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Quanzhou Ocean Vocational College

Quanzhou Ocean University is a full-time general higher education institution approved by the People’s Government of Fujian Province and filed by the Ministry of Education and included in the National College Entrance Examination Plan. It has the qualification to independently issue national academic certificates. It is the only one in Fujian Province that specializes in marine majors. Private colleges and universities. The college is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese on the southeast coast of China, the largest port in the East with a well-known history, and the starting point of the ancient Chinese Maritime Silk Road. The college is located on the south bank of Quanzhou Bay. The campus is surrounded by mountains and the sea, with beautiful scenery.

  The founder of the college, Mr. Cai Tianzhen, the chairman of Taishan Petroleum (Singapore) Co., Ltd., was born in Shishi, lived in Singapore, and was enthusiastic about public welfare and charity in his hometown. He has been commended by the Fujian Provincial Government twice. Mr. Cai has been engaged in the energy and marine industry for many years. He has a very in-depth participation and understanding of the marine industry, marine information, and marine talents. He returned to his hometown in 2005 to establish the college and officially enrolled students in 2009. There are 3,000 students in the school, and the college is committed to cultivating sea-related professionals for the country.

  The college attaches great importance to campus construction. The college covers a total area of 777 acres, including 94 acres of the seaside training base. The base sits on a beautiful coastline, beaches and independent docks (rare in universities at home and abroad). It is planned to carry out marine engineering professional personnel training, navigation professional student training, international and domestic senior crew training, and offshore fishing crew training. The college has invested more than 550 million yuan and has built a school building area of about 100,000 square meters. The total planned investment is over RMB 1 billion, and the planned construction area is 300,000 square meters. After it is fully completed, it can accommodate more than 10,000 students in school. At present, the college has built modern teaching facilities in accordance with the standards of high-level ocean universities at home and abroad, including nautical simulation cockpits, multimedia classrooms, computer laboratories, paperless examination rooms, language rooms, electronic reading rooms, libraries, etc. The college has domestic first-class navigation training center, marine engine training center, water training center, standard swimming pool, lighted basketball court, 400-meter standard sports field and other teaching and sports facilities. The college is also the only college in China that is equipped with the "Yuhang" (can sail) teaching and training ship in the campus water training center. This teaching and training ship can be used to carry out the basic cargo operations of oil tankers, chemical tankers, and liquefied gas tankers from T01 to T06. Training and advanced training, all kinds of simulation and practical teaching instruments, facilities and equipment related to sea-related professions are complete.

The college has also built a leading marine cultural stone carving landscape wall in China. The cultural wall is composed of 189 stone reliefs. Two statues "Anchoring the East China Sea" and "Road to the West" are erected on both sides of the main gate square. The two sides of the gate are engraved with The themes of Western nautical history such as Marco Polo and Columbus and the giant relief sculptures engraved with the theme of Eastern nautical history such as Zheng He's voyages to the West. The engraving patterns on the entire wall are based on the very precious historical materials of Quanzhou overseas transportation provided by Quanzhou Haijiaoguan. . The founder of the college, Mr. Cai Tianzhen, spent huge sums of money and painstaking efforts to build the ocean culture school wall, aiming to record and vividly reproduce the "largest port in the East" for the world through stone carvings-the prosperous scene of "the sound of the rising sea" in Quanzhou Port. . The college has made great efforts to build seven lake landscapes and integrate the lake water system circulation into one. It has uniquely created a classic and elegant ecological water system landscape, and the two natural mountains on the campus constitute a beautiful scenery against the mountains and waters. The college currently has 46 on-campus training bases, of which the "Ocean-going Crew Navigation Skills Training Center" is a provincial-level productive training base, and it has established more than 50 off-campus training bases with the government and other units. Jointly build a marine biological science and technology exhibition hall, which uses advanced technology to fully display the marine economic development of the area where the college is located and the bright prospects of the marine industry. The college also cooperates with a number of education and training group companies to carry out professional education and training in aviation services, flight attendants, high-speed rail attendants, cruise attendants, etc. Each year, it trains hundreds of academic education and non-academic trainees in the above majors for the society.

