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Private Wanbo Vocational College of Technology

Wanbo Vocational College of Science and Technology was founded in June 2000. It is a full-time general college with national enrollment approved by the People's Government of Anhui Province and approved by the Ministry of Education. The school is located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province. It has two campuses, the headquarters campus and the Xinqiao campus. The transportation is convenient and the environment is superior. It covers an area of nearly 800 acres and a total construction area of over 580,000 square meters. A new pattern of "one school, two districts" will be gradually formed. After the completion of the Xinqiao campus, it can accommodate more than 20,000 students, laying a solid foundation for the school to be upgraded to an ordinary university at the undergraduate level.

In the course of running a school, the school has persisted in opening up a unique road to running a school with a broad mind and an international perspective, and has achieved fruitful results. In December 2005, the first company in Anhui passed the "Quality Evaluation of Talent Training in Higher Vocational Colleges" and achieved "excellent" results; in 2008, Singapore Raffles Education Group invested and organized, and the school introduced international education resources; 2012 It was approved to become one of the pilot universities for independent enrollment reform in Anhui Province in December, 2013; in March 2013, approved by the Anhui Provincial Department of Education, it officially launched a Sino-foreign cooperative education project with Raffles Institute of Higher Education in Singapore; in November 2017, the school’s new The construction of the bridge campus has begun, and the new pattern of "one school, two districts" is becoming more mature.

The school has teaching units such as the School of Intelligent Information, the School of Transportation Engineering, the School of International Business, the School of Art and Media, the School of Music Education, the Basic Department, the Teaching Supervision Office, the Department of Continuing Education, and Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools. The main, economics, management, science and engineering, teaching, culture, art and other disciplines and professional systems that are mutually infiltrated and developed in a coordinated manner, covering 51 national planned unified recruitment majors. There are more than 7,000 students of various types, 38 teaching laboratories, 26 internship training bases, and 805,000 paper and e-books in the library. The school adheres to the local economic construction and social development needs as the guide, with the training of skilled and innovative compound talents as the main line, continuously adjusts and optimizes the professional structure, broadens the professional caliber, deepens the professional connotation of chemistry, and the existing corporate brand and image design, Provincial quality courses such as Visual Basic programming have continuously improved the quality of talent training and further highlighted the characteristics of running schools.

The school attaches great importance to the construction of the faculty, lays a solid foundation, and strives to govern. It has gathered a group of senior professors and backbone teachers from the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, East China Normal University, Anhui University, Anhui Normal University, Hefei Normal University, and Hefei Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The international faculty of Singapore Raffles Education Group has formed a teaching and management team with young and middle-aged as the core force, forming a complete and international teaching quality management system. At the same time, the school attaches great importance to the investment in equipment, books and materials, campus environment and other hardware facilities, and continuously innovates talent training and employment recommendation models, integrates production and education, carries out high-level school-enterprise cooperation, and cooperates with Fortune 500 companies or well-known companies. Enterprises have strengthened cooperation and exchanges to provide students with a higher learning and employment platform, so that the employment situation of the school has been maintained in a good situation. Past graduates have been welcomed by employers, and the employment rate has reached more than 95% over the years.

Since Singapore’s Raffles Education Group’s investment and establishment, relying on the Group’s high-quality educational resources, Wanbo Technology Vocational College has actively implemented the "branding strategy", "internationalization strategy" and "differentiation strategy", and continued to focus on education management, curriculum systems, and Constantly innovate in personnel training models and other aspects, accelerate the process of internationalization of running schools, constantly condense the characteristics of running schools, and strive to comprehensively improve the quality of talent training and the image of education brand with an international perspective, and strive to cultivate high comprehensive quality, with an international perspective, innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities Strong applied talents.

Nineteen years of wind and rain, nineteen years of spring and autumn, Wanbo Vocational College of Science and Technology is striving to improve its social influence and popularity, while making every effort to promote the process of education internationalization, and unswervingly write a more brilliant and splendid future for education!