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Anhui Lvhai Vocational College of Business

Anhui Lvhai Vocational College of Business is a higher vocational college approved by the Anhui Provincial People’s Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. It is an Anhui Network Education Center of Peking University, Anhui Higher Vocational College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance and Anhui Contemporary The Socialist Core Value System Research Center takes the lead in establishing a college, the only higher vocational college in Anhui Province to participate in the service of the Shanghai World Expo. He has won honorary titles such as "Anhui's Most Characteristic Educational Institution" and "Cradle Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Stories of Chinese Dream Enterprises".

  The college hired the National Supervisor, Deputy Director of the Expert Committee of Teaching Diagnosis and Improvement of the Ministry of Education, Distinguished President of China Vocational Education, and former Dean of Wuhu Vocational and Technical College Professor Xu Jianping as its dean, and renowned higher education expert researcher Wang Duanqing as its honorary dean. The college has specially hired a group of well-known experts and scholars with profound theories, advanced concepts, and outstanding scientific research results, and established a college development guidance expert committee to guide the running of the school. The majors of the college are mainly from the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University and other universities, and they are the core force of the college's teaching and scientific research. After ten years of development, the college's professional construction has been further strengthened, and the level of teaching and scientific research has been continuously improved.

At present, the college has 11 teaching institutions including the Department of Economics and Trade, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Tourism, the Department of Information Technology, the Department of Art, the Department of Basic Teaching, the Department of Ideological and Political Teaching, the Anhui Network Education Center of Peking University, and the School of Continuing Education. There are 30 national recruiting majors and 26 continuing education majors.

  The college takes "Inclusive of all rivers and rivers, and practice for practical use" as its school motto, and its mission is to "achieve a student and a happy family". Adhere to the school thinking of "survive by quality, seek development by harmony; adhere to the people-oriented, moral first, human-oriented, teaching and management, and management" school thinking, and abide by the "market-centered school running, student-centered education," Work with performance as the center" principle.

  The college adheres to the principle of cultivating people by virtue, and integrates the core values of socialism and innovation and entrepreneurship into the whole process of teaching and educating people. In order to build a distinctive talent brand, create a "star youth" talent training model. In the construction of the teaching staff, focus on introducing professional leaders and teaching backbones, and intensify the construction of "dual-professional" teachers; in teaching, adhere to the combination of "classroom and market, teaching and practical training, professors and entrepreneurs, training Combination of teachers". The teaching process is fully integrated into industry, enterprise, occupation, practice and other factors. Teaching is centered on task projects, courses are centered on job abilities, and teaching materials are centered on training goals. Practice teaching links; in terms of talent training, the college cooperates with a number of well-known companies to jointly research professional construction, talent training programs, develop school-enterprise cooperation textbooks, through order training, achieve in-depth school-enterprise docking, and strengthen the cultivation of five abilities (politics) Discrimination ability, self-learning ability, practical ability, cooperation and coordination ability, physical and mental endurance), six skills (business public relations, foreign language application, computer operation, language expression, information processing, calligraphy) and professional quality (professional qualification, occupation Mentality, professional ethics, professional behavior, professional skills). Pay attention to the trinity of "knowledge, ability and accomplishment", vigorously strengthen the integration of "dual certificates" and "dual halls", and cultivate skilled and entrepreneurial business talents with solid basic knowledge, strong professional skills, and comprehensive qualities.

   In recent years, the college has delivered nearly 20,000 business talents to the society, and more than 2,000 outstanding students have successfully started their businesses or become backbones of enterprises and institutions. The average annual employment rate of college graduates is over 98%, which is highly praised by all walks of life and parents.

   At present, Anhui Lvhai Vocational College of Business is focusing on the "One Body, Two Wings" strategy and the "985" development goal, deepening its connotation, improving quality, and striding forward to a Chinese-style, modern, skilled and high-level university.