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Quanzhou Vocational and Technical College of Economics and Trade

Quanzhou Vocational and Technical College of Economics and Trade is a full-time public higher vocational college approved by the Fujian Provincial People’s Government in 2004. It is located in the cultural capital of East Asia, a national historical and cultural city, and the starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road-Quanzhou, a well-known hometown of overseas Chinese. It faces Quanzhou’s mother river Jinjiang in front and backs against the famous scenic spot Zimao Mountain. It is only about fifteen minutes' drive from the airport, train stations, and high-speed entrances. The scenery is beautiful and the transportation is convenient.

The predecessor of the college was Quanzhou Business School (Quanzhou Supply and Marketing School and Quanzhou Business School were merged on the basis of the merger). In 2009, Quanzhou Cishan School of Finance and Economics was incorporated into an organizational system. It has 54 years of school history.

Since the establishment of higher vocational education, the college has adhered to the school-running mission of "Leaving morals and cultivating people and serving the society" and the school-running philosophy of "Through the spirit of craftsmanship to provide warm vocational education", closely focusing on the needs of regional economic construction and social development. Major regional and industry development strategies, closely focusing on the needs of industrial cluster construction and transformation and upgrading, and fostering high-quality technology with the coordinated development of the three qualities of “ideological and political, scientific, humanistic, and physical and mental” and the dual core competence of “professional core skills and professional core competence” With skilled talents, we will strive to build a regional high-quality vocational college that "emphasizes Quanzhou's characteristics and demonstrates its economic and trade advantages".

The college covers a total area of 502 acres, with a construction area of 117,300 square meters, 66 on-campus experimental training rooms, 86 off-campus practice bases, more than 450,000 paper books in the collection, 16,000 GB of e-book resources; more than 20 campus restaurants, students The apartment’s air-conditioning, water heater and other living facilities are complete, and the WIFI campus is fully covered.

The college currently has more than 300 faculty members and more than 5,000 students. There are 8 teaching departments (departments) including accounting, business, information technology, light industry, economic management, and Cishan branch. Accounting (certified accountant), international business, business English (cross-border e-commerce), 26 majors (directions), including network marketing, port and shipping management, logistics management, clothing design and technology, automobile application and maintenance technology, and applied electronic technology, are enrolled nationwide to form a "prominent economic and trade major" that meets the needs of local economic and social construction and development. Advantages, coordinated development of the professional structure system of light industry and electronic majors.

In recent years, the college attaches great importance to the construction of the teaching staff, adheres to the strategy of “strengthening the school with talents”, and strives to build a team of teachers with excellent quality, reasonable structure, and combination of professional and concurrent. Among them, teachers with high and intermediate titles account for more than 70% of full-time teachers, doctoral and master degree teachers account for more than 50% of full-time teachers, and "double-qualified" teachers account for more than 90% of professional teachers. The college also attaches great importance to teaching and research work. It has 21 scientific research institutions including the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center, the Cross-cultural Exchange Research Center, the New Media Marketing Research Center, and the Market Management Law Research Center. The pertinence, practicality and foresight of the research have improved the level of teaching and scientific research, and the results of teaching and scientific research have been gratifying. Presided over the completion of nearly 60 provincial and municipal research projects; won 3 provincial excellent teaching achievement awards, and 3 philosophy and social science achievement awards in Quanzhou and Xiamen; edited and participated in the editing of textbooks or published more than 30 academic monographs; Taxation Research, International Economic and Trade Research, International Financial Research, Economics and Management Research, Contemporary Finance, Financial Economics Research, Guangming Daily, Statistics and Information Forum, and other newspapers and publications More than 1,000 papers; provide more than 100 technical services such as "investment project feasibility study"; obtain 10 patent registrations; obtain 1 computer software copyright.

The college adheres to the responsibility and mission of “serving the development of society and promoting the growth of students” as the college’s responsibility and mission, and cultivates students’ core professional competence and “Internet +” online line with “three comprehensives (full staff participation, full process penetration, and full coverage)” Taking the two characteristic projects of the self-learning platform as the starting point, the in-depth implementation of the supply-side structural reform practice from the two dimensions of supply structure and supply mode has achieved good results. In recent years, students have been organized to participate in various vocational skill competitions, and their results have improved significantly. Won 3 national first prizes, 1 second prize, 4 third prizes; 11 provincial first prizes, 21 second prizes, and 17 third prizes.

The college adheres to the school motto of "Ming Morality, Good Learning, Strong Skills and Practice", is close to the needs of regional industrial development, pays attention to school-enterprise cooperation, conveys various professional and technical personnel for economic development, strives to become an important base for regional technical and technical personnel training and training, and promotes advanced ideas An important position for excellent culture and an important highland serving regional economic development. In recent years, the employment situation of graduates has shown a good momentum of steady progress. The overall employment rate has remained above 98%, and the “dual certificate” rate of graduates has exceeded 95%. Graduates stay in Fujian to work, and more than 50% of the graduates stay in Quanzhou for employment. Graduates have become an outstanding group with social competitiveness and welcomed by the society. The satisfaction rate of employers has reached more than 90%, and they have made positive contributions to serving Haisi and the construction of "Five Quanzhou".