1,000 acres. The faculty is strong, with 388 teachers and more than 70 senior titles, which have basically met the requirements for running an undergraduate college. The college has School of Media, School of Mechatronics and Information, School of Business, School of Construction Engineering, School of Transportation, School of Flight, School of International Cooperation, School of Adult Education, Department of Basic Teaching, and Modern Education Technology Center. More than 138 training bases inside and outside the school cover electronics, machinery, computers, construction engineering, automobiles, accounting, marketing, logistics management, financial management, printing and packaging, etc., with complete functions and can truly reflect the production process.

  The college focuses on full-time tertiary education and non-academic education in various forms of vocational skills training and skills appraisal, and sends outstanding students to undergraduate colleges and universities. The school runs in strict accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Education, implements an advanced teaching model, is based in Fujian, faces the world, and cultivates high-end technical and skilled talents.

Over the years, the college has been adhering to the idea of "education with the philosophy of an educator and the school with the philosophy of an entrepreneur", with the school motto of "building morality, practice, fine technology, and innovation" as its school motto, with "eight major innovations" as the core, thinking and Enterprising, innovative and self-reliant, we have embarked on a path of multi-mode school development featuring printing, engineering as the focus, and full-time tertiary education as the mainstay. In recent years, the college has received good news frequently. It has successively won the "Fujian Province Model Modern Vocational College"; "China Education Innovation Reform Model College"; "National Advanced Unit for Campus Culture Construction"; "Top Ten Famous Brand Colleges in Private Education in China"; "5A Class Safe Campus" and "School Safety Standardization" first-level standard school; World Skills Competition China Training Base; Fujian University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park; Fujian Printing and Packaging Application Technology Collaborative Innovation Center; Fujian Production Training Base; Province Entrepreneurship incubation base for college graduates; provincial model majors; the first prize of the education and teaching reform achievements of higher vocational colleges in Fujian Province; the second prize of the National Vocational College Skills Competition, the first, second and third prizes of the Provincial Vocational College Skills Competition and The results of college ideological and political theory teaching competitions, etc., have won many provincial honors in education and teaching, famous teacher projects, and excellent teaching resource library construction. At the same time, the college continues to expand its international development platform, continuously expands the channels for running schools, develops diversified forms of running schools, and practices cooperation with universities such as Trinity West University in Canada and Nankai University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, our school will be upgraded to an applied undergraduate college.

   The employment of graduates adopts the "three employment" mode of independent job selection, recommended employment and group employment. Jobs are distributed in well-known large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad. The school and Zijin Mining, Jima Group, Malata Group and other large enterprises implement "order-based" training. The enterprise bears three-year tuition for students and achieves high-quality employment for students.