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Anhui Yangzi Vocational and Technical College

Anhui Yangzi Vocational and Technical College is a private full-time general higher education institution approved by the Anhui Provincial People's Government, filed by the Ministry of Education, included in the national unified enrollment plan, and awarded nationally recognized academic qualifications. Professor Wang Xueqian, former president, party secretary and doctoral supervisor of Anhui University of Technology, serves as the dean of the college. The college is located in the Sanshan District of Wuhu City, facing the University Town to the east, the Green Industrial Park to the west, the Yanjiang Expressway in the south, and the Longhu Scenic Area and the vast Yangtze River in the north. As a key project in Wuhu City and the 861 project in Anhui Province, the college plans a total investment of 620 million yuan and covers an area of more than 650 acres.

According to the characteristics of domestic and international talent needs, the college aims to cultivate high-quality talents that are in short supply. Currently, it has seven departments, including the Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Automotive Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Economics and Management, and Department of Art. , Opening up nine popular majors in applied electronic technology, electrical automation technology, numerical control technology, automotive technical service and marketing, automotive manufacturing and assembly technology, computer application technology, applied English, accounting and art design. The college has a team of teachers with reasonable structure and high quality. There are 132 full-time teachers in nine majors, and more than 20% of them have deputy senior titles. In addition, 46 part-time teachers with full-time titles and deputy senior titles are recruited from other domestic universities. There are 35 modern laboratories and training centers for electrical and electronics, electronic assembly technology, numerical control, automotive control, automotive simulation, automotive marketing, computer assembly, accounting simulation, and art design, as well as off-campus practice factories with complete work types and equipment. Practice base; it also has high-end modern teaching conditions such as voice teaching, multimedia, electronic reading, CAD/CAM, teaching FM transmission system, campus optical fiber and distance education network.