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  Xiamen Xingcai Vocational and Technical College was founded in 1983. It is a full-time general higher education institution approved by the People's Government of Fujian Province, filed by the Ministry of Education, and included in the national college entrance examination unified enrollment plan. In April 2018, it successfully passed the "Second Round Evaluation of Talent Cultivation Work in Higher Vocational Colleges", and was fully affirmed and highly praised by evaluation experts. The school has been awarded "Safety First School" and "Advanced Unit for Comprehensive Management and Safety Target Management" by Xiamen City. The school is located in the Jimei Cultural and Educational District of Xiamen City (the core area of the third phase of Xiamen Software Park), adjacent to the North Xiamen High-speed Railway Station, and neighbors Jimei University, the Xiamen campus of Huaqiao University, and Xiamen University of Technology.

  The school focuses on full-time higher vocational education, combining academic education and non-academic education, full-time education and continuing education, domestic training and overseas joint training. At the same time, various types of vocational skill training and vocational qualification appraisal are actively carried out for the society, and various forms of vocational and technical education are carried out. The school recruits students from all over the country, recruiting candidates from various categories (all full-time), including the unified entrance examination for college entrance examination, education exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan, self-examination, completion examination, and cooperative education. There are more than 6,000 full-time students and more than 300 teachers. Among the teachers, there are provincial-level teaching teachers and provincial key university teaching teachers, 30% of them have senior professional titles, most teachers have a master's degree or above, and 80.6% are "dual-teacher quality".

The school currently consists of seven teaching units: the School of Economics and Trade, the School of Management, the School of Engineering (including the School of Information), the School of Art and Architecture, the School of Education, the Department of Ideological and Political Education, and the Department of Basic Teaching. It offers software technology, communication technology, numerical control technology, and accounting. , Hotel management, construction project management, architectural interior design, etc. 23 popular majors that meet the needs of social and economic development in Haixi and Xiamen, connect with industries, and are in short market, have formed software information, construction engineering, economic management, business, and art Professional groups such as design. At the same time, 9 special courses co-studied with Fujian Normal University, Huaqiao University and Jimei University are set up. The school has 36 training rooms and a productive training base on campus, including CNC training center, PLC and single-chip microcomputer laboratory, e-commerce training room, computerized accounting training room, and business management sand table simulation training center.

The school has always adhered to the school-running philosophy of "ethics first, student-oriented, characteristic school development, and quality school". There are 2 training bases supported by the central government, 2 first prizes for provincial teaching achievements, and second provincial teaching achievements. 1 prize, 1 provincial financial support training base, 2 provincial higher vocational demonstration majors, 1 provincial service industry characteristic professional group, 3 provincial education reform pilot projects, and 2 provincial higher education reform research projects , There are 4 provincial-level innovation and entrepreneurship education reform pilot majors, 61 provincial-level scientific research projects, 3 municipal-level key majors, 1 city-level comprehensive experimental project of teaching reform, and 9 municipal-level scientific research projects. In the report on the development potential of higher vocational colleges in the province issued by the Fujian Education Evaluation Center in recent years, the school ranks among the top vocational colleges in the province in terms of scores on the first-level indicator of "development quality". Students’ vocational skills have been significantly enhanced. In 2015 and 2016, he won the second prize of the group in the provincial higher vocational skill competition for two consecutive years, ranking among the top private higher vocational colleges in the province. In the past three years, students have won a total of 222 awards in various skill competitions at all levels, including 2 national awards, 14 provincial first prizes, 38 second prizes, 69 third prizes, and 27 municipal first prizes. , 39 second prizes and 33 third prizes. Among them, in the 2017 Xiamen Higher Vocational College Skills Competition, our school won a total of 6 first prizes (all first), 4 second prizes, 7 third prizes, with a total score of 122, and 9 in the city. The participating higher vocational colleges ranked second (the first among residents-run colleges) and won the second prize of the group. At the same time, our school successfully hosted two competitions, namely "Marketing Skills" and "Computer Network Application".

   is to strengthen the cultivation of students' innovation and entrepreneurial abilities. The school established a secondary institution-"Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Employment Guidance Center" (referred to as "Creation Center"), responsible for the organization, management and guidance of student innovation and entrepreneurship education, and incorporated innovation and entrepreneurship guidance and career planning into the curriculum system of professional talent training programs. Established the campus innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base-Xingcai Zhigu, equipped entrepreneurial mentors for entrepreneurial students, carried out entrepreneurial project practice, organized entrepreneurial competitions, and the actual effect of entrepreneurship was gradually showing. For example, in 2017, Xingcaizhi Valley had 21 projects settled in, 11 projects have registered companies, and 3 projects have been incubated. In January 2018, the base was selected by the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau as "Xiamen City-level Maker Space" (Xia Ke Chuang [2018] Document No. 1), it is the only university in Xiamen to receive this honor. In the school's e-commerce entrepreneurship experimental class, there are more than a dozen students who start their own businesses, and several of them have annual sales of 200,000 to 1 million yuan during their self-employment. The comprehensive quality of the students cultivated by the school is high, and the school-school-enterprise cooperation and employment services are in place. The past students of Xingcai have a high degree of social recognition and strong employment competitiveness. The employment rate of recent three graduates is as high as 98%.

