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Anhui Vocational College of Metallurgical Technology

Anhui Vocational College of Metallurgical Science and Technology is a higher vocational college invested and established by Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. with a history of more than 30 years. The predecessor of the college was the Maanshan Iron and Steel Workers College established in 1983. In June 2003, the Anhui Provincial Government officially approved the establishment of the "Anhui Vocational College of Metallurgical Science and Technology". The orientation of the college: relying on Maanshan Iron and Steel, facing the market, serving the regional economic development as its purpose, employment-oriented, optimizing the professional structure, building a perfect application-oriented professional group, and training to adapt to Maanshan Iron and Steel Technical and technical talents needed by society. In August 2009, Maanshan Iron & Steel integrated Anhui Metallurgical Technology Vocational College and Anhui Maanshan Iron and Steel Technician College to establish Maanshan Iron & Steel Education and Training Center in order to effectively utilize educational and training resources. The teaching staff and the conditions for running schools have been further improved. In December 2010, the college successfully passed the evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges in Anhui Province.

   The college has two campuses in the south and north, covering an area of about 330 acres and a building area of 124,976 square meters. The college has a sound organizational structure. There are 16 management offices, including the Academic Affairs Office, the Admissions and Employment Office, the Student Office, the Internship Training Office, the Supervision Office, and the Vocational Skills Appraisal Office. There are also the Department of Metallurgy, Department of Automatic Control, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Economic Management. There are 10 teaching institutions such as departments, basic subject departments, and libraries. There are 324 faculty members, and the total number of full-time teachers in the school reaches 194. The student-teacher ratio reaches 16:1. There are 113 faculty members with senior professional titles, including 10 associate professors, 115 intermediate professional titles, 36 technicians and senior technicians, 26 key teachers, 120 dual-qualified teachers, 1 teacher with a doctoral degree, and a teacher with a master's degree. There are 51 people, accounting for 25.37% of full-time teachers, and dual-qualified teachers account for 46.27% of the total number of teachers. The total number of students in full-time higher vocational education in the college is 2,446.

The college has 33 majors, including 3 provincial-level specialty majors, namely metallurgical technology, material forming and control technology, and numerical control technology, and 6 school-level specialty majors, namely electrical automation technology, metallurgical technology, material forming and control technology, and tourism. Management, CNC technology and automobile inspection and maintenance technology. The college is a higher vocational college focusing on metallurgy and cultivating high-quality technical skills for advanced manufacturing. It also has majors in modern service fields such as commerce, finance, computers, and the Internet of Things.

  In 2016, the Academy completed 114 training programs of various levels and 13,000 person-times at Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., and won the 2016 Twelfth China Enterprise Training Innovation Achievement Gold Award. Completed the teaching tasks of 80,000 hours of higher vocational education, completed the vocational skill appraisal of 39 types of senior workers, technicians, and senior technicians, carried out the assessment of the ability of Anye College to adapt to social needs, and released the annual quality report of talent training. Learning from Baden’s experience, carrying out order-based training, and implementing order-based training for 400 outstanding graduates for 3 consecutive years, which has been well received by Masteel’s employers. We deepened school-enterprise cooperation, and carried out school-enterprise cooperation with the largest combined transportation company in Ma'anshan City-City Union Transport (Group) Company, and built an automobile driving training base for Anye College. Continuously deepen teaching reform and strengthen practical ability training. Students have achieved excellent results in national, provincial and municipal skill competitions. In 2016, they won 4 first prizes, 5 second prizes, and 13 third prizes. The center won "Excellent Teaching Organization Award", one student was selected for the National Training Team of the CAD Mechanical Design Competition of the 44th World Skills Competition.