  The college attaches great importance to the training and construction of school characteristics and teaching staff. There are more than 200 faculty members and 131 full-time teachers, including 1 doctoral student, 35 postgraduates, 18 associate professors and above, including 2 second-level professors and 75 dual-qualified teachers. There are teaching departments (centers) such as navigation department, marine engineering department, humanities department, art system, basic department, continuing education college, international crew training center, and offshore fishermen training center. There are 25 majors, including navigation technology and marine engineering technology. Four majors, including marine engineering technology, and marine engineering technology, are key majors supported by government finance. Starting from 2016, students who apply for the above four majors will receive a government financial subsidy of 6,000 yuan per year during their studies at the school. In addition, navigation technology, marine engineering technology, ship engineering technology and other majors are the "Navy Direct Recruitment of Non-commissioned Officers". Every year, dozens of outstanding graduates are directly recruited by the Navy as active-duty non-commissioned officers, sending professionals to the National Navy. In 2018, the number of non-commissioned officers directly recruited by the academy's troops exceeded 50% of the entire Quanzhou area. From 2014 to 2018, it was awarded the city's advanced unit for conscription work for five consecutive years. Honorary title. Since its establishment, the college has trained more than 5,000 college graduates for the society with 7 sessions, and the average employment rate of graduates has reached 98.89%. In 2014, it passed the evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges of Fujian Provincial Department of Education. In 2015, it was identified as the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units in Fujian Province; the "four-wheel drive" quality education model won the third prize of Fujian Provincial Campus Culture Construction. In February 2016, "China Education News" featured "Quanzhou Ocean Vocational College: Hone Professional Quality in Gratitude" as a special report on the gratitude education that the college implements the core socialist values. In April 2016, the college was identified as the first batch of pilot units for the “dual system” talent training model in Fujian Province. In June 2016, the college was awarded the title of "2013-2015 Shishi Civilized School". In September 2017, the college won the second prize of Fujian Vocational Education Teaching Achievement; in October 2017, it won the training qualification of the college's senior crew international shipping area; in April 2018, it won the second prize of Fujian Province Teaching Achievement; in August 2018, it passed the quality management Intermediate/additional review of the system; in October 2018, it was officially approved for special ship crew training qualifications through the National Maritime Safety Administration.

  The college attaches great importance to serving the society. In 2010, he was awarded the title of "Crew Competency Evaluation Demonstration Site" by the Quanzhou Maritime Safety Administration, and was also identified as a national first-class fishery, etc. An important training base for duty crews, accumulative non-academic education and training has exceeded 10,000 person-times. The quality of crew education and training has been rated as A-level (the highest level) by Fujian Maritime Safety Administration for many years. The college has established the school-running goal of "an open and diverse applied-skilled university with marine characteristics that serves the society as its mission" and the school-running service positioning of "based in Quanzhou, serving Fujian, facing the country, and going international".

On April 24, 2017, the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council approved the establishment of a "National Poverty Alleviation Employment and Entrepreneurship Training Base" in the college, focusing on the development of vocational skills training for new growth labor from poor families in five provinces (regions) including Ningxia, Gansu, Sichuan, Anhui, and Henan. . The college has specially formulated education and training programs, striving to innovate and create excellence in the national education poverty alleviation work. According to the arrangement of the Office of the State Council’s Poverty Alleviation Office, in 2019, it is planned to recruit 1,000 students from the dual system of poverty alleviation education (full-time) and 2,000 special trainees for poverty alleviation. According to the training and employment agreement signed by the college and the enterprise, the counterpart enterprise order-based training model is adopted. After the academic period expires, the counterpart position can be placed for employment after passing the examination.

   In order to further integrate domestic and foreign high-quality resources to strengthen and expand the training of marine professionals, to serve the national marine economic construction, and to respond to the "Marine Power" and "One Belt One Road" national strategy, the college is actively applying for the upgrade to "Fujian Ocean University". The college cooperated with Taiwan Ocean University, Quanzhou Science and Technology Bureau and Quanzhou Marine Industry Technology Innovation Alliance to establish the "Quanzhou Marine Industry Innovation Research Institute", and held the Quanzhou Marine Industry Technology Innovation Summit Forum at the college on May 20, 2017.

At present, the college has carried out exchange visits and exchanges with Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. The two parties have determined the cooperation mode of resource partnerships and signed agreements on the establishment of the "International Academy of Marine Engineering Science", "International Training Center" and "Special Ship International Academy". The cooperation memorandum of understanding and the summary of cooperation, the two parties will be committed to the development of marine engineering design, research and development, construction and international senior crew, offshore drilling platform and special ship professional technical operations and other fields of scientific research and training work. In order to broaden the employment channels for graduates and provide high-quality jobs for graduates and trainees, the college actively promotes school-enterprise cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies, and has signed an agreement with the world’s largest British energy recruitment company (Spencer Ogden Energy Pte Ltd") Talent training school-enterprise cooperation agreement; signed a formal contract with a large German ship management company (Hammonia Reederi GmbH & Co. Less than 500 employees/year). And it has a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Offshore Oilfield Services Co., Ltd. Pan Pacific Drilling Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., and China Merchants Group. A number of well-known state-owned enterprises, such as its subsidiary Hong Kong China Merchants Industry Group Co., Ltd., and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's wholly-owned subsidiary Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., have signed agreements of intent for school-enterprise cooperation in talent training. The achievement of these cooperative intentions will upgrade the college to The approval of the "Fujian Ocean University" application and the cooperation between the "International Academy of Ocean Engineering" and the "International Training Center" have laid a solid foundation.