The school always adheres to the education concept of "building morality and building people as the foundation", and leads the ideological and political education of college students with the spirit of the times and the core values of socialism. "Honesty and fine technology" talents who can do things and understand civilization. Taking the "College Students Civilized Self-cultivation Project" as the main line, promote the construction of family virtues and train students to "strive to be a good son"; promote the construction of personal morals and train students to "strive to be a good student"; promote the construction of social ethics and train students" Strive to be a good citizen"; promote the construction of professional ethics, train students to "strive to be a good employee", through "filial piety and gratitude activities", "student mentor system", "happy learning·happy life" and "young volunteer service" "The four major activity carriers provide aesthetic education courses for all students, strengthen the guidance of students' aesthetic education practice activities, and enable Xingcai students to achieve aesthetic and humanistic quality improvement and healthy personality in a strong education atmosphere and colorful cultural activities. shape. "'Family Accounts, Book from Two Places, Talking about Life'" Filial Piety and Thanksgiving Education Activities" won the first batch of provincial college students' ideological and political education innovation demonstration project, provincial college campus culture construction outstanding achievement third prize, provincial college ideological and political education research conference year The third prize of the conference; the "Xiamen Xingcai College-Xincun Primary School" Service Station for Young Workers' Children" was selected as one of the top ten projects of "One Regiment, One Product, One Feature" in Xiamen City, and the third prize for outstanding achievements in the construction of campus culture in provincial colleges and universities.

   Since the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the school has implemented the "Introduction of Enterprises to School" action plan. Introduce "Xiamen Jingjia Industry and Trade Co., Ltd." as a whole, and jointly build "Mechatronics" and "Numerical Control Technology" majors with schools and enterprises; sign a school-enterprise in-depth cooperation strategic agreement with the well-known leading scientific and technological innovation enterprise "ZTE". Established a secondary college "Xingcai College-ZTE Institute of Communication and Information" and set up a "Communication Technology" major; "Xiamen China Youth Travel Service" established a branch business organization "Changtu Travel Studio" in the school, and the school and enterprise jointly established a "hotel management" "Professional; "Jiumu Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd." set up a customer service center in the school, and the school and enterprise jointly established the "e-commerce" and "marketing" majors; "Xiamen Fantai Interior Design Co., Ltd." set up a studio in the school, Co-build the "architectural interior design" major.

The new progress of "introducing enterprises into schools" has effectively promoted the integration of school production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation into a deeper and higher level, integrating majors into the industry, linking courses to posts, teaching teaching into production, and school-enterprise collaborative education. accomplish. Take the “communication technology” major jointly established by the school and ZTE Corporation as an example: the school and enterprise jointly formulate a professional talent training plan, jointly develop a curriculum and teaching resource library, and focus on building a curriculum that is oriented to the actual job position and focuses on cultivating vocational competence System; the teaching content and teaching materials used in professional courses are mostly taken from the professional standard materials and technical documents developed by ZTE; the professional core and professional quality courses are undertaken by the front-line engineers and management team sent by ZTE (currently ZTE is full-time on campus) Professional team members have reached 7), the two parties jointly built a dual-teacher dual-capable teacher team; the two parties jointly built a communication technology practice teaching platform, with a total investment of more than 11 million yuan, of which the core professional equipment was provided by ZTE Corporation. The platform was awarded 2015 Xiamen City’s “School-Enterprise Co-construction Training Base” financial special fund awards and supplements; students obtain professional qualification certificates for certification in the communications industry, and so on. The pre-employment rate of the first graduates of the communication technology major in 2017 for internship reached 100%. After active exploration and practice, the school has formed the school-running characteristics of "introducing enterprises into the school, co-constructing majors, integrating production and education, and coordinating education".

  How to proactively adapt to the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation trends, and deepen the reform of higher vocational education, is a new task before us. Opportunities and challenges coexist, hope and difficulties coexist, Xiamen Xingcai will not forget its original intention and move forward. Adhering to the foundation of Lide and building people, in order to achieve the goal set by the school's "13th Five-Year" development plan-establish the school in Xiamen, radiate the economic zone on the west side of the Strait, focus on serving small, medium and micro enterprises, and integrate into the third phase of the development of Xiamen Software Park The "production, learning, and research" integrated higher vocational education base, the level of running a school is in the forefront of similar institutions in the province, and the private higher vocational education has a strong school and strives hard!