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Zhangzhou City Vocational College

Zhangzhou City Vocational College is a college-level full-time general higher vocational school organized by the People's Government of Zhangzhou City, approved by the People's Government of Fujian Province, and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is a fully funded institution. In 2003, Longxi Normal School (which can be traced back to the Tingzhanglong Teacher Training Institute established in 1905) and Yunxiao Normal School (founded in 1958) were merged into Zhangzhou Institute of Education (formerly known as the Longxi Prefectural Primary School founded in February 1955) Administrative cadre workshop); In 2007, Zhangzhou Institute of Education was restructured into a general higher vocational school, and its name was changed to "Zhangzhou City Vocational College". In 2017, the college passed the second round of evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges.

The college is located in the Xiyangping University Park, Xiangcheng District, Zhangzhou City. The school headquarters covers an area of 180 acres, the Xinhua West campus is 7.8 acres, and the farm is 93.38 acres. The total construction area is 105,000 square meters. The total fixed assets are 211 million yuan. There are 88 bases, college student innovation and entrepreneurship parks, affiliated kindergartens and 109 off-campus practice bases. The college pays attention to inheriting a century of teacher education and vigorously developing modern higher vocational education. There are currently 6,670 full-time students (including 547 students in five-year specialization). There are Department of Teacher Education, Department of Preschool Education, Department of Culture, Art and Creativity, Department of Economic Management, Department of Gardening and Horticulture, Department of Food Engineering, Department of Electronic Information Engineering, as well as the School of Marxism, Department of Public Basics, Continuing Education and Training Center, etc.; 34 majors (including directions) that meet the needs of regional industrial structure and social development. At present, the college has 2 majors supported by the central government to improve the development of professional service industries, 1 model major of provincial higher vocational colleges, 1 provincial-level quality major, 13 provincial-level quality resource sharing courses, and 1 provincial-level comprehensive experiment of teaching reform The project, 4 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship education reform pilot majors, and one of the first batch of provincial-level vocational education boutique online open courses, was listed as a basic education teacher training base by Zhangzhou City.

  The college has a team of teachers with capable personnel, reasonable structure and high level. There are 393 faculty members, 234 full-time teachers, 92 teachers with associate senior level or above, 3 doctors, and 55.6% of the "dual-qualified" teachers. There are 2 provincial-level teaching teams, 2 provincial-level professional leaders, and 1 provincial-level teaching teacher. A group of industry and enterprise management talents, skilled craftsmen, and non-genetic inheritors have been recruited into the team of "dual teacher" part-time teachers.

   College adheres to the spirit of Longxi Normal University's century-old school, adheres to the "student-oriented" approach, and takes the path of connotative development. Strengthen the awareness of quality, and focus on the cultivation of technical skills talents with comprehensive and coordinated development of moral cultivation, comprehensive quality, technical skills and innovation awareness. Actively explore teaching reforms and have successively won the second prize of 3 provincial teaching achievements. The college's 2018 Fujian Provincial College Entrance Examination (Specialist Approval) first-round enrollment was fully enrolled at one time, another major breakthrough after one of the only four colleges in the province enrolled in the spring. Both batches of enrollment in the Spring and Autumn Period have achieved "one-time enrollment", and the investment rate and admission rate have reached 100%. Graduates are generally welcomed by employers for their strong adaptability, strong hands-on ability, and high overall quality. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 96%.

  The college insists on opening up schools to serve social development. Cooperate with national (territory) domestic and foreign universities, governments, schools and enterprises in various counties and districts to promote the "One County One Agreement." Actively undertake the public-funded male teacher education in Zhangzhou City, and serve the education of rural teachers; set up a new type of professional farmer education junior class to improve the quality of laborers and higher vocational education. A campus radio and television station has been established, and in-depth cooperation with Zhangzhou TV station; 9 research institutes have been established including Zodiac Week and Minnan Culture, Minnan Folk Art, Internet Economy, Flowers, Food Technology, and Intelligent Product Development, and have produced a batch of research and innovation results.

At present, the college is taking the "13th Five-Year Plan" as an opportunity to vigorously promote the "City +" development strategy, continue to improve the quality and level of running a school, promote connotation construction, and strive to become a well-known, industry-leading high school with a certain demonstrative and leading role. Level city vocational colleges.