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Chongqing Vocational College of Light Industry

Chongqing Vocational College of Light Industry is a full-time general higher vocational college. Located in the high-tech zone in the main city of Chongqing, adjacent to Chongqing University Town, it has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The campus building is in Spanish Patio style, simple and elegant, quiet and beautiful. The college adheres to the value of "students' growth needs are paramount", practices small class teaching and small class management, teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, and promotes everyone to become talents.

The college follows the unified deployment and requirements of the Ministry of Education and other six departments on “integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation”, and cooperates with Hollyland Group, Chongqing Jialan Yuelin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Food Industry Research Institute, and China Suman Group, a subsidiary of Liangyu Group. Fragrant Catering Group jointly established the Chongqing Food Industry Industry-Education Integration Collaborative Innovation Alliance to explore new ways to run schools under the alliance system; order-based training with Chongqing Taiji Group, Yunnan Baiyao Group and Changan Group; established employment cooperation with more than 300 enterprises and institutions across the country Relations, enrollment means employment, and the demand for graduates is in short supply, ensuring that graduates can achieve full, wide-ranging and personalized 100% employment.

The college’s living environment is comfortable, the student dormitories are equipped with air conditioners, water heaters, water dispensers, washing machines, campus network high-speed access, supermarkets, bank teller machines and other convenient living facilities, surrounding medical care, bus stations, shopping, entertainment facilities are complete, community security is good; The second phase of the college's construction in progress will build a new library, gymnasium, training building, and student apartment, with a total construction area of more than 100,000 square meters.

The college is rich in club activities. There are more than 30 clubs in the school to meet the personality development of students. There are many ways to improve the academic qualifications of students. You can choose to study abroad, upgrade to undergraduate, special title, undergraduate distance education, and further study to obtain a master's degree.

There are 21 majors enrolled in the school in 2020. These are the majors that have been continuously optimized since the establishment of the school. Among them, the advantages and characteristics of the majors are: early childhood development and health management, drug operation and management, drug quality and safety, drug preparation technology, community rehabilitation technology , Industrial robot technology, mechatronics technology, new energy vehicle technology, Internet of Things technology, big data technology and application, food processing technology, food inspection technology, cooking technology and nutrition, digital media application technology, etc. These majors are both liberal arts and sciences. The counterparts in higher vocational (pharmaceutical, automotive, computer, e-commerce, tourism, accounting, machinery, nursing) can also apply for our related majors, including food (food Students who have infectious diseases in the three majors of processing technology, food testing technology, cooking technology and nutrition cannot apply.

The school adopts "order-based" training for certain majors, such as: Changan Group Order Class, Brilliance Xinyuan Order Class, Yunnan Baiyao Order Class, Taiji Group Order Class, etc. Through school-enterprise cooperation, the college introduces teachers, jointly builds internship training bases, and cooperates with various departments and relevant departments to go deep into the city’s major industrial parks and economic development zones to carry out in-depth social research activities of "visiting agencies, entering parks, and asking enterprises". Extensively contact employers, consolidate and deepen the original employment channels, actively expand new employment channels, highlight professional characteristics, and strive to build a batch of stable off-campus training bases, and build a platform for graduate employment, not only for the good employment of students, but also Let students get a good job, and finally achieve high-quality employment.

The college's classified enrollment plan for 2020 is relatively sufficient, and it is expected to be around 1500, which can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the actual situation of candidates filling in their volunteers.

The school is based on the school-running philosophy of "establishing vocational colleges with cultural foundations", follows the talent training philosophy of "focusing on students' entire careers and cultivating students' sustainable development capabilities", and adheres to the general value of "students' growth needs are paramount". Contribute to the students' maximum growth value during school.

Cultivate students not only have down-to-earth working ability, but also have a special vision for long-term development. During college, develop the ability of independent thinking and independent learning, and develop the habit of self-management. After stepping into society, have the ability to learn again and the stamina for continuous development, and become a technical skill with high moral character, good heart, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, strong hands-on ability, innovative spirit and serving the light industry and service industry Type talents.

We are confident and able to cultivate students who have not outstanding academic performance before entering our school and who are not the "top students" of the school to have high comprehensive quality and comprehensive skills, and are extremely responsible and dedication to themselves, to the family, and to the society. Capable talents. After students enter the society, they can get more opportunities to realize their ideals in life and have greater chances of success, and they will have greater competitiveness in the society.

