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Fujian Bioengineering Vocational and Technical College

Fujian Bioengineering Vocational and Technical College was born in accordance with the trend of the times. It was formally established on the basis of the original Fujian Medical School in May 2005. It is a full-time public higher vocational college. Since the establishment of the school, more than 30,000 professionals in the health industry have been trained, and many graduates have become elite backbones in the biomedical industry and enjoy a high social reputation.

The college is located on the banks of the Min River in downtown Fuzhou. There are two campuses, Hongshan Bridge and Tongpan, covering a total area of more than 190 acres; the new campus under construction covers an area of 306 acres, located in Wusi North, Jinan District, Fuzhou, adjacent to Fuzhou National Forest Park, Beifeng and Guling Scenic Areas have beautiful environment, convenient transportation and complete living facilities.

   The school is operating in the health industry, adopting a dislocation development strategy, and focusing on the three professional groups of medicine, food, health service and management. That is, facing the urgent needs of the development of the Haixi health industry, cultivating high-quality technical skills talents in the fields of food, medicine, health and management; jointly researching and developing technologies and standards for the health industry with enterprises to promote the development and growth of the health industry in our province ; To provide the best quality services and guarantees for the health and happiness of the broad masses of people, and strive to play an exemplary, leading and radiating role in serving the development of the health and elderly care industry.

The college has four departments: pharmacy, food and bioengineering, rehabilitation and health care, and business management. It has pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical preparation technology, food nutrition and testing, food quality and safety supervision, and health product development and management. , Biopharmaceutical technology, drug operation and management, food and drug supervision and management, elderly service and management, health management, rehabilitation treatment technology, traditional Chinese medicine health and rehabilitation technology, medical device manufacturing and maintenance, community rehabilitation, drug analysis technology, cosmetics technology and management, 20 urgently needed majors, including biotechnology and application, modern Chinese medicine technology, Chinese medicine pharmaceutical technology, Chinese medicine identification and quality inspection technology, among which 2 majors such as development and management of health products and Chinese medicine are key national construction majors; biopharmaceutical technology, Chinese medicine, The three majors of pharmaceutical business and management are provincial-level boutique majors and demonstration majors, and the four majors of rehabilitation treatment technology, traditional Chinese medicine health care and rehabilitation technology, health management, and elderly service and management are the major development of the college. There are currently 6000 students of various types. Multiple people.

The college has a strong faculty. There are 278 faculty members, including 278 faculty members; 231 specialized technicians, 59 senior titles, accounting for 25.5%; 88 intermediate professional titles, accounting for 38.1%; double-qualified teachers 65 People, accounting for 34.39%. The college has long hired professionals in biology, medicine, food, health care products, and cosmetics from industries, enterprises and institutions as visiting professors and part-time teachers, including 88 off-campus part-time and part-time teachers and 30 guest professors and researchers. Establish 8 scientific research and technical teams including biotechnology, marine biological products, traditional Chinese medicine technology, traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, health food, rehabilitation and health care, health management, and health product operation, forming a team with good style, superb business, reasonable structure, and suitable for higher occupations A team of professional teachers in education.

   The college has complete facilities for teaching, experiment and training, and has built a compound verification, simulation, production and scientific research type experiment and training system inside and outside the school. It has 46 professional laboratories that can meet the experimental teaching needs of various professional courses such as health food, drug and food testing, Chinese medicine identification, electrochemistry, microbial fermentation, etc.; it has built a pharmaceutical production GMP teaching experimental plant, a Chinese medicine processing experimental plant, and a Chinese medicine specimen museum , Traditional Chinese Medicine Baicao Garden, Biopharmaceutical Training Center (provincial financial support project), pharmaceutical stores and 10 provincial and municipal drug inspection institutes distributed throughout the province, Wuyi Mountain Qiyunfeng Natural Museum Training Base, and Nan Wuyi Pharmaceutical Expo Park The training base (provincial demonstration production training base) has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with more than 170 biomedicine and health food enterprises and institutions.

