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Chongqing Vocational College of Economics and Trade

Chongqing Vocational College of Economics and Trade is a full-time general higher vocational college approved by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, filed by the Ministry of Education, and in charge of the Chongqing Education Commission; it is a national-level crowd-creation space, Chongqing University Student Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base, Chongqing May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee, Chongqing Municipal Vocational Skills Designated Appraisal Base, Chongqing Foreign Trade Vocational Certification Test Center, Chongqing Service Outsourcing Talent Training Center, Chongqing Construction Job Training Test Center, College English Application Ability Test Center.

The college is located in Qianjiang District, Chongqing City, the central city of southeast Chongqing, with convenient transportation. It is two kilometers away from the airport, three kilometers away from the expressway exit, and two kilometers away from the high-speed railway station under construction. It covers an area of 506 acres and has a building area of 122,100 square meters. 106 training bases. The total value of teaching equipment is more than 24 million yuan, and the collection of books is 431,000. There are golf courses, standardized track and field stadiums, basketball courts, badminton courts and indoor fitness sports venues in the school. There is the largest driving training group in southeastern Chongqing. There are teaching units such as the School of Finance and Economics, the School of Business, the School of Applied Engineering, the School of Digital, the School of Humanities and the School of Innovation; there are big data and accounting, big data and financial management, e-commerce, marketing, automobile manufacturing and experimental technology, and large 25 majors, including data technology, digital media technology, and infant and childcare services and management, are enrolled nationwide. There are more than 300 faculty members, of which 57 are associate senior titles or above, and 56 are masters and doctors.

The college takes "cultivating outstanding college students and achieving outstanding entrepreneurial youth" as its training goal, adhering to the school-running philosophy of "those who can teach and rigorously conduct education" and the school motto of "confidence and innovation make life more valuable". Adhere to school-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education, and cooperate with Alibaba, Chinasoft International, Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Automobile, Beijing Guanghui Jintong, VIVO Headquarters, Chongqing Yifang Finance and other units to jointly build accounting, Cloud computing, flight attendant, automobile inspection and maintenance, etc.; cooperate with Chongqing Technology and Business University, Chongqing Normal University, Yangtze River Teachers College and other universities to expand students’ undergraduate qualification promotion channels; and many well-known universities in Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Belarus and other countries Establish contacts and provide students with opportunities to study abroad. Since the establishment of the school, the quality of talent training and social influence have been continuously improved. It has won 131 awards at or above the provincial and ministerial level in various skill competitions. The employment rate of all previous students has been above 95%.

The college will adhere to concept navigation, management science, and system guarantees to govern the school, adhere to scale development and connotation enhancement, characteristic brand and cultural development, build high-level vocational schools and majors with Chinese characteristics, and strive to establish applied undergraduate colleges and universities.