Teaching characteristics

The college treats education as a systematic project, which is composed of general education, professional theory and technology learning, personality training, career planning, teaching research and other links. Teachers treat every student like their own children, rationally planning their growth based on a comprehensive understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, strengths, interests and hobbies, laying the foundation for their lifelong learning and continuous development. School teachers and curriculum settings must focus on "what to let students learn" and "what method to use", focusing on transmitting ideas and methods, and cultivating ability and wisdom. The teacher guides every student to formulate and implement a reasonable life plan, will explore the potential of the student from different angles, enlighten the wisdom of the student, discover its undiscovered highlights, and use a brand-new education model to make the student relaxed and possessive Experience the joy of learning and success in a challenging environment, so that students can go further on the broad path of their careers in the future.

school life

The established good school spirit, unique campus teacher-student relationship, and democratic management culture are the fundamental guarantee for school teaching standards and high-quality development. The school is rigorous in academic research, multi-disciplinary teaching is cross-penetrated, and the model is flexible and diverse. Students study hard and support each other. Teachers and students communicate freely and teach each other. Everyone on campus respects each other, teachers and students participate in professional seminars, club activities and social practice activities. Everyone has a variety of opportunities to develop and test their abilities, try new things, and reap the joy of learning and creativity. It can help you develop your talents in all aspects. The school provides students with various opportunities to participate in social practice activities, and learn a lot of social knowledge that cannot be learned in books, so that students can more actively pay attention to the social benefits behind the industry after they graduate and enter the society.

Professional advantage

The food packaging and printing majors offered by our college are rare majors in Chongqing higher vocational colleges and even universities in the southwest region. Due to the high degree of professionalization of teachers and technology, the employment prospects of students in these two majors are very promising.

The financial management major of our college trains financial management personnel with high quality, high degree of specialization, and strong ability to analyze and solve practical problems. It is booked in advance by excellent enterprises and institutions that are well aware of the education concept of the Institute of Light Industry. This fully reflects the good quality of the professional talents cultivated by our college and is fully affirmed by the society and employers.

Hotel management is a specialty that our hospital focuses on. Efforts are made to cultivate professional talents in hotel administration, human resource management, hotel sales, hotel logistics management, hotel decoration and other positions. The college also strengthens the temperament and deportment training of students in this major according to the quality and skill requirements of international flight attendants. All graduates are employed in hotels above five-star level and foreign high-end hotels.

Educational model

The college is employment-oriented, with students as the main body, and vocational job abilities as the core. According to the work process and production process, the college builds a curriculum system and teaching content, forming "in-class verification experiments, school-wide real training, and enterprise internships" , "Situational simulation, coupling of engineering and learning", "School-enterprise cooperation, ability progressive", "order-based" and other diversified talent training models. Regardless of the students' personality, ideas, family background and personal strengths, as long as they study hard, they can obtain ideal development opportunities and achieve high-quality employment and sustainable development after employment.

global cooperation

In order to broaden the international vision of students, our school is actively exploring the cultivation of high-quality and skilled talents suitable for the development of our school based on the advantages of its own disciplines and professions and relying on the advantages of international school running resources. In 2014, our school established a cooperative school with Bucheon University in South Korea. Students can go abroad for further studies. International teaching resources have been shared, creating favorable conditions for students to re-learn and pursue intensive development.

Domestic study in various forms

Form 1: college upgrade

According to the relevant regulations of the country and our city, in order to meet the demands of outstanding ordinary higher vocational (specialist) students to receive ordinary undergraduate education, our college will adhere to the principles of “clear standards, open conditions, standardized procedures, and sunny operations” to serve as fresh graduates. Provide reference opportunities for college upgrades.

Form 2: Title Book

A brand-new self-study exam mode organized by the Special Title Self-study Examination Committee allows junior college students to take additional courses of the same kind of undergraduate courses while studying the junior college. This learning form has the characteristics of short, flat and fast learning. The country also recognizes their academic qualifications and enjoys the same treatment as full-time ordinary undergraduate graduates; the main examination institution of our school is Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Form Three: Distance Education

The distance education of our school is mainly based on the joint authorization of Peking University, Chongqing Vocational Education Association, and Chongqing Technical Equipment Center to form cooperation and carry out teaching. Students can fully enjoy Peking University's educational philosophy and teaching resources through the Internet, allowing you to accept the distinctive "Peking University Thought" at the same level of education.

School-enterprise cooperation

Our school attaches great importance to school-enterprise cooperation, insists on taking root in Chongqing, based in the southwest, serving the country, going to the world, continuously expanding, and deepening. With a wide range of domestic and international cooperation as the link, it is based on various forms and different levels of school-site, school-enterprise cooperation. , Formed a pattern of "opening schools, diversified cooperation and common development". Carry out the reform of the talent training model, strengthen the construction of majors and courses, promote the substantive cooperation between schools and enterprises, improve the "double teacher" quality of the teaching team, implement scientific and humanistic management, create a campus culture that adapts to modern production and the mainstream of society, and cultivate for the society More and better high-quality skilled talents.