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Anhui Vocational College of Public Security

Anhui Vocational College of Public Security is the only full-time public security college in the province under the supervision of the Provincial Public Security Department. , The National Public Service Bureau jointly issued a document (Humanshe Department Fa [2015] No. 106) recognized as public security colleges and universities that recruit public security students.

   College was founded in 1949 and was originally named as the Public Security Cadre School in Northern Anhui and Southern Anhui. After that, it went through such periods as the Provincial Public Security School, the Provincial Civil Police School, the Provincial Political and Legal Cadre School, the Provincial Police School, and the Public Security College of Anhui University. In June 2004, the Anhui Public Security Vocational College was approved by the provincial government. The college is known as the "Cradle of Public Security Police Officers in Anhui". Since the establishment of the school, it has trained more than 20,000 full-time graduates, trained more than 80,000 political and legal police officers, and completed more than 10,000 adult academic education. Among the graduates, “models of the times” Zhang Jie emerged. Ren Fei, Wu Lijun, Fu Wenhong, Zhang Jie, Zhang Ninghai, Sun Changjiang and other national public security second-level heroes, Wang Chunqing, Zhu Xiaoyun, Wang Xueyan, and Zhang Wandang were elected as the 16th party of the party. Representatives of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Seventeenth National Congress, the 18th National Congress, and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Currently, 38.21% are graduates from secondary schools, the leaders of the county-level public security organs, and 40.76% of the leaders of the municipal public security organs. Accounted for 30%. 5,267 people have won third-class honors or above.

The old campus of the college is located in the high-tech zone of Hefei, close to the scenic Dashu Mountain National Forest Park. It covers an area of about 302 acres, with a school building area of 75,300 square meters, a total value of teaching equipment and equipment of 20.39 million, and an on-campus experiment and training site. 29, 9 off-campus internship training bases, and 300,000 books. The college currently has 2,292 public security students, and it trains 6,000 in-service police officers every year. The new campus under planning and construction is located in Binhu New District, Hefei, covering an area of 1062 acres and a building area of 250,000 square meters.

   The professional layout of the college is reasonable. There are currently 11 majors, of which 9 are public security majors. Investigation, public security management and road traffic management are provincial-level specialties, and criminal technology, traffic management, and investigation are provincial-level backbone majors. The school has distinctive characteristics, adheres to the principle of "centering on actual combat, serving actual combat, actual combat inspection, and actual combat guidance", strengthens public security practice teaching, actively implements an integrated teaching model of "teaching, learning, training, and combat", and focuses on the loyalty of students as the police force. Professionalism and disciplinary and prohibited disciplinary style education, each specialty highlights the "one spirit, three basics", namely, "police professionalism, basic public security business, basic legal knowledge, basic police practical skills" comprehensive training, reasonable construction of professional curriculum modules . The college has a strong faculty and has a full-time and part-time teaching team with reasonable structure and high quality. There are 212 full-time and part-time teachers, including 67 teachers with deputy senior positions and above. There are 4 provincial-level teaching teams, provincial, departmental, and college-level. There are 12 professional leaders, and 10 of them have been rated as provincial and ministerial-level teaching teachers. The college currently has 4 provincial-level quality courses, and has won many provincial and ministerial-level teaching skills competitions and first, second, and third prizes for teaching achievements. The college relies on the school bureau and bureau platform to strengthen training and teaching. There are three provincial-level practical training demonstration base projects in the criminal investigation training base, public security law education training base, and public security management professional school bureau cooperation training base. In 2012, it successfully passed the evaluation of the level of talent training organized by the Ministry of Education. In the two National Public Security College Teaching Skills Competitions held by the Ministry of Public Security, the college won the second prize of the group and the first prize of the individual.

   Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Anhui Public Security Vocational College has firmly grasped the major opportunity of the reform of the public security recruitment system, taking the training of high-quality public security application-oriented talents as its responsibility, comprehensively strengthening the construction of the college, and vigorously promoting the upgrade and development. Since the start of the capital upgrade preparation work in December 2015, the Party Committee of the Provincial Public Security Department has attached great importance to it, and the main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have personally approved and supported them. The deputy governor in charge of the Provincial Government has stood at the height of the province’s public security work and team building. Personally plan the college promotion work, and coordinate the full support of resources in the province. With the great attention and strong support of the Ministry of Public Security, the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, it was reported to the Ministry of Education for review and approval. In September 2017, the integration of public security education resources across the province to prepare an undergraduate level Anhui Public Security College was officially included in the "13th Five-Year Plan" Colleges and universities set up development plans. In the next step, the college will set standards in accordance with public security colleges at the undergraduate level, complete the construction of the new campus, implement the high-level talent introduction plan and the young and middle-aged outstanding education training plan, so that the total number of full-time teachers will reach more than 300, and there will be more than 15 full-time professors. , 20 doctoral students, continue to strengthen discipline and professional construction, promote practical teaching reform, improve scientific research and service practical capabilities, strengthen public security school characteristics, and strive to achieve the goal of upgrading during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, and contribute to the development of public security in Anhui and the development of the talent team Make new and greater contributions.