The college currently has 1 national education system reform pilot project, 2 national financial support projects for higher vocational schools to enhance professional service industry development capabilities, 1 provincial-level productive training base, 3 provincial-level boutique majors and demonstration majors, provincial-level 1 high-quality course, 3 provincial-level scientific research platforms, and was selected as one of the first batch of modern mentorship pilot units of the Ministry of Education, the first batch of "dual system" talent training reform pilot projects in Fujian Province, and the national standard research and development and professional talents of traditional Chinese medicine health services Training Base. Developed the national health care product development and management professional teaching standards, edited more than 10 textbooks and monographs (1 national "Eleventh Five-Year" textbook for colleges and universities), and participated in the editing of 26 national medical vocational education pharmacy planning textbooks and 23 School-based textbooks (including 3 national-level excellent textbooks). There are "innovation classes", "paid order classes" and corporate naming classes to continuously promote the innovation and reform of employment-oriented talent training models. The demand for graduates is in short supply, and the employment rate has been ranked first in higher vocational colleges for many years. In 2012, the employment rate of graduates reached 100%, and the employment rate in 2013 was 99.70%. He was invited to give a speech on experience exchange at the provincial employment work symposium, 2014 The annual employment rate was 99.04%, and the 2015 employment rate was 96.83%.

The college has established Fujian Health Industry Research Institute, Fujian Biomedical Product Analysis and Testing Center, Fujian Biomedical Technology Pilot Test Base, Fujian Institute of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Fujian Health and Elderly Industry Research Center, etc.; Fujian Biomedical Product Technology Pilot and Analysis Test Public service platform (provincial scientific research platform), marine biological products Fujian university applied technology engineering center platform (university scientific research innovation platform) and "healthy pension industry Fujian university applied liberal arts research center". Established Fujian Kangfu Health Technology Co., Ltd., relying on the strength of 8 technical teams, uniting scientific research institutes and enterprises in the province, and vigorously promoting the close integration of production, education and research, the transformation of technological achievements, the analysis and testing of health products, the promotion of health products, technical training, etc. , And strive to build a public platform for the development and service of health industry technology in our province. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 50 scientific and technological projects in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and prefecture-level (department-level) scientific and technological projects of the country and Fujian Province, providing enterprises with technical services, consulting services, and achievement transformation More than 10 items.

  The college adheres to the development strategy of "one body and two wings", and continuously expands the breadth and depth of opening schools. Co-organized the "3+2" five-year higher vocational education with 7 secondary vocational schools including Fujian Industry and Trade School, Fujian School of Architecture and Fujian Business School; and Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Xiamen Jimei University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical Department Four undergraduate universities including universities jointly run adult undergraduate education and self-examination courses; signed cooperation agreements with Taiwan Zhongzhou University of Science and Technology, Jianan University of Pharmacology, Yuanpei University of Science and Technology, etc., to carry out teacher exchanges and select students to study in Taiwan Signed a training and education cooperation agreement with the Chinese Investment Agency of the German Dental Technology Association; established an adult teaching network covering 9 prefectures and cities in the province; established the first Red Cross on-site rescue training center teaching point among colleges and universities in the province; facing both inside and outside the school, Vigorously promote the training and appraisal of vocational skills for traditional Chinese medicine dispensers, pharmaceutical purchasers, public nutritionists, psychological counselors, rehabilitation therapists, health masseurs, and health managers. The college vocational skills appraisal station has been rated as vocational skills in Fujian Province for 10 consecutive years Identify outstanding units; set up a team of teachers, promote pre-examination training for licensed pharmacists, GSP and GMP certifier training, etc., and initially establish the connection between general education and continuing education, the penetration of various vocational skills training, and the direct access to modern vocational education and undergraduate education Vocational education system.

   The group of geese fly high and lead the geese. The college has a strong, united and pragmatic leadership team. They are uniting and leading the entire college's teachers, students and staff with their superb school-running ability, advanced vocational education concepts and pragmatic entrepreneurial style to promote the "Internet + health". (Education, science and technology, industry, culture) engineering construction, moving forward and stride forward to build a higher vocational college with status in the province, influential in the country, and unique in